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Fudgey's Low Calorie Cycling & Counting Diet

hello :)
i've decided to start a new diary thread over in this part of the forum..
i was previously following the JUDDDD diet & have done several times but have decided it just isn't for me & i need to take a different approach.
i've decided to calorie cycle & document everything i eat during the week & focus on the total calories of those 7 days as a whole.
my problem is that when i slip up, i decide i have ruined everything and may as well carry on eating and eating..
well, i've discovered that looking at the week on a whole has helped me so much already! if i slip up a little, i just make up for it the next day or another higher calorie day and focus on my end target, not the days target..
so basically, working out my natural burn calories for a day came to 1800.
7 x 1800 = 12,600 a week
i want to aim for halfish of that, so i've gone for 6,200 calories

this weeks plan was:
Tues: 700
Weds: 800
Thurs: 600
Friday: 800
Saturday: 1500
Sunday: 1000
Monday: 800

so a total of 6,200.
if i ate less than planned, i've banked those calories for a day where i may need something extra and vice versa..

this is a long first post but i'm trying to explain my plan as best as i can really :D
i will update with more about myself & goals as time goes on.. but for this week so far here are my current results:

Tues: 489
Weds: 856
Thurs: 611
Fri: 1084

so currently on track overall, just a little over by 140calories week to date.. not bad at all if i say so myself!

will be updating with my actual food diary almost daily in future but this is a kind of muddled intro that makes little sense for now :rolleyes:

also i will be changing the break down of my daily goals week by week to suit that weeks plans! more calories for the weekend this week as i'm off work and having a treat with the boyfriend :p
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thanks for the link 86alpzzyj! the cycle it gave me was similar to mine although a little higher in calories but more consistent. i'll definitely experiment with it, which is the other great thing about calorie cycling as every week doesn't need to be the same either :D
yes .nicki. judddd is short for 'johnsons upday downday diet'
one day you eat say 500 calories, the next 1800 (there is a calculator for exact amounts based on weight and height etc)
the purpose is to keep your body guessing and maximize metabolism and also produces an emergency response from your body that can improve a lot of health problems!
www.johnsonupdaydowndaydiet.com is the website if you wanted a read!
hey guys!:p
so today i've decided to switch my calorie intake to 500 calories as tomorrow were planning on going to a chinese buffet! and whilst i plan to make the healthiest options possible at a chinese buffet (haha) i want plenty of calories in case as it's hard to count at a buffet! eek!
i'm quite nervous about that as i don't want to ruin this week but i've done well all week and i think one day of a treat is okay right?
plus i'll still be within my total calories for the week i hope!
i've been working all day today so i've had a coke zero, water and a packet of quavers(87) so far
tonight i plan on having a ww lasagne (257) and a little bit of chicken breast (50) and maybe a ww lemon cake bar (79) tonight if i'm really peckish!

next week i really need to be eating more fruit/veg healthy foods on my lower calorie days but i find my little snacky treats get me through the day much easier!

so i think today will be a success.. and tomorrow i hope i can enjoy my buffet without feeling anxious or guilty afterward! i'll be trying to just have a salad/fruit for lunch and during the day :D

Updated Plan:
[STRIKE]Tues: 700
Weds: 800
Thurs: 600
Friday: 800[/STRIKE]
Saturday: 500
Sunday: 2000
Monday: 800

Total: 6200



Minimin Addict
Thanks for the link hun, i'll go have a nosey although not sure if i could manage 500 cals in a day. Can you lose a lot of weight on it?
Enjoy your buffet tomorrow, its making me drool just thinking about it, i loooooove chinese.
i know 500cals sounds terrifying at first for a lot of people but it isn't as bad as it sounds. you get through on the thought of 'i can eat whatever i want tomorrow!' so you are basically dieting a day at a time. plus because you eat what you like one day, the next day you don't really crave or feel all as hungry at all once you get past the first down day.. and yes you can loose quite a bit of weight, especially good for boosting your metabolism if you get stuck in a plateau.
it isn't for everyone though and for me personally, i love judddd but i can't do it long term because of my lifestyle but it has really worked for some people i know so i still see it as a great diet! xx
S: 18st8lb C: 11st9lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 28.9 Loss: 6st13lb(37.31%)
I don't think the "eat what I like" would work for me if it happened too often - I am awfully good at packing in some very calorie-intensive snacks :D I do however use eatwhatIlike days as occasional rewards - not that I have acheived one yet :( .6lb to go before I earn my first one.
hey guys!
hope everyone has had a great weekend!
i worked saturday but had a lovely day yesterday with the boyfriend, we went to an animal park and then out for our chinese!
i'm feeling pretty horrified about what i ate yesterday haha but i think i just about stayed on course! so here is my weekend update

saturday: :D
bfast: nothing
lunch: quavers (87)
dinner: ww lasagne (253) 1/3 chicken breast (40)
evening snack: ww lemon cake bar (79)

Total: 459

i was proud of myself saturday night as we were watching x factor and the boyfriend had a big tin of chocolate roses out (my favorites!!) and kept offering and tempting me to eat them. i resisted but had to have my weight watchers cake!

