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i finaly got to move my ticker thing the other day cause the first 2 pounds were gone.... woke up to weigh myself today and i have put it back on!! :cry: i dont understand why because i have still been eating the usual!! i just cant seem to get the ball rolling and its frustrating me!! can anyone help me point out where im going wrong??! been on healthy eating kind of calorie counting for bout 6 weeks now and not lost any :(
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Call me Nicky xx
Make sure you set yourself a WI day and move your ticker on that day. Try and keep the WI to once a week, at the same time of day and same place. Weight fluctuates daily so having one official WI will give you a more accurate reading xx


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ok i will start weighing once a week but then it will be an even bigger let down when it doesnt change in a week!!

does anyone know if them metabolism boosting tablets work??


Call me Nicky xx
do you have a typical menu we could have a look at? you dont have a large amount to lose going on your BMI so mybe upping the exercise and drinking more fluid may help.

Sorry I cant comment on the metabolism tablets as I have never tried them.

Chin up Hun, you will lose those extra pounds xx


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i have already put up a menu thing before and was told it was good n healthy. im just ion my way out so will put up another later for advice... still think i need to cut dinner portions down alot!!


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I spent years doing weight watchers/slimming world etc. I stuck to them 100% and never lost a significant amount of weight. I'm afraid the only diets that worked for me was Lipotrim and Cambridge Diet. Atkins was good too, but too easy to slip up. If you are desperate to lose the weight, read the lipotrim thread. There are some inspirational guys on there. Good luck hun.x


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Hun, dont despair, there are lots of people out there just the same as you...like me :D

i really do struggle alot with my last stone i want to loose...i loose some...put it on...loose it ...put it on...:doh:

i find it helps to do a 1 day detox, i normally do it after christmas and the new year...it just kick starts the healthy eatin for me...



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id really love to try cambridge or slim fast or something i think might work only thing is my diabetes, its never really been 'controlled' and im just not sure i can do it cause carbs and meals are important for my health as i have to take insulin with them!! i dont want to make myself ill over it :( its really really getting me down


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yeah maybe your right, may have to book an appt.... no harm in asking right!! just always found doctors abit useless. my mind is set at the moment that no1 can help me lol although im still trying :)


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Charisma, I know where you're coming from. My GP has always come across as very practical- as in the advice he'd probably give me is 'eat less, exercise more'- very good advice, but useless when thats what I've been doing to no avail! I do think I'm going to go see him too...armed with my food diary and weigh-in chart so he can see exactly whats been happening? Anything else I can say that might get me some sympathy & effective help/advice? Am trying to keep positive.....

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