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gastric band hypnotherapy

Hi everyone,
I am asking for some advice i have found someone who does this local to myself and i wondered if anyone has tried the hypnotherapy to make you think you have gastric balloon/band...it seems to good to be true as surely if it worked everyone would do this for a few hundred pounds instead of the thousands it costs to have the op...
please could anyone who has tried it or know someone who has, let me know how successful it was or how rubbish it was
Thank you so much
Karen xxx
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The thread might have been your dream way of losing weight??

I posted on there that I did try hynotherapy (not specifically to kid me that I had a gastric band) but it didn't work. Not one little bit I'm afraid. I was v disappointed cos it cost quite a bit too. Mainly cos she kept saying that it would take just one more session, then just one more session before I gave it up as dead loss. And in case you're wondering I deffo "went under" into a deep sleep. I always joked that she probably went and had a cup of tea then :)
thanks for replies...well it was just a thought...i knew it couldnt be that easy...can anyone suggest a good diet for someone who needs to lose about 6-7 stone
karen xx


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thanks for replies...well it was just a thought...i knew it couldnt be that easy...can anyone suggest a good diet for someone who needs to lose about 6-7 stone
karen xx
Karen, no one on here is really qualified to recommend a diet (I wouldn't think so, cos even if they are medically qualified they wouldn't know enough about you). However if you look at the main headings for the threads you'll see there are loads to choose from each of which suit some more than others. And you'll find people with 6-7 stone to lose doing them all. What have you tried before? How would you feel about having all your food provided? Can you afford to do this? What other pressures do you have on you such as cooking for a family or being cooked for? Have a look at the different posts and see what people are saying about their diets and see if they'd work for you. Good luck xx


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Hi Freedysmum

I also have a lot to lose and I am doing really well on Go Lower.

It is a low carb diet with all the food supplied, and it is proper food, no shakes etc and it even includes chocolate snacks...... they kept me going for ages and I hardly even want them now!

Have a look at their website, GoLower.co.uk and if you want to call them they are really helpful.

Also they do an introductory offer so if you mention me, Suzy from this website you get some money off.

I have to be honest over the years I have tried all sorts and finally this is the diet that works for me. Last week I got back from two weeks holiday where I did not follow the diet and I have not gained even an ounce so I am very pleased with myself.

Have a look at the Go Lower thread on here as well as you will see quite a few people who are following the diet and they are all doing really well.

There are lots of diets to choose from and as Judith says you have to work out which is the best one for you.

Good luck and lets us know how you get on.

I trued this and I have to say I didn't really give it a chance.

I did it in december just before xmas. I was given a cd to listen to every day but didn't do it! The first week i did listen to the cd and I did eat less and loose weight.

In m y opinion it isn't much different to paul mckenna cd and his costs a lot less.

Hope this helps x


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Hi Wobbly

What diet are you following now?

Hi Freedysmum

Have you found a diet for you yet? keep us updated on how you are doing.
Lost 10 pound in 18 days after having a virtual gastric band. I think it is wonderful. But as I was told it's not a magic wand. And it is the power of your own mind that makes it work. So if you go in believing like I certainly did and still do, yes it can work. 2 inches in 18 days off all my wobbly bits not bad going. Believe you can achieve. Best £200.00 ever spent.
What happens when you reach your desired weight? Do you have to be hypnotised again to help you maintain your weight as opposed to losing even more?
When you reach the healthy weight for your age and height, you can go for the band slackened, then when the weight has stabilised it dissolves as I was told in the hypnosis session that it would. And you are told that you will stabilise at that weight. It's 19 days since I had it now and it's changed my life. I want to exercise I want to eat healthy and very little. And I feel blooming good. Had every client comment this morning how slim I looked. Confidence.
So far so good

:) I have today undergone the hypnoband 'surgery'. I started the process of hypnoband early Sepember. To date I have lost 10lb just by following the advice I have been given in following this programme. My hypnotherapist is licensed in the 'hypnoband technique' which was important for me. He has spent the past four weeks undertaking hypnotherapy with me to explore why I overeat and the emotional reasons for doing so. In between sessions I have tailor made cd's to listen to at home. I will need to return in four weeks to have the band either loosened or tightened depending on my weight loss at the time. The process cost £300 (a lot cheaper than the real gastric band surgery) and so far so good. I do not feel hungry, cravings are lessened and the benefits of hypnotherapy help me in other areas of my life. I was convinced I could not be hypnotised but how wrong I was. It is such a fantastic sensation and I look forward to my sessions. I just hope the weight keeps coming off I have 3 stone to go - watch this space.....:)
I have been looking into this recently but get overwhelmed by who I should see.
Can i ask, did you just do a search on the Internet for one or go by recommendation.
How do you find a good hypnotherapist?
Really interested in this as my hynotherapy didn't work at all. Please keep posting on your progress and good luck. x
Hi I had mine fitted 2.5 weeks ago, I had 3 sessions before getting it fitted which was to help me with why I over ate in the first place, It is the best thing I have ever done ,I have lost a stone already, I feel full and only eat small portions of food, I have had no cravings ,I have battled with my weight since the age of 8 and have around 6 stone to lose and I would recommend this to anyone,I will let you know how I am getting on over the next few weeks/months :)
Thats a great weight loss Bingo lady. Im still losing but it has slowed down which is natural, did you ever have days where you could eat more ?? not sure if it is to do with the weather or what but I have been able to clear my small plate the last few days where as before I always left some ,I know I havnt over eaten at all as my portions are still small but feel on a guilt trip lol


This time for sure
Hi Taz Hypnosis has helped for me as it changed the way I think about food. However, the gastric band part did not. Do your research and make sure you have a therapist that is a specialist in this field.
I am interested to see how you get on :)

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