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Gemily's Diary

We'll I've only been doing this since this past sunday (4th Jan 09) and because i can't go to the meetings due to my location i have to do the weighing in part myself... although i have been weighing myself at the same time each day.. it motivates me lol (i know its not ideal though)
Anyways since sunday despite my lunch out yesterday i have managed to lose 2lbs so far!! YAY :) my aim is to lose 30lbs before my birthday may 5th.

So far today i've had some cereal and little bit of milk and water and diet coke. Its 5.07pm now (cancun time) and i forgot to have lunch woops.. but im going to have a jacket potato with tomatoe and onions and little bit of cheese tonight for dinner... once i go to walmart!

Tomorrow evening im going down to my boyfriends house and am a little worried about saturday because usually we have a BBQ on saturday with some beer... so i think im going try switch my beer to gin or vodka and make it less syns... also i figured i would go for a long walk on the beach and go for a nice swim in the sea... figured it would be good for lots of reasons a) exercise b) wont feel as bad when having some drinks later on in the day c) get a tan - which would make me feel better!

Ahh and i wont be able to weight myself while im there... so ill have to wait until i get back.. oh well lol :)

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Oh lucky you being able to walk down the beach and swim at this time of year. We're freezing our bits off over here LOL.

One tip I was given about drinking, was after each alcoholic drink, have a glass of water with ice, especially if you're drinking gin and tonic.. it looks the same so no one gets on your case about not drinking, plus you keep your syns low.

Sounds like you're off to a good start... keep up the good work.
Thank you annie68 for the good tip about the drinking!! :) I will have to give that a try. It's can be so hard when you go out here because everyone is a tourist and what do you do when your on holiday? eat more, drink more and relax and sunbath which is fine everyone does.. but when you live here because you don't see them come and leave so it looks like the same people are just eating and drinking all day everyday! especially hard for my boyfriend (not that he needs to lose weight) he works in an All Inclusive Hotel and has access to the buffett everyday! haha glad im not doing that otherwise i would probably crumble everyday!

I don't envy you about freezing though.. although i do actually miss the cold sometimes. its just hot here all year round and sometimes its nice for a change. When i come back to visit my family noone understand why i get so excited to go to tesco i am literally jumping with joy and everyone is like "wow shes weird" and i try to explain that you can't buy most of the stuff here and so to be in a "normal" supermarket and see all those amazing products and gadgets and gizmos i get way to excited hehe :)

I do enjoy the beach, the only downside is... most people who come here have already worked out long before coming on holiday so theres alot of people with great great bodys on the beach, and me wobbling down the beach makes me a bit upset... but thats why im here to change it and lose some weight and tone up.

Wow i apologize i've been blabbering on... hehe

Hope everyone is doing good :)
Ahhh, I feel like blabbering yet again! haha
Well today has been quite good so far! I woke up got on scales again... lol down another 1lb YAY!! then did 20minutes of callanetics and ate a bowl of cornflakes with milk. Then i went to walmart and bought loaaaaaaaads of fruit and veg although i did drop the potatoes they fell out those little white plastic bags you use to collect them in and went tumbling all over the floor and some lady nearly flew over one!! woops
Got back home and made some tomato-onion sauce stuff and had a jacket potato with that and a little cheese and i cut 5 thin slices off the potato and microwaved them for some crisps (tryed to pour vinegar over them halfway through) didn't quite work but still had a little taste of it. Im guessing maybe to cut the crisps and soak them in vinegar for an hour or so?? not sure...

Anyways then ive just been well doodling around really... should really do some work (i work from home) but didn't today. So i put my ipod on and started dancing around the house like a completely looney did work up a very good sweat though... although not sure if that was cause i was dancing so much or from the humidity!

