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Gaga's Bulging Epic Battle......


really trying again!
Well thought I wpuld start a diary as I have found so many such an inspiration on here. I'll be starting week 6 tomorrow and so far so goo. Have AAM on 8 occassions during that time and had zero cheats so feeling pretty good with myself so far! Current weight loss is 1 stone 7lbs and must say I really haven't found it too testing. I've just had 2 weeks off work and was trying on some work clothes this morning ready to iron and am quite shocked at the difference already! The trousers can be taken off without undoing the buttons and even my dress is quite baggy at the back and under the arms! Woo hoo! Gotta shift 10 stone by end of November so I can wear a bikini on the beach in Jamaica......and I will do it!!! Got my WI tomorrow and would love to have reached the 2 stone marker but don't think I am quite there but will wait and see. A day of cleaning awaits then onto the Rosemary Conley fitness DVD I go (sadly I love doing it!) The stupid part iof me likes to work towards challenges big and small. The big marker is obviously the 10 stone loss but the shorter one is to lose 10% of my excess baggage then I have funny daily ones too which I set. Today I have set myself a 4 litre water challenge for some bizarre reason so am working my way through that- must say it does wonders for the skin tho. Hope everyone else is doing OK xx
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really trying again!
Thanks Joanne- your losses are far more impressive and a huge motivation xx


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Well done - fabulous start

Will keep my fingres crossed for your WI tomorrow



really trying again!
Woops...been a few days and forgot to update my diary. Been a quite few days. had to go back to work on Monday after 2 weeks off and boy that has been a struggle. Diet-wise I do find it easier to keep focussed when at work but it does nothing for my stress levels. Got inspectors in this week so has been so draining and yesterday I got so stressed that I just wanted a burger. Told myself to ask the same question in 10 mins then re-evaluate and surely by 10 mins later I knew that I'd be silly to give in and didn't want it anyway so the will power prevailed!!! Sadly I did have 2 bars yesterday tho so I hope that doesn't make too much of a difference...

Only got 2lbs to go to the 2 stone loss marker so really hoping to shift that this week. Can't really see the weight loss yet for myself, however the dress I wore yesterday was very loose under the arms and shoulder blade bit- very weird but clearly my bulges there must be shrinking a little!!

Keeping myself busy with the 2 latest Glee CD's today but probably driving my neighbours mad!!!!
You're doing brilliantly - nearly 2 stone WOW!!!


really trying again!
Thanks for all the support.

Had a really tough day yesterday. Just couldn't face the shakes after having one at lunchtime and I just can't stomach the soups so they weren't an option! Trying not to have a bar everyday so was trying to avoid them too. Went to asda and stocked up on cooked chicken breast pieces and bought some mackerel and salad. Spent the whole day grazing on the chicken every time I walked past the fridge which was terrible then had my salad for tea followed by a bar! Felt so much better for having some food tho but dread what damage I have done, especially as only had one shake. Didn't have anything with carbs and not feeling hungry today so don't think I've kicked out of ketosis. New day today so back to 3 shakes today and no bar as punishment!

Don't know why I found it so hard yesterday- just a mental breakdown I think and felt too sad to come on here! Much better today and have my taurean stubborness to succeed back. Here's my line for yesterday



really trying again!
Night shifts are a killer......

Working shifts seems to really knock me a about as never too sure when I should be eating/ sleeping etc and that's without mentioning the havoc to the old bowels too! Found a pattern for nights where I will have a shake on the first one at 2pm, sleep for 2 hours, then a bar at 6pm before driving to work then a shake again at 11 ish, then after that a bar at 4am, shake at 9am before bed then another shake at 11ish... (any ideas anyone on what wors for them.....?)

Had no more meals since my mid-week breakdown and even had chicken in the fridge staring at me but it has remained unopened. WI tomorrow so will wait and see what the holds...don't feel much different tho so not holding up much hope.

Not feeling hungry so seems to work and the caffeine overload from the coffee is certinaly providing an interesting kick inbetween!

