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Fussy Eaters

rainbow brite

Hiya :)

This might sound strange coming from an overweight person but I'm really very fussy when it comes to food. It's not something I'm proud of, just the way I've been since a child and I was wondering if there are any other people on here who are similar and if so how did you find the food replacements? Are they really terrible? Do you get used to it? Are they actually nice?

I'm going to give it all I've got no matter what but I've just got visions of gagging over a shake like I did with Slim Fast :eek: lol

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the first day i hated the shakes and i thought 'im never gonna like these' but after a few days i got used to the taste and i actually quite like them
I'm really fussy with food too and I have to say I only like the chocolate and vanilla shakes. The vanilla shakes I add a spoonfull of coffee to and whizz up with crushed ice, and kid myself it's a frapaccino. I hated the chicken soup and also the strawberry shakes. Personally I don't think they're as bad as the slimfast shakes. Good luck! x

rainbow brite

Well it's good that you liked them in the end :) Hopefully I'll have a similar experience though I'm really not looking forward to the first few days!

rainbow brite

Thanks for the info SarahC! :D I've heard quite a lot of negativity about the chicken soup too but I'm hoping I like it as I really do imagine I'm going to find the shakes super hard-going... x
I think a lot of people add black pepper and chilli powder and stuff to make the soup more palatable. I know it was the smell that put me off! The shakes aren't too bad at all - the chocolate one tastes just like a McDonalds thick shake (ok, I might be exaggerating a wee bit!) x


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Over weight people tend to be lacking in vitamins and minerals and if this is the case you will be more sensitive to the vitamin and mineral content in the first few days.

This can produce a gagging reaction and to reduce this...it helps to drink a glass of water before taking your shake in order to dilute the taste.

Also, it is best to divide the 3 packs into six mini meals and have them throughout the day if you can.

As the smaller shake is easier to get down and there is little waste.

You must remember to make each half pack up fresh and drink within 15 to 20 minutes as some of the vitamins are water-soluble.

Eventually you only taste the flavours:)

I hope that helps.

Love Mini xxx

rainbow brite

Mini - thank you for the advice, I'll definitely try dividing up the sachets at first until I can stomach a whole shake! :)

I really am hoping that this works, I'm kind of an all or nothing girl and I know I have the willpower somewhere deep down as I've seen it before, I'm just not sure where it's hiding! x


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You can watch a video on the Lipotrim site about how this diet works or get a loan of a one from your Pharmacy.

Welcome to the Lipotrim Website

I think it is worth watching as it does help explain the working of how a vlcd works.

(I am an all or nothing kinda gal myself)

Love Mini xxx


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OMG for my size i am the fussyist eater ever.
dont eat most red meat inc sausage
dont eat any fish
cant have anything with anykind of sauce on inc tomato, mayo, salad cream, pasta in sauce
dont like jellies (sweets)
dont like cakes
dont like tomatoes/ mushrooms etc
the list is endless.
i have found it quite good on LT because it has took the picking and chosing away from me.
saying that i only like the strawberry and chocolate but am becoming sicker and sicker of the strawberry as i go.
i normally have two chocolate and a strawberry in a day. cant bear the rest of them.

Lea x

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