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Janey B

Full Member
Hi All,
Starting wk 4 on Mon and wondered if anyone knows if you can then include fruit yoghurts eg Mullerlight, WW etc; or if you still have to keep to plain yog!! Can't seem to find any info on it!
I have arrived at wk 4 quicker than i thought i would as i have a family get-together next wk, so with approval from my LLC i have had 5days wk1, 5days wk2 now on day3 of 5days on wk3 so that Mon begins my wk 4 and will keep to full wk before i move on after this.
Hope everyone else is progressing well, it really is a fantastic exciting time on RTM. Good Luck to all.
Janey. xx
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I had assumed that you could have muller light style yogurts in week 4, but i dont actually know the answer. Interested to find out myself although have another 3 weeks before i get there


Happily pro pointing!
Yes, you can have mullerlight yogs, I checked with LLC at the time, although I have to say, personally I prefer fresh fruit with the low fat greek yog. The mullerlights are easier for on the go though.

I did a condensed RTM too janey, I did week 4&5 and 6&7, half week each. I am going away for a week on Friday and wanted to be a good bit of the way through for that. I start week 10 today, I used to be really into cheese and am quite looking forward to it, but not as much as I thought, I thought it would be one of my triggers but not sure now, we will see.
I will start bread week whilst I am away and start week 12 the day I come back, it is going to be bizarre eating 'snacks' every day.

I have to say that from week 4 it does get a lot easier. It really opens up now you can cook your fruit and veg.

Janey B

Full Member
Thanks for your replies Sil & Ali, I do thoughrily enjoy the greek yog with blueberries & rasps just wondered if I could have flavoured for odd variation! I am really looking forward to wk 4 Ali as I just love veg and excited about trying new recipes. You & Deb seem to have sailed through your m/ment and have been such an inspiration and source of info for myself and others, your wee stars!
Janey. xx
hope you dont mind me stealing this thread for a minute but i have another yogurt question. In week 2, can you have fat free vanilla yogurt? I really want some and as its not a fruit based yogurt is it allowed?

I don't think so Sil, but someone with more knowledge than me may be along shortly. What about mixing a few drops of vanilla extract and a spoon of splenda into some 0% fat yoghurt? Although having checked, it doesn't specifically say we can have vanilla extract anywhere in the RtM literature.
How are you feeling about your eating at the moment, Sil? Is it getting easier?


Happily pro pointing!
You are allowed vanilla from week 1 day 3, it is in the list of herbs and spices.
I mixed vanilla with low fat greek yog and a bit of powdered sweetener.
I would have thought that the mullerlight one would be ok, you just need to be careful with bought yoghurt, they may be low fat, but that doesn't mean they are low sugar/low cal. Keep and eye on the label.

Deb G

Silver Member
I also prefer the greek yog and berries option - but I have had the occasional mullerlight when I've been stuck out somewhere with nothing healthy to eat!

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