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Frustrated by my scales

I have what I thought was a good set of scale , cost about £20 , digital , they measure you BMi, and body water , passing curent through your body

...and they have 10ths of a lb so very accurate

anyway yesterday I was 12.1.4 and today I got on and I was 11.12.8, so have lost nearly 3lb since yesterday

well I couldnt believe it so got on and off again several times , each time they said 11.12.8

Came downstairs and still amazed , I figured I must have read it wrong so went back up , and got on only to find it said , 11.13.8 exactly a lb more, this only happened once as everytime after that (about 4) it said 11.12.8 again

Now this may seem highly trivial but thats whole pound diferent , so its quite alot , do I just ignore the one blip and assume the right weight is the one that showed up the most

Im stunned I lost 3lb since yesterday , but in a way Im not because the last time I started this diet I lost 12lb in the first 8 days , obviously mostly water weight

I was going to weigh myself everyday for the first week to keep me going but I dont trust my scales now , anyone else have this problem ?
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I could understand it if Id maybe had a coffee or something then weighed myself again , but nothing !

I think Ill just assume it was a blip and maybe weigh myself every 3 days and not everyday

I just worked out i I lose another 4 lb I wont be obese anymore , just overweight

Lol, I weigh myself about 4 times a day, its silly but I try hard not to!
I have never tried them over and over to see if they give the same reading though.
I have Seca ones.... very accurate..... they never change if i move them or weigh a few times ...

its frustrating when they muck you about!!

But well done on the loss though!!!


Feeling great in 2012!
My old scales (digital but not fancy) used to fluctuate a bit. I could get on and off and on and off and get a different reading each time (I used to take the lowest ;)). Those scales seemed to go awol when we moved house (actually they're probably in one of about 50 boxes of crap that we still haven't unpacked) so I bought some new ones when I started this diet and I'm very impressed. They are digital, measure in fractions of a pound and show the same reading everytime. I used to get on and off and on and off a few times when I first got them after my experience of the last ones but they never fluctuated even by a tenth of a pound. They don't do any of the fancy stuff like BMI, but to be honest I don't want to scare myself anymore than my weight already does! :).

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