Sunday: :eek:
brunch: 1/2 piece toast (60) 2 x sausage (210) 1 x bacon (80) 1 x egg white (20) & oil (50)
snacks: sf werthers original (10) 6 minstrels (80) 1/2 small slush puppy (100?)
dinner: chinese buffet.. 2 x small chicken balls, 2 spoons egg rice, 8 small strips chicken breast, 2 x small pieces of sweet & sour pork - lemon sauce & sweet and sour sauce (1200?)
evening snack: cadbury animals (110)

total: 1920

what a gross day but thought i would document it all anyway to look back on!!
i guess the chinese wasn't as bad as i thought and i've rounded up/over estimated on a few things on purpose as who knows how everything was cooked etc!? i went up twice and had 2 small plates with tiny portions, mostly rice and tried to stick to chicken which had the least frying/batter etc but had a couple of samples! all tasted lovely though and was nice to have a day of treats i guess!

so today is the last day of my week.. i've got 800 calories today.
so far i've had 25g frosties with tiny splash of skimmed milk (110)
i'll be going food shopping later so can stock up on some low calorie snacks etc and i need to work out my plan for next week.
i think i will weigh in at some point next week as i have done my plan for a week now but just nervous about doing it too soon after my day yesterday really!
i've got saturday AND sunday off next week so i have a feeling it'll be a little tougher as i have a couple of things planned over the weekend so will have to factor that in to my week breakdown.
anyway congratulations if you've read this far!! ;) xxx

week to date:
Tues: 489
Weds: 856
Thurs: 611
Fri: 1084
Sat: 459
Sun: 1920

Total: 5419
I don't think the "eat what I like" would work for me if it happened too often - I am awfully good at packing in some very calorie-intensive snacks :D I do however use eatwhatIlike days as occasional rewards - not that I have acheived one yet :( .6lb to go before I earn my first one.
oh it doesn't haha, but most up days you wake up and actually don't feel like eating everything you thought you'd want anyway! it's just a way to pass off the craving!! wow that's great :D i bet you'll get there very soon, must be exciting :) and you deserve one anyway i'm sure, good luck xx
right.. so it's basically the end of the day :):)
i don't plan to have anything else to eat anyway, maybe a sula sweet if i need something.

and it's also the end of the week! :happy096:

so here is what i had today & my end of week update!!

bfast: 25g frosties w/ splash milk 110
lunch: 2 egg whites (40) tin spaghetti hoops (114)
snack: strawberry ice lolly (24) grapes (20)
dinner: small jacket potato (200) spaghetti hoops (114) be good coleslaw (10) salad (0)
snack: sula sweet (8) mini milk (30) weight watchers chocolate chip cookies x 2 (98)

Total: 768

oh my!!!:silly:
i have stuck to a 'diet' plan 100% for 7 whole days!!

Week 1: 6187/6200 :D:D:D
Tues: 489
Weds: 856
Thurs: 611
Fri: 1084
Sat: 459
Sun: 1920
Mon: 768

i may weigh tomorrow and i may not, depending on if i get a chance first thing in the morning! if not i'll weigh at some point during the week or maybe do an official weigh in at the 2 week mark.. undecided!
i need to sort out my breakdown plan for next week. i'll be sticking with 6200 calories for the week in total again.

so goals for the next week:
- eat more fruit/veg (at least twice daily)
- drink more water! (at least 1.5l a day)
- exercise whenever possible (more walking etc)

so i went shopping today
picked up some weight watchers chocolate cookies i've never had before, 2 for 98 calories and they were really nice and totally kicked my chocolate craving :)
also sainsburys have some new fruit ice lollies out in their basics range.. a box for 50p and i think you get about 12? lemon, orange and strawberry flavored and they have 23, 24 and 25 calories in (depending on flavor)
really good for a sweet craving or just something to keep you busy if you're someone like me who occasionally boredom eats!!

