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From fat to pregnant in one long step.

Well i thought i would join in with the diary ;)

Im Kate and im 26 living in Sheffield.

I met my fella 5 years ago and have gained 8 stone in that time :cry:

There is a few reasons to it, i stopped smoking, stopped drinking, ate way too much and of the wrong things and i got really ill.
I have Bipolar Disorder but didnt find this out until 18 months ago, it started when i was 16 and my mood was slightly unstable until not long after i met my fella and it went all over the place after that (not down to him)

I have gained 3 stone just down to my medication alone, ive tried not taking them but i get ill, tried changing them but i get ill so im stuck with medication that blocks the signal from your stomach to your brain to tell you that you are full, so i am always hungry :(

But i guess its better to be kind of stable and fat that being sectioned? right?

Anyways that all sound terribly depressing :rolleyes:

I am here after many many failed diets, to loose weight for one reason and one reason only! we want a baby! i dont want to get pregnant this big as im sure my body wouldnt be able to handle it and i risk hurting me and our baby which i do not want.

So next week i start my diet, gives me chance to finish reading my book and wait for my Asda delivery ;) and get planning.

I need to resist the want for take aways (my biggest downfall) so i no longer keep money in our house and sweets.

I did consider joining the online Dukan diet thing but they wanted £525! well i can not afford that so i will be studying the book till i am blue in the face!

So here i am at the start of my journey! i hope to see you all at the other end soon enough.
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Goat herder(ess)
You've had a difficult time of it, PPK. Definitely best to keep taking your meds, though, even if they don't make dieting particularly easy. With any luck, being on the diet will train you by weaning you off snacks and other dietary dangers.

I really hope this works for you. :)


** Chief WITCH **
Lovely to meet you properly, PPK, and your frankness is much welcomed. Most of us say that, once in ketosis, hunger isn't a problem any longer (hence the takeaway tempts no longer). It will be interesting whether this is the same for you. I do hope so.

We're just as good, if not better, than the Dukan online thing (and not just because we don't charge as much ;)... we speak proper English(ish...!!)... haaa!)

So let us know when you've some menus ready... check out your local supermarkets for Dukan friendly foods (oatbran, fat free yoghurts etc are two things newbies have problems finding initially).

One thing we all have in common (that Dr D can't identify with) is that we have all needed to lose weight and know that it can be hard. Stick with us, we're free and friendly!

This diet is great for retraining bad eating habits (that's my experience anyway). Keep your book to hand, post if you have questions, keep your stats filled in or get a ticker to chart your loss.

Good luck!


Dukan Ancestor!!

thanks for introducing yourself and you do sound very organised and I think it's brilliant that you are properly planning when to start attack.
I do hope that dukan can help with your specific hunger problem - on the other hand the fact that some foods are 'unlimited' or nearly, might help you as well, as you're not constantly focussing on HOW MUCH you're eating, and can just go to the fridge and have a yoghurt if you need one. Especially at the beginning.

And what a brilliant goal - get healthy before getting pregnant! Good luck, as Jo said, stick to this Forum, we can be much more personal than the 'official site', and of course we're FREE!!

To echo Laura: what I've learnt - am learning still by the way - is what consitutes a 'normal' amount of food for a day, or a week, including the odd treat such as a piece of cake (but not a whole one) or biscuit (but not a whole packet). I know this is a long way ahead for you but it's worth bearing in mind that this is where you're heading - lose the weight and keep it off! Losing it was the easy part ;-)
So ive stocked the freezer up with plenty of lean meat, just in need of some quark since asda didnt have any instock when it was delivered.

Just eaten my last "big" meal, going to slowly cut down over the weekend so my headache wont be as bad next week ( i always get headaches when i cut back on carbs or sweets etc) plus gives me chance to finish reading my book, think im on page 100 or something lol

How has everyones day been? im just going to catch up on emails and have a mooch around on here.

