General SW queries....


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I understand what you're saying Vic.... If we all just take a bit of time to read through all the stickys etc, work out what needs to go where, then it'll work like the slick machine that is "minis"!!

If people don't answer straight away then they will a bit later on.... failing that, have a look in your book or online (password from class).

Good luck everyone and happy MM'ing x


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ha ha, now you look like a nutter Lou cos Sandys moved it, love it, and you xxxxx


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Oh blooming heck......... Sandy - what's with this "making Lou look like a muppet lark?"....x


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MUller Light

Can someone please help.

I have bought some 0% yogurts and put then into the slimming world calculator. It came out at 5 1/2 sins. I have eaten my last mullerlight, so I went on other websites to find their nutritional value - and on the calculator, that too comes out at 5.
if someone has a muller light at home, could they do the calulation for me.
I don't understand how we are beig told they are free but calculating shows it not to be so - I must be looking at something wrong.
But does that also mean that the 0% yogurt I bought may also be actualy free?

Thank you x


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Thank you,
i know we are told they (Muller light) are free but ( going by the nutritional info I have) when you calculate them, they are not...I don't understand it?
If anyone has one in front of them ,, can they post the nutritional info.
Thank you


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Hi whoam1, the smooth toffee flavour one says:
Energy =50 kcal
protein = 4.0g
Carb = 7.7g
Fat = 0.1g
This is per 100g
Hope this helps. xxx


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Thank you - that does help.
I tried using the Free Foods option on the calculator and that bought the Muller in at free and the yogurt I bought in at 2 1/2 ( I still won't eat it - for the kids!)


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Is there any other yoghurts that are free apart from muller lights?


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All very low fat ones apparently but i was caught out here.
The shape lasting satisfaction are. As are Aldi biopot. But others will tell you more.


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The weightwatchers yogs are free, and the danone lasting satisfaction ones are too. xxx


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Aldi optifit yogurts with wholegrains are free and they are lovely, they are my favourite. xxx


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Mix2Max query - superfree foods

I was going to have a red day today but I've not got much suitable veg in and am unexpectedly stuck in waiting for a delivery.

Was thinking of doing mix2max instead today as I had a neutral breakfast. I don't go to meetings yet and only have old books - so to the actual query!

Under superfree foods (which are okay between meals or as desserts can you have fruity ff yoghurts?

It's only put down very low fat natural in the book (it's a tiny one that came out when they first introduced M2M and Success Express).

Will keep an eye on my Hexs too so I don't get in a muddle :)

Thanks for any help! x


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By fruity ff do you mean full fat? Sorry, not sure.

I think (I'm not completely up with Mix2Match myself) that as long as it's listed as a free food on either plan, you can have it as a snack. That would only be very low fat yoghurt. I'll let someone else tell you about fruity ones as I think they aren't free in some instances.

Bimbie Finn

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Mature Cheese?

Hi everyone havnt been online for a while everyone seems to be doing well, going to try and get online more just a quick question can 28g of Mature Cheddar Cheese be used as a b choice
Thanks :)


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You can eat any superfree foods that are free on either day basically (ie yogurt, Mullerlight, eggs, Quorn, etc) at meals or as snacks freely.

HEX's can be taken from either Red or Green and syns are counted with the higher syn value being taken.

Hope that helps!