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From here to Slimfinity!!! - Team 6


Is posting like mad!


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Is posting like mad!
Draft Team Blinkie

This is my first ever blinkie, hopefully when the rest of the team sign up we can have a vote for a good official one I'm just ketosis hyper....


Oh it's so small I don't know how to make it bigger...
Can I join your team. I started CD today so I need all the help I can get. Being in a team and encouraging each other will help no end.
Kitty x :)

So far so good today


Is posting like mad!
I think you just need to say Hi... which you have!

Now you are a member of the team!

Welcome to the Team Flobble and Kitty!!

Each team member needs to post their start weight (weight this week) and the result of their weigh in this week or PM me if you are able to.

I will work out percentages and then we will celebrate the team biggest loser and I will send the info over to Irene and hopefully we will win the team challenge!!!

Apart from that we are here to support each other and just have a natter, your team will always be there for you through highs and lows so no topic is taboo and any fears, questions, celebrations, or random thoughts you have are welcome!
Thanks for your welcome. I weighed in last night - my first way in and it was 193lb. I started CD today and get weighed again next Monday and will post my weight then. Will be touch through the week - I need the help.

Kitty x


Is posting like mad!
Hiya Kitty,

The weigh ins are from Sunday to sunday so you will miss this weeks but will be the first past the post for next's!!!

Good luck we are all here to support you
Ok, apparently I cant put my weight etc in til I have done 50 posts is that correct? And even then I dont know how to do it,
Are there intructions on here for that sort of stuff at all? Save me keep asking everyone lol..
So the members of the team so far are?

Oh hang on I notice Kitty has been able to do it, with 27 posts, what am I doing wrong? :sigh:


Is posting like mad!
Hiya Flob,

To add your weight to the side I think you go USER CP > EDIT DETAILS and then scroll down...

In terms of the team thing, everyone can post their start weight and weigh in results here or email me at [email protected] if you don't feel comfortable posting it openly

How is everyone doing anyway?

I have left my shakes at home today ::Duh:: I can't believe it, luckily I have a veg soup in my desk draw will just have to drink tea and have my soup at lunchtime and hope I am not too hungry!

Stepped on the scales this morning and am 2 lbs lighter than I was last night, I know morning weights are liars but I am happy anyway!
Hi Slimpossible
I have tried that with the edit but its not showing up, dont know what Im doing wrong, and E mail, I think it may
be that I havent done 50 posts, so will try again when I have. Ok I can give you my stuff this way

Diet: Cambridge
Height: 6 ft
Start date: 23/2/2009
current weight: 296lb :cry:
Goal weight: 210 lb (at present) :)
Start BMI: 40.1
Goal BMI: 28.5

Hi to other ladies hope we get to know each other soon :wave_cry:


Is posting like mad!
Hey Flob,

Don't worry about the current weight, it's only temporary very temporary! You are probably lighter today than you were yesterday and not as light as you will be tomorrow.

the email address is slimfinity (at) gmail.com

Wow you are so tall, I'm 5'7 and feel like a Gulliver when I were heels - I hang out with petite people...

How are you doing with CD today? Are you in Ketosis yet?
Hi SP, I dont think I am ... hard to tell though as I havent actually felt physically hungry yet really... very grumpy today so I guess not lol... Yep Im tall, used to hate it when I was very young but now I hold my head up high... just the girth is the problem lol....
So can you give me the names of the people in our team as Im still not sure other than you lol


Is posting like mad!
There is Quizzicalgrrl, she is usually on a lot but she is in meetings today and tomorrow. she is close to goal but had lost over 20% of her body weight on CD so she is our veteran and success story.

Then there is Kitty, Suki, me (Ginette) and you - it looks like we are all in our first weeks. But a couple of us are restarters. Of the four newbies we have between 46-86 pounds to lose (my details are wrong I have 71lbs to lose) so hopefully we can all support each other on our long haul flight to fitness!!!

hopefully the grumpiness will pass, it's still early days and this diet plus the rapid weight loss can affect your hormones...:(

When is your weigh day? I am weighing tomorrow a little early as I started on Saturday but Thursday will be my regular weigh in day.
Do you have a target for this week? I am hoping for 5lbs, I have never been one of those 10 - 14lb first week losers, maybe because I don't eat too many carbs usually.
Yes my weigh day is Sunday, in theory I am telling myself that what ever I loose is a bonus, but theres a little man on my shoulder telling me that hes noted the magnificent weight losses on first weeks on some threads and hes expecting too much lol.... good luck withyour weigh in tomorrow
OH I didnt mention I am actually doing it with my hubby, and between us we have 12 stone to loose, 6 each ..... he is doing much better than me, well helps that hes busy working and also has a very positive attitude.... so hopefully well insoire each other


Is posting like mad!
when I started CD in July last year I had 6 stone to lose, I lost 1.5 then fell of the wagon, put on 0.5 and now have 5 to go so I know your pain.

My dad is doing CD as well it's good to have someone doing it with you.

I think men tend to lose more weight anyway, and if my dad is anything to go by they have absolutely no trouble sticking to it, and don't crave food at all - lucky sods! I am sure that you will inspire and egg on each other.

:( just realised I haven't had any water all day going to need to start with the chugging.... I see more of the loo these days than I do my office!
Well done you for getting back on the wagon! Has your Dad lost much? or does he have much to loose?
Oh I know the water thing is A pain, I feel sick drinkng it, then have made a best friend I dont want.. the loo
and always when there isnt one around lol

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