General: w/c 11th September 2006


Hope I did this right?

Weigh-in this morning: 6lb off YAY!
Latest measurements update: weight lost 4st 7lb, chest lost 21cm, Waist lost 21cm, hips lost 20cm (started 26/05/06)

I'm a happy one!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
Wow Lesley, you are really cracking on with this, well done, it is really inspiring to read results like yours! Love
Well done Lesley! My brain doesn't work on cm though, could you put your losses in inches for us more mature WeMitts!!!!!! please ????? I know I can convert it, but it would be nice to see it written on here.
Ann xxx
metric to imperial ;-)

Thanks every one. It sure feels good!!!
Right, here's inchloss for Ann and anyone else who prefers inches:
Chest lost 8.6 inches
waist lost 8.6 inches
hips lost 7.8 inches

And I love it!!! :)
Well....I'm still here although feeling very rough! The usual infection has taken hold but ha ha ha! it wasn't expecting instant antibots!! came out of hospital with them this time and started taking them the minute I started to feel feverish. Still not 100% though. Taking it extreamly easy! Had to bow out of mates hen weekend this weekend though I'm just not up to it. And want to be 100% for the wedding on the 23rd.
Got to drag myself out today though as its Tobys 11th birthday tomorrow and I have to get his presents! Don't know where that 11 years went! Ollie will be 14 next month as well :eek: time flies so quickly!
Well done Lesley, all those lbs and inches off are fab!
Everyone else I hope your doing well and keeping up with those fab losses.
Love to all
Kamilla xx
Hi Kam - Great to see you giving the infection 'what for' ... how wise to have the antibots at the ready!!
It's such a shock when it hits you how fast your kids are growing up isn't it. My 'baby' Sophie will be 11 in November. She's in her last year at junior school and I said to Steve only the other day 'Where's our baby gone??'. She's so lanky and leggy and quite a young lady (but will always be my baby!)

I went to university yesterday for an appointment with the History professor. He wanted to discuss the new part of my degree I'll be doing (Heritage studies). It sounds brilliant: I can't wait! If it's as good as it sounds and I enjoy it as much as I think I will, then I might even consider changing to a double honours degree with half English and half History - we'll see :)

After the appointment, I met up with daughter #2 Amy (22), who is the second year of a music degree at the same Uni and we went into Chichester city centre for a bit of shopping. We went into Dorothy Perkins (somewhere I've rarely browsed) and on the sale rail, there was a short suit-type jacket in a size 18. I thought I'd try it on for a giggle.
It fitted great across the shoulders and arms but although I could do it up, it felt a bit 'neat'. I took it off and went to put it back on the hanger but suddenly noticed the tag in the jacket said a size 16 ... it was on the wrong hanger!! How chuffed was I??

Sophie has a dental appointment today at 2pm. She is petrified of the dentists (bad experience up North) but she needs a filling and it's becoming a real problem. The dentist here was reluctant to push it last week (when she was supposed to have it done) as she was so upset. So now they're talking of trying gas and air to relax her first. If that's a no-go then it'll be general anaesthetic - for a filling!
Joys of parenthood eh??

Anyway, have a great day everyone :)
Thanks Debbie,
With my history of being very prone to infection I asked if I could take some antibots home with me after my operation to which the consultant replied that he'd already written me up for some!
I didn't realise Sophie was in the same year as Toby! He's still so cute looking (but don't tell him I said that)! And unlike Ollie hasn't started the lanking stage yet. Although he has suddenly got taller! And his feet have finally grown after being the same size shoe for 2 years! He is very bright ...not from me! and is doing a GCSE early! in maths :eek:.
I'm so excited for you starting Uni! You have worked so hard to get where you are well done!
As for the size 16 jacket OMG you should have got it! I went to a carboot the other week and brought a size 16 shift dress with matching jacket in black silk! for £2.00! bargin or what and its Monsoon as well. DH wantsa to sell it on ebay but its so nice and so classic I'm keeping it for when I can wear it hopefully soon! the jacket fits but I couldn't do it up and the dress is a no no for now!
Ahh poor Sophie having to have a filling. I was like her in fact worse as a child and remember having gas for a filling. Funny though I'm fine now and don't even have an injection for fillings!
Off to slob out on the sofa! I was going to pop out but DH is going to get Tobys present for me as I don't think I could face driving yet....blasted tablets are making me very dopey.
Diet wise....trying to be good but eating out of boredom so may have to post loads on here to stop myself eating. Still drinking like a fish though and counting the days before I can get back on CD!
Love to all
Kamilla x
Good morning everyone, hope you are all OK.
Get well soon Kam, and TAKE IT EASY!!
I've had several "you're really thin darling, you're not going to lose any more weight are you" type comments from Michael over the past couple of days.
It's a bit of a dilemma, because the scales say 11st11lbs and the top of my ideal weight is 10st5lbs. Besides it's a bit of a psychological thing - I don't want to be 11 stone ANYTHING. I could settle for keeping under the 11 stonme as my goal now though, I think. Allowances for age and all that, I think to be too thin when you're "mature" (I'm 60 in February folks) just ages you too much.
I measured my body fat percentage at the gym yesterday and it is 30.2%, which it says is "good" for my age, and my BMI is 28.
I think I'll keep doing Cambridge 1,000 cals to lose another 11 lbs or so, and then tackle maintenance, I'll see what Louise says tonight.
My next ambition is to be able to run. I haven't done this for years and years - probably about 30! But how do you start? Any experts out there? I can do a mile at 4mph on the treadmill, but I have to hold the bar with my hands. If I put the speed up I feel as if I'm going to fall over!
Where's Victoria? hope you are OK.
Have you all read the posts by "Lady in London"?? This lady has a lot of weight to lose, and is having a bit of trouble with Doctors (no change there then) She hopes to start Lipotrim soon. Anyway, she is up for doing the trek with us next year if she manages to lose quite a few stone, and she will also come to a "meet" if we have one nearer London next time. If Mrs Tweedy would come as well, that would make my day!!!
Have a good one, all you lovely WeMitts,
Ann xxx
There is a London meet on 30th September if she wants to put faces to names, Irene, Cat, Summer, possibly Kam & I will be there so a fair few Wemitts. Henry's Bar near Green Park tube from 1pm ish... Or I'm sure there'll be another London one soon probably around January or so...

