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Frying Eggs on Frylight?


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I use frylight, 3 or 4 sprays into a little saucepan. Crack egg fry for a little while, then flip it over.

It doesn't look nice but it tastes exactly the same and it makes sure 100% it is cooked!
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I cant make fried eggs with frylight, they just look minging and stick to the pan so Ive resulted in having good old poached eggs now :D
you need a good quality non stick pan, otherwise you egg will stick regardless of whether you use frylight or oil.

I have a pan like this Amazon.com: Joie de Vivre 50162 Mini Fry Egg Pan with Nonstick Surface: Kitchen & Dining, which perfectly fits one egg. I spray with frylight, crack my egg in and then put a saucepan lid over the top, the steam gets trapped and cooks the egg on top and avoids that horrible sliminess you can get.

the result is a perfectly cooked egg.

the other way I sometimes do my eggs is to fill a frying pan with some water, not too much and not to little, once water is boiling, crack egg in and cook like a fried egg, you can ladle some of the boiling water over the top which will cook the top perfectly but still have a nice soft centre if that is how you like them.
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i'd go with the poached eggs too i have them every morning they are much better than fried ones
I don't have any problems frying eggs with fry light.. I have to let the whites stiffen a bit before I attempt at moving it around, but it cooks all the way through without needing to flip it.. Maybe you need better pans? Lol.
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My consultant told me that frying a egg in normal oil is only half a syn , well worth it if u ask me as mine always stick with frylight as well x


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we get really good 'fried' eggs in fry light, but as Britmum said you need a good non stick pan. Mine werent expensive but they are still totally non stick ( not all scratched up) we let the pan get really hot, spray in fry light and wait a touch longer, splash a drop of water in and if it bubbles and 'spits' its hot enough, when you crack the egg in it should crackle at you. then just leave till cooked. i like my yolks runny, but hubby flips his over for 10 secs to cook the top more.


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I fry in frylite then stick under the grill to do the top and get rid of the snotty bits - works a treat everytime


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A very good non stick pan is essential! I have no probs with frylite. I use the buttery one cos it makes the egg taste nommy. I flip the egg over, once the whites has hardened and I can move the egg around.
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I used to work in a cafe, to fry eggs there, we would start them off in the oil (or as I use now frylight) then PUT A LID ON TOP! The steam then cooks them and no splashing .... good luck
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fry light couple of minutes in pan then under the grill to make sure the top is cooked
sounds gross
tastes great


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I'm going to try the tip with the saucepan lid!!! Thanks!!
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Let us know how it went!
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will definitely use the lid from now on. Thanks everyone good ideas.

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