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Genealogy/ Family History?

Ive just started (again (I lost the work I had done previously when I moved the 1st time)) mine.
Got back into it when my grandparents passed away in January this year. Just want my family to have a record of who they are and where they came from.

Bit stuck at the moment with my great grandad. Found him the first time around but cant now :confused:
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Ah, family history...my favourite passtime. :) Been at it now for 8-years and I find it the most rewarding experience. Love the fun of searching for my ever elusive ancestors.

Can be quite frustrating when you can't find who you're looking for though. Have had some brickwalls annoying me for a few years now. Not sure if the answers will ever come, but I suppose it wouldn't be much fun if it was easy.
My favourite pastime also although I've got to the stage of brick walls all round. no complaints though it's been great fun getting here. I'm quite envious of people just starting out although I'll probably never give up on those brick walls.
I'm quite envious of people just starting out although I'll probably never give up on those brick walls.
Me too. I sometimes wish I could go back and start fresh, just with the research skills I have now. Can't believe how naive I used to be with my researching, and am a little embarrased by some of the elementary mistakes I used to make. All good fun, though.
I think we're all like that re the embarrassment. During my first few weeks I was being told about parish records - I wasn't even sure what a parish was but didn't let on.

But the excitement when you got a certificate - people thought I was mad lol.
lol. I still get that excitement, just with wills at the moment...which are the flavour of the month with me at present. It amazes me sometimes just how easier it's got to research in the last couple of years compared to how it used to be. Started back in 2003, and the concept of having the census at home was a new and unique thing then. Never would have thought to be playing with parish registers, often from the comfort of Ancestry.
I'm fortunate that a lot of my family were from the area I'm still in so I could visit the local records offices. I went to Durham every Wednesday evening for weeks I think they got sick of me.

My mother looked into our family tree about 10 years before I did and I wasn't interested at the time. She didn't have a computer and I don't think there was much online in this days anyway so she had to work really hard for what she got. Sadly, by the time I was bitten by the bug she was losing her memory a bit and I dont think she really took in a lot of what I told her I'd gotten.

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