In a little bit im gonna have a shower and then go down to Playa Del Carmen
and visit my boyfriend, not sure what were going to do this evening. Tomorrow i need to go for a walk though and swim before BBQ and must not forget! Ahhh ok i think im gonna end this now and start getting ready!
oooooo can i come live with you? sounds fab, mexico is my dream honeymoon destination think we'll end up in cornwall though.
Good luck on the diet, try not to weigh yourself to much because weight fluctuates daily, so don't get dishartended if one day it goes up, its just our bodys being a pain in the bum.
Thank you!! I haven't weighed myself today, but i did good yesterday well i didn't eat dinner and had an earlier night.. but it was still good. Im starting to feel lighter.. even if i can't see a difference yet. But i feel good anyways! Im going to weigh myself on Wednesday next week and see how i did! hehe
Yes mexico is lovely and sure come on over nilo lol! My mum's business here is weddings (have two today actually) It is a lovely place for a honeymoon or wedding. xxx
I moved here when i was 17 and am now 22 so about 4 years in total because i moved back to england for 1 year inbetween. My mum lives out here to which is nice, and my dad and sister live in England still. There is quite alot of british people who live here. I know at least 10 lol :)
Yea my boyfriend also lives here (hes been here 3 years from south africa orignially) The time here right now is 10.11am and its about 30c outside and sunny with a few clouds lol xx
lol, i can't imagine it being cold right now.

Ahhh i just went to the supermarket with my bf's dad and we were getting some stuff for the bbq today. Oh well im going to count it as some syns. Then i was in the veg section picking up a bag of avacados and i noticed this man standing next to me in a hoodie, and i thought to myself wow its a bit hot to be wearing a hoodie in this weather, i turned to look at him and he looked at me and it turned out to be will young! haha i was like ahhh ok maybe thats why hes wearing the hoodie.
Anyways i feel a bit bad from my slice of pizza but not going to let it through me off. Tonight im having some chicken and veg on the bbq and then have some drinks which i will also count as syns. In a little bit im going to go for that walk and swim!!! and burn off some of those calories, and i did a bit of exercise this morning to.
lol No i didn't speak to him i smiled though and he smiled back i think he knew i knew who he was. But i didnt speak to him just carryed on picking avocados haha :p he got some next to me and then went and got eggs! haha

Im off for my beach walk/swim now... urgh im in my bikini feeling rather self concious so put a basically see through dress type thing over... not that it makes much difference... hahah oh well i have to get on with it and forget what other people think what i look like, im doing this for me :)

Ill be back in a little while xx
Im back from the beach, Had a little walk and swim and did a little sunbathing, I am 5'7 and i weight 10stone 8lbs I want to lose about 2 stone 30lbs ish and tone up.
Hi gemily,
just read your diary seems like your doing well hun! Very interesting reading it too... good luck on the diet, and make sure you keep updating i love diary's xxx
Good Morning! Or afternoon over there! Well yesterday went completely off track
bowl of cereal for breakfast with milk
slice of pizza (woops) lunch
Then went for walk and swim on beach, got back from beach and walked down 5th avenue with my boyfriend and went to the pharmacy and then stopped at one of the bars and had 2 beers,
Got back and started the bbq and had 5 more beers (small cans) haha but still not good! then ate chicken and veggies and some bread...

So yesterday was not really on plan, i had already planned for it though and had not used up very man syns since i started so im not going to beat myself up about it and its not like that is an everyday thing either.
Good news is back on track today, although feeling the effects of last night! don't usually get hangovers but today i woke up and still felt very tired and faint and a bit queezy, so i layed down for another hour, didnt really sleep but it seemed to help. Then did the washing up and now am on here while i wait for the washing to be done.

Think for lunch i will have a jacket potato again with some tomato and onion stuff. I tend to do more green days as i don't eat red meat and didnt eat chicken while i lived in england i only ate Quorn but because i cannot buy it now, i started eating chicken breast again and tuna. So i usually stick to green days unless i want alot of chicken or tuna.

Well i think i have blabbered on for quite a while here, and laurie dont worry i will keep updating my diary!!

Hope everyone is doing well!!!!


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