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Fuffs Diary - Week 8, Pants!!


This is really the time!
(edited to make this into my diary)

Hi all

My name is Sophie (call me Sophs)

I first did Slimming World when I was 19. I lost over a stone, became pregnant, stopped going. I went back when my son was 6 weeks old and was the weight I left. I went on to lose another 3 st 4lbs. Then I had financial troubles, and turned to eating rubbish and stopped going to class.

I have joined a couple of times since and lost little bits of weight.

I had another son in July 2008. I was nearly 4 stone lighter than pre pregnancy. This was due to having lots of extra water and a very big baby. Like a stomach bypass lol....I have easily put a lot of it back on :(

I have tried to healthy eat at home with very little success. So, now back to my old favourite.

I look forward to talking to you all :)

Sophs x
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This is really the time!
I am enjoying the Slimming World journey. Nice to be back. A lot of the syn values have changed, so not going to take anything for granted.

I have mainly been on original days this week. Had a green day yesterday, which was lovely.

Got a long way to go, but just going to take it one step at a time.

Sophs x


This is really the time!
Today has been good. Went to an all you can eat. Luckily there was lots of healthy stuff (roast chicken, pork, salad, fish - and also loads for green days).

I did have a piece of fudge cake. But I had only use 15 syns so far this week. So, that should not do a hell of a lot of damage. I put it at 15 syns after looking at the Syns charts.

I am going out tomorrow night. I have 40 syns to play with. So, gonna be spirits and diet coke or just diet coke.

Slimming World is great. A lot more guilt free than many diets.


This is really the time!
Well, I have not written in this for a few days.

I weighed in Monday. I lost 4.5 lbs. As most of you know by now, i was disappointed. But, then I was reminded that I had been cutting down at home since Jan. So, I am happy now.

So, I have lost a bag of potatoes and it feels good :)

I am still enjoying the plan. I know I should be, as it is week two. But I have re-started this plan so many times, that I was unsure if I could settle into it again.

It is my * week coming up. I want to try to beat it. Any suggestions?lol


This is really the time!
Looked in a floor to ceiling mirror this morning :(

...and wondered how my body will ever look decent lol

I think my boobs will disappear and I will have a tummy like a carrier bag screwed up lol

But, I will be slimmer and healthier. That is all that matters.

But OMG, what a sight!!!!lol

W.I no.3 is tomorrow. I have enjoyed this week, but think I needed to pack more ss foods in. That will be my goal for this week :)
hey - bet you feel like you're going loopy talking to yourself on here! well done on your losses so far and for realizing that SW is the way to go for you xxx


Hey hun!!! I have learnt not to look in them mirrors!!! :8855::8855: They depress me too!! And I absolutely HATE going clothes shopping!! I am pretty sure that the mirrors in changing rooms are designed so you can see every little flaw and pimple and spot!!! LOL!!!
Well done on your losses so far. You're doing fabulous :clap:


This is really the time!
Thank you ladies :)

Was not sure if people commented in diaries or not. Nice to have some company in here :) lol

I hate Evans mirrors. You would think they would make them flattering....hmmm...no lol

Seeing every cellulite dimple I own is not flattering. Looking 2 stone heavier than I am in my head doesn't help. I would have bought many more items from them if they modified their mirrors a little lol...and maybe made the lights really bright or very dark!!lol

Well done on both your losses too. Seeing other people on here losing weight really helps me feel motivated :)
yer people do tend to comment on diarys, hop accross and read mine at some point, although its quite long, so I'll shorten it -

I started SW in Feb 08, lost 3 and a half stone between feb and Aug and then stopped attending class, put a stone and a half (ish) back on and have re joined class three times since then, each time losing half a stone or so and putting it back on! Im now hoping to start LighterLife at the end of this month, Im fed up of being fat! (im currently 16 stone and a size 18 ish ish) ideally I would like to be around 12 stone ish xxx


This is really the time!
Hi Vix

I will defo come and look at your diary.