Oh!! on a good note i have dug out my Zumba dvd's and weights that shake ready for next week too :D i bought them and never used them so best get it done. I wont be doing the walking as i dont go out much as i am not fully stable so my Bipolar can send me a little funny :p


** Chief WITCH **
"a little funny" sounds good to me ;) Great idea to get some form of exercise in, but nothing strenuous initially hey? Attack doesn't give us enough fuel. Just perhaps try to keep busy at home...

Good idea to cut down on carbs beforehand...



Dukan Ancestor!!
So ive stocked the freezer up with plenty of lean meat, just in need of some quark since asda didnt have any instock when it was delivered.
Hi great you're all stocked up now. Quark seems to being low supply wherever whenever I look - maybe the whole nation is doing Dukan as in 'prawns and quark'. I have mostly switched to Fromage Frais now, it's lower carb (at least the one I have here for comparison). I still buy quark when I can but it's generally reserved for 'Projects' like cheese cake or 'bread'.

Hope you have a good weekend!
I haven't found quark anywhere - I lived in Germany for a while and loved it -- mind u on bread! Still I would love to locate it - it was nyummy!


Dukan Ancestor!!
In Germany you get lost of different Quark - different fat grades to from full fat with extra cream to fat free. MMhhh Frühlingsquark :) on hot potatoes... thankfully for us on Dukan, over here it's always 'fat free'. I've seen it on sale at most Supermarkets these days: I've always got trouble FINDING IT: Asda and Tesco with the foreign cheese (ricotta et al), in Sainsbury with the Cottage cheese (and it tastes not half as nice, more like FromFrais with a nasty aftertaste?) And in Budgens with the Ricotta again. And that's my list of supermarkets exhausted... And since Jan they're nearly always sold out too!

And yes you can still have it on 'bread' now! On Galette maybe?
ARGH gotta get sommat off my chest, a family member who is always and i mean always telling me how overweight i am, told me i had gained weight (again) OH stuck up for me i had a really thick baggy cardigan on because i was cold and a jumper underneath, so i looked bigger. THEN!!! when i had a meal with them because i didnt eat much (more like a normal meal for someone not overweight) i got moaned at?! WTF! there isnt any point of you having a meal with us you didnt eat much! EH? i get this a lot! :cry: only my OH knows im going to diet, but he doesnt really listen as he has seen me start and give up on diets so many times its unreal.
BUT this time i want to do it to get pregnant and have a baby, plus we are going on holiday in september to Scotland so i want to loose enough weight for this to be a good "dirty" weekend away ;) not that you wanted to know this of course haha


** Chief WITCH **
Of COURSE we wanted to know that ;)

Family meals will be difficult on Dukan if people aren't forewarned, so best avoid if you're not planning on telling them. People unfortunately love to criticise dieters, and particularly low carb dieters, so get ready for that!

Perhaps you might mention a few extra wrinkles that family member has... <what a cat I am but WHAT RIGHT do people have to say such things!>
Ooh yeh or ill tell him he is getting more bald with that birds nest of a hair do haha thanks :D

Im just not going to have family meals at all, doesnt happen very often anyways, i can avoid it for a year or so
Well diet starts this thursday!

Ive just watched one born every minute and i am so broody its unreal! i get like this everytime i watch it, and really watery eyed lol

I need to remember this moment when i want to reach for rubbish food, i hope i can get pregnant this year, oh i wish i could wake up and be 6 stone lighter but anything worth doing isnt easy!

Think im going to have to have motivational pictures about haha


** Chief WITCH **
Perhaps, during these early highly motivated days, you can make lists up... why you're doing this... how you're feeling... and carry them around with you always in case you're ever tempted.

Theoretically, once in ketosis, it should be plain sailing... have you got your menus sorted for attack? If so, please post so that we can take a look. Errors in attack are a shame!


** Chief WITCH **
OK... bacon is eaten, but make that an infrequent thing, hey?
I only had bacon as i had nothing else defrosted lol have steak for tea and going to have chicken tomorrow, think i will have bacon once a week or once a fortnight as a "treat" i dont like the thought of all the salt in them.

Really liked my desert, but couldnt eat it all, just eat slowly and i was filled up pretty fast (quiet a shock for me) just need to get water in to me, instead of diet pepsi and decaff coffee.

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