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Fruit - half ripe half moldy??

Don't know if anyone else had this problem - a lot of supermarket fruit doesn't really get ripe but some of it still goes off. It happens a lot with mangos, nectarines, peaches and even avocados. When I buy it I can't use it straight away because i need to "home-ripen" it..But it doesn't get ripe for ages and after a few days or so they even get moldy on the outside but are still not rip on the inside...

Any idea what I am doing wrong or should I just buy better quality fruit?
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This happens to me too! I think it's coz I buy all the punnets of £1 fruit that you need to ripen at home. I said to my mum about it the other day and she said she has the same problem (she doesn't buy the cheaper stuff like me tho!)

Think it just hasn't been good weather wise for any crops this year. :-(

I put my finger straight through a doughnut peach the other day as it had gone mouldy! Gross! The rest of it was still solid though. Weird!

mmhhh..well at least I'm not alone...should I maybe ripen it in the cupboard rather than outsided?


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Try putting a banana in your fruit bowl - can help to speed up the ripening of other fruits - always works for my peaches or nectarines!


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Yeah I keep my fruit in a carrier bag under my desk at work lol. Probably half my problem!


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It's probably because food flown in is kept just above freezing point! So it begins to decay when at room temp
put it in the fridge x
Tried that - unfortunately it makes the situation worse - or they don't ripen at all.

Did the banana trick as well - again, it starts moulding outside and is still unripe inside..

@shirleen: great...maybe next time I'll return it to Tesco and ask for a new punnet :)


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Beautifulmess said:
put it in the fridge x
Tbh i actually find this makes things like apples, bananas and pears worse. I was always told never put a banana in the fridge as it makes them go black quicker. Also take them out of any plastic mutlipack bags they come in. I prefer morrisons fresh stuff as it seems to last longer.


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Try putting it in a warm place to help it ripen.

:eek::eek::eek: I leave underripe fruit in the car on the parcel shelf for a few days, then it's ripe and nommy! :eek::eek::eek:


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I have a huge fruit bowl with a banana tree in the middle, the bananas constantly ripen the rest of the fruit, due to some chemical from them being released:)


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Definately advise you to try storing them in a more open environment. I often by the cheaper ripen at home and have luckily not had your problem yet. All I can think of is that the plastic bag trick may be worsening the issue? Fruit bowl and banana trick as mentioned above might be better, if not definately discuss with Tesco!

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