I have lost weight and put it on so often now. Can sick of climbing a hill and rolling down a mountain. I put on more than I lose every time I fall of the wagon.

I am fed up of looking in the mirror and seeing a fat person. It is not like anorexia. I know I am fat. But, I feel that I am not happy in this cover of fat. Like there is a slim person bursting to get out.

Good luck when you do lighter life. I was going to do that, but at my weight they said it would cost a handsome sum and take quite a lot of time (obviously), so had to jack that idea in.


This is really the time!
Floor to ceiling mirrors are officially horrible! Lol. Good luck with your WI tomorrow. x
Thank you :)

The mirrors are what my partner has in his room. You know those slidey doors ones?? I should slide them off the rails lol


This is really the time!
It was my sisters 20th Birthday today. We went to my new fave buffet place today.

'The Ultimate Eating Experience' lol....I hate pretty healthy, until I had pudding. Well, I had a small battered fish before pudding. But other than that was salad, chicken and pork loins...

Oh....and a yorkshire pudding...

That was it lol

My sister started SW last week. She was gonna go flexi. I was gonna be very good. Saved syns over the week. it turned out a little flexi lol.

Just off for an hour to tot up the syns....or do I dare??lol


This is really the time!
Just worked it out.

Up until today I had used 34.5 syns.

Today (I have guesstimated using the syns in my book and what size I think things were)

carrot cake - 15 syns (5 syns per 28g, did not finish the piece and did nt eat most the cream stuff around the edge)
Choc fudge cake - 10 ( 5 syns per 28g, was only tiny squares, had 1.5)
Cod in batter - 7.5 (2.5 syns per 28g were tiny and removed the batter off 2nd one - not sure if they were fried or grilled. Went with fried)

Tiny bit of curry sauce-3 syns
had some tesco value crisps earlier - 4.5 syns

So, 40 syns in one day!!!!!!

Glad I added them up though! I thought it was worse. I tried to over estimate (as did not eat much cake at all) - but best to put the higher syn value.


This is really the time!
p.s what is rep power? Only had 1 a day ago lol


This is really the time!
Well, I lost an amazing...0.5lb this week...wow...not!!lol

I know why. I did not eat enough free foods (fruit and veg) and did not drink enough. So, here goes for another week.

0.5lb off this body is hardly gonna set the world on fire...But it is in the right direction!!
Hiya! Sorry, I've not caught up on people's diaries yet. Well done on your loss so far, and as you say 0.5lbs is all in the right direction.
Good luck on your SW journey xxx


This is really the time!
Thank you :)

Well, this week I had an original day on monday and green on tuesday. When I previously lost weight on SW I did mainly original. So, I have decided for the rest of this week I am going to do original with piles of super free foods.

When I rejoined after having my first son, my weight loss was loss, loss, small loss, maintain/gain* (I was looking at a diary I used to do). This time I beat *, but loss this week was not great.

I think the key is super free foods and making the most of syns. Not using them on cake. Using them on real foods.

Slim here I come lol


This is really the time!
Had a rubbish day. Murphys Law day lol

Went for an appointment with a childcare advisor at the jobcentre. The guy who made my appointment queried why I was here, as she had booked this week off. Showed him the appointment card and he behaved as if someone else had made the mistake.

The new bumper bar I ordered for my pushchair got to the shop and was the wrong one!!! :(

Went into town to do some shopping. Looked longingly through the doorways of 'slim shops' lol

Got caught up in Argos and was late for me counselling.

Laptop is playing up for the 3rd time this year. Booked in for a repair again. Going off Monday. Hope it lasts out until then!lol

Partner has been informed today he is on the companys 'at risk' list for being made redundant. Can't take it!!

Not had a great eating day for superfree foods either :(

Really needed to rant. Just want to cry :(

Still carrying on with my healthy eating though. Not gonna comfort eat this time :)
Oh Sophs! Just read your last post and so sorry to hear you've got so much on at the moment.
You're right to keep on with the plan, feeling in control of one part of your life can be a help when there is so much other stuff going on around you.

Take care.

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