Funny taste - is this normal


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Day 3 for me and it's going ok. I do feel a bit strange today, light headed and the chocolate orange shake I had this morning was gross and made me feel sick :sign0137:

I also have a really strange taste in my mouth, I cannot explain it but it's quite strong (sorry if too much information!) trying to drink lots of water which has helped a bit. is this normal?

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Hee!Hee! thats that blinkin orange shake its got a disgusting after taste that repeats on you for days!!You may have gone into keto you get a funny taste and dog breath,hope Ive cheered you up(we've all got it)!!


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Hi nina, sounds like you are in ketosis, this can make your mouth taste funny like your're chewing some coins!! just keep drinking loads of water, it does get better eventually!!


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Thats it, it's a metalic taste!!!!

Thanks Ladies


PS no more Chocolate Orange shakes for me, that was worse than anything I have ever tasted!


yup, ketosis side affect.
my "normal" taste now feels like I've eaten loads of hard-boiled eggs and not brushed my teeth in a week :(

water, water and more water to flush the taste out, plus mouthwash is a godsend (i got the one you have to shake up, can't remember what its called, but it keeps my breath minty for about an hour or so thankfully :) )


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The only thing worse than a choc orange shake is the winter spice, yuk yuk


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I hate the Chocolate orange too yuk! If possible brush your teeth when the metalic taste is there real bad. I keep toothpaste and a brush at work and sometimes need to just go and brush my teeth.


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im on day 3 and i got breath that will rival my dogs!! I don't care, small price to pay, i just wont get too close to anyone,ha