Love xxx
That's excellent Ann!! Eating AND losing weight - brilliant! Is this your first weigh in on the 1000 plan?

Reason I ask is that my eldest daughter is doing the 1000 plan (she found SSing too severe for her). She'd gone SS for the first 2 weeks and at the end of the first 1000 week, she stayed the same as her glycogen store began to replenish. However, she was weighed again today at the end of week 2 and has lost 4lb so you might do even better next week!

I've got my weigh-in on Thurs. I was 13st 1lb last week and have only lost 2lb for 2 weeks running. I swear that if I haven't dropped down into the 12s this week, you'll hear the blood-curdling shriek of pi**ed off-ness from Lands End to John O' Groats!!

(and if I DO drop into the 12s, you'll probably hear a shriek of delight instead!! ;) )
I love reading your posts, Debbie. Well done on the Uni thing, it sounds very interesting. I think I would be best doing something with OU or similar, as I always seem to be going somewhere now. (Off to Spain for 3 weeks on 2nd Oct.) It's one advantage to being "more mature"!
I have a prospectus from BSY and they are doing a "2 courses for the price of one" offer. Has anyone got any experience of their courses? I really fancy learning about Reiki, or Shiatsu or something "alternative".
On that subject, I won a voucher for £25 at the Lighter Life reunion on Saturday, so tomorrow I am going for a hot stone treatment with Reiki - " Reiki with LaStone" see Utsonati Home never done anything like this before, but am assured you keep your clothes on!!! Costs £50 so I still have some to pay. "Don't knock it 'til you've tried it" has always been one of my mantras!
Spent all night worrying about having volunteered for the "love yourself naked" thing, and got up having made my mind up to change my mind and opt out. I then read Ailsa's post, and it made me laugh so much, and reassured me, so I'll leave my name there - for now at least!!!! (What Chris, my son will say God only knows) don't really mind what anyone else thinks, but one's children's disapproval is still hard to cope with - even when they are 40 something.
Well WeMitts, off to the gym now, going to try cross country programme on the treadmill at 3.9 mph today for 15 mins. I WILL get to be able to jog/run soon, I WILL !!!!!!!
Have a good day,
Ann xxx
PS Yes Debbie, it was my first week on 1000 cals. but I have been "eating" since 8th August, before I went on holiday.
Hi Ann -

I'm going to Spain for fortnight from 7th October too... We'll have to find somewhere in the middle to meet up!

Love Anja xxx
That would be great, Anja. I don't mind travelling and staying overnight somewhere. It would be great to see you again. Whereabouts are you in Spain? We are in Salobrena, half way between Malaga and Almeria.
Ann x
PS or after 11th (when brother and sister in law leave) you could come and stay with us.
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Hi all WeMITTS

Lesley, well done on the 6 pounds loss and really impressive stats.

Kam, glad to hear you are taking it easy, shame about the hen weekend but you have to put yourself first on this occasion and I am sure the bride to be didn’t mind if it means you will hopefully be okay for the wedding

Ann Try this link for "learning" how to run it has links to other things there as well. My sister did the race for life and she walked a minute ran slowly for a minute (she said more like a bopping walk than a run) and then increased the running time slowly and then gradually her speed picked up as well. She went from a non runner to doing the 5k race for life so it worked for her. I am sure there was a thread on the old site about running. Well done on winning the raffle – enjoy the reiki treatment. Great going on the 1 pound off on the 1000 plan.

LOL at the love yourself naked thing is there a thread on here that I missed?!? Never in a million years springs to mind, when I was 18 and just 7 stone I still hated myself so there is not really much hope for me now with all the dangly, droopy, gloopy and wrinkly bits adding to the picture (have I made myself sound attractive!:rolleyes: ).

Debbie, good for you on the 16 jacket bet you felt wonderful after you realised the mistake. Hope the dental appointment went well with your daughter. Dig deep on the losses it will come good in the end. I will keep everything crossed for you.

Only managed to shift a pound this week but not surprised or upset as I lost 12 pounds in the previous two weeks so I knew it wouldn’t have been much no matter what.

I have added to my pilates programme this week every other day I am now going to be doing 5 mins on my exercise bike which also converts to a Rowing machine so 5 mins on that as well and 5 mins on the lateral thigh trainer, I know they say ladies glow rather that sweat but even sweating was an understatement – how unfit am I!! Still it will hopefully increase over the next few weeks and I will be able to stay on them a little longer – weird but I actually enjoyed doing it this morning!!:eek:

Hope everyone is well