Happy end to the week folks xx


Get through each day.
Good luck for tomorrow...you are doing great! Focus on the positives you have achieved and forget about the tiny blips you have had.x.


really trying again!
Well I braved the scales and achieved a 2lb loss this week taking me up to a 2 stone loss in 6 weeks so am feeling very chuffed indeed. I promise to be extra good this week and up the water intake too as have been slacking a bit in that area whilst on nights as otherwise I can't sleep in the day due to needing to pee so much! Hubbie's away tonight so making the most out of slouching in my PJ's with cuddles from my cats and Glee for company (man I love a bit of cheesy Glee!). Got Uni again tomorrow and the dreading walk past the breakfast bar but haven't caved in yet and am determined not to yet either......


really trying again!
Woo hoo....no Uni breakfast bar failings to report so another tick in my achievement list for me!!!!

Got a very rumbly tummy at the mo....anyone else get that? Still in ketosis and not hungry so know it's not that. It's just very noisy and I had people offering me biscuits to shut it up yesterday bless them (didn't eat them tho!)

Had a big test last night as hubbie sat and ate a huge mc donald's in front of me! Now I know I should say they are foul and I don't like them but boy did I love them (note use of word 'did' there!) Managed to resist even when the 'expletive' husband kept wafting it under my nose to see if i'd buckle! Hope he has mega indigestion today as payback!
2 full stone! What a lovely feeling that must be :) you must be very proud of yourself especially resisting all those temptations!


really trying again!
Thanks 'mygoodnessme' I do feel rather chuffed- still a lot more to go so gotta remain focussed and keep on track. How are you getting on?
Thanks 'mygoodnessme' I do feel rather chuffed- still a lot more to go so gotta remain focussed and keep on track. How are you getting on?
Managed 6pm in my first week which I am chugged with. It'll be nice when my clothes feel a little looser - at the moment it just shows on the scales :) I'm finding this forum so helpful, it doesn't feel like I'm doing it all by myself, which I find so hard. How nice to have so much support!


really trying again!
This rumbly tummy is really starting to annoy me now. It's like a constant yearning from my belly! Went to the cinema last night and I was making more noise then people eating sweets! Sooooooooo embarrassing! Not hungry with it- just darn noisy! Water, coffee or the meal replacements don't seem to make any difference and I don't remember getting this last time and I'm only in week 7!!!

Any tips anyone to help it go away or quieten down????


really trying again!
so it's hello from me.....and hello from my still very noisy tummy! (sadly no improvements to report on that front!)

Had a good week so far- no cheats and just a chicken stir fry on Tues which I loved every mouthful of. Been having the tesco meal replacement bars instead of the exante ones for the last 2 weeks and not seen any difference so am going to keep with these as they are so choclatey and yummy (not to mention 6 for £3.50!)

Started on psyllium husks on Tuesday due to having real toilet trouble. was starting to get me really down as I was in lots of pain and nothing seemed to be working. All I can say is WOW what a difference these have made! Now going every day and feel so much better. (sorry if too much info!)

Just hope I can stay focussed this weekend ready for WI on Monday xx


really trying again!
Had WI yesterday and can happily say another 3 lbs has gone! Woo hoo! Was hoping for a good loss as had been good all week and physically felt slimmer but then TOTM came over the weekend so not sure whether that has affected things! Not worried in the slightest as then should hopefully beat that next week (fingers crossed!) Psyllium husks are still working a treat- can't recommend them enough to anyone who is suffering in that department.

So positives so far.....clothes are definitely looser, not out of breath when running up stairs, office chair is not as snug anymore and skin is looking great!

Onwards an upwards....here's to being a good girl this week again hopefully. xx
No tips on the noisy tummy Im afraid. Its just something youre stuck with. To do with the emptiness and air moving around I think. Mine is exactly the same.

Youre doing fab so far so keep it up. 3lbs is great.


really trying again!
Thanks Joanne from me and my rumbles! How are you getting on?

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