i'm going to try and kick my week off with a lower calorie day tomorrow. i'll be aiming to have a weight watchers meal in the evening (300ish) and then i'll save 100 calories for an evening snack as that is my peek 'bingey' feeling time! and for lunch at work i'll take a coke zero and i've got a fruit salad i bought earlier.. we'll see though, i always pack a couple of different 100 calorie type snacks so i can eat depending on what i feel i need at lunch time at work as it all depends on how the day goes work wise!

also today at sainsburys i saw the new activia snack pots, i nearly got a raspberry one as it only had 80calories and looked pretty big to me but didn't know whether to risk my 70 odd pence for one yogurt. has anyone tried these!?

right anyway, writing this has taken my mind off bad food for a while now so snuggle up in bed time it is! :4635:

i woke up this morning with a headache and cold :(
my silly boyfriend was sneezing all weekend and i knew he would give it all to me!:mad:

so today i am going for 600calories to kick start the week!
so far i have had:
bfast: 1/3 natural yoghurt (25)
lunch: grapes (20) 2 x cream crackers (70)
squares (97)

for dinner i am hoping to have a ww meal and then a ww cake for 90 calories this evening, waiting for the boyfriend to pick me up though so slightly depends what ideas he has! :rolleyes:

also i quickly stepped on the scales this morning!
i think i have lost around 3.5lb this week :D
i've also already noticed a change in parts of my body! i look so much better and much less bloated and huge.. :p even someone at work today said i was looking tiny :eek:

i think calorie counting/cycling is something i can really stick to! i have 10lbs to go until my big goal is hit! would love to get there in time for my holiday in november :D

it is week 2! i have been staying at my boyfriends the last couple of days which has been more of a struggle!
tuesday was a complete flop - i did well all day and then had a mini binge on weight watchers cakes HAHA so my total ended up at 1137 which to be fair isn't a complete failure but double what i had aimed for!

bfast: special k mini breaks (99)
lunch: Philadelphia with ritz crackers snack (108) quavers (87) grapes (20)
dinner: weight watchers sweet & sour meal (280)
snacks: grapes (20) 1/2 ww desert whip (20) animal biscuits (105) crackers (80)

total: 799

i've edited the calories of the weight watchers meal based on the portion i ate (i think it has 315 originally but i left a bit hence the change) which by the way was yummy and i'm mad i just missed the offer at sainsbury's before i could stock up on more meals :(

so yday was supposed to be an 800 day so that was as close to perfect as i'd ever get haha!
today is a 900 calorie day but i may eat a little less to make some of it up for tuesday! i thought about saying sod it i quit but have decided as punishment i'll just have to eat less on a couple of other days to make up for it.
so far i've had
few grapes (10) 1/2 of half a ham sandwich (100) quavers (87) sugar free werther (8?)

& for dinner i am having large chicken breast (223) with cheese & brocolli pasta (227) yummy!

then later i'll have a 100cal or less snack and a 25cal ice lolly or mini milk :D

will be having a nice long bath tonight so no evil temptations!! :p xxx
hey shanny! thanks :) well the end of my week is a monday at the mo (due to work!) so i should be weighing in on tuesdays.. :) last week i quickly jumped on the scale & lost 3.5lbs but i'll be weighing more consistently from now on and think i'm going to change my weigh in day to a saturday morning as i eat more calories over the weekend! so i'll start that from this saturday i think.. and might fiddle with the way i calculate my week so it fits in! xx
lol yes me too it just occured to me i'll be weighing in at probably the worst time possible so think i'll do an official weigh in this saturday of my overall loss (over the 10days) then start the weeks up again from sat!
i've got 16lbs to go from my official start weight as not counting my quick hop on the scales last week yet as wasn't too accurate! :) xx
yes exactly!! i lost most of my weight around a year ago and have been shifting and gaining and maintaining the same 8lbs or so for a few months now :( so time to really give it a final push to get off this last pesky stone i think!! what are you doing to lose yours? xx
ending my day here!

bfast: nothing
lunch: grapes (10) 1/2 ham sandwich (100) quavers (87)
dinner: chicken breast (227) chicken & brocolli pasta (223)
snacks: sugar free werthers x2 (20)

total: 677 :D

i've shortened my week so tomorrow is my last day
adjusted my target for week to date so it's now 3543 for the 4days, so far i've had
2613 so tomorrow is going to be a 900 day :)

going to weigh in on saturday morning, take that as my 'first week' weight loss and then start over saturday as a new week so i can keep my plan & weigh in day in line to be saturday! might start a new thread saturday as i've made this all a bit confusing and messy but will see :D xx

week to date:
tues: 1137
weds: 799
Thurs: 677


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