General W/C 16th October 2006!

Hello everyone,
Well after 2 weeks of getting well and truly retoxed, which included vast quantities of vodka and some bacardi, I climbed back on the wagon yesterday, as I want to feel ready for real life when we come back on Friday. Don't know why I did it really ....just because I could probably. I slept a lot better though!!!!
Anja *bakerfa and her mum cameto stay for a couple of nights, and it was very pleasant.
Hope everyone is OK, I shall have a lot to catch up on when I get back. I shall also have some weight to lose.
take care everyone, and stay strong.
Ann xxx
Hi Everyone,

How is everyone doing? Its a lovely day today, weather wise I mean.

Ann glad you had a lovely time on hols, eps with the vodhka and barcardi's lol. I hope you'll have no probs getting back on track.

Im OK today. Ive had a lot of trips to the loo but carrying on OK. I just cant wait to lose my 2nd and 3rd maybe 4th bum! lol.
Hi all Wemitts. I'm glad you let your hair down a little Ann - you will have no problem getting back on the wagon on your return.

My week is going to be very busy - what with work and I do amateur dramatics - and its the week of our play this week. The last thing we did in Feb I directed but I'm actually in this one and loving the fun of being someone else!! Rehearsing tonight and tomorrow evening then opening night on Wednesday for 4 days. Its a lot of fun and is my main "thing" outside of work.

Its a comedy called Comfort and Joy by Mike Harding and its set "oop North" at Christmas. I play the daughter of the family (even though I'm 41!!!) and I have to do a Northern accent. We did it in costume for the first time yesterday and was really pleased with the comments I got. In one scene I wear a patchwork corduroy mini skirt (with thick black footless tights I hasten to add) - I am a bit of a hippy character - but before the start of this LL lark I'd NEVER have worn something like that - it would have been all floaty numbers. OK, I've got a fair bit of weight still to go but its amazing that I can do this. I'm even a lot happier about stripping off to undies (discreetly) in the communal dressing room.

So no time to think about food really and I should burn a few calories under those lights and running on and off stage. Must remember to drink plenty though...

Have a good week everyone.
sounds fantastic Joolz, well done on your weightloss so far, it does sound like you have a new lease on life already! xx
Am off the wagon this week.. sorry i know.. but stress, teen being excluded perm from school, babies, etc.. and my appointment on thursday... is all too much. PROMISE i'll be back next week! ((Hugs))
Hi all :D

Joolz - that play sounds ace! I love Mike Harding (think it dates back to those "Rochdale Cowboy" days wayyyyy back whenever the heck it was!:rolleyes:

PH... sorry to hear you have a rocky week ahead, hope you manage to not lose the plot too much... sending hugs and happy thoughts your way...

as for me... well this week holds my first weigh in (Tues eve), filling at dentist :eek: (Tues) and finding out if I will actually get my car next week or not :confused: (LONG story - don't ask, not that interesting!), my younger daughter Zoe's going to be 18 on Friday (and yes Zoe - I DO feel old!:eek: )and so each day we have a countdown :D

Have already decided it's going to be a bloomin' marvellous week! ;) I'm going to stick to this a bazillion % so that all those doubters have to eat humble pie!

Wishing us ALL as great a week as we can possibly have! :p
Hi guys,

PH so sorry you're having a tough time, hope things all work out for you soon xx

FFnF(ish) congrats to your daughter, and good luck for your weigh in, I bet you'll have done brilliantly, please pop back in and let us know how you get on. xx

well wemitts, it's a pretty miserable day here in little old Liverpool, the weather is awful and I am freeeezing!!! Will have to go make a coffee to try and wake me up a bit! Hope you all have a lovely day xx
Uni wemitt reporting in :)

I've been doing a lot of soul-searching over the past few days wondering whether I should 'change my mode of transport' on my weight loss journey (i.e move to another diet).

The main reason is that I'm just plain bored with CD and haven't been SSIng properly since my one and only AAM week 3 weeks ago. Although I'm not at goal, I'm pretty darned close and don't actually mind the thought of doing it pound by pound now on a sensible healthy diet .. what I DON'T want is messing about on CD and losing it pound by pound! I just don't feel the burning urgency to lose what's left super-mega-fast: losing it quick was important at the start when I had so much to lose - now it's not.

Anyway, events have taken the decision out of my hands. We have a bit of a financial 'situation' going on which means I simply can't justify the £30+ per week so my hand has been forced.

I'm going away to Holland on Sunday for five days and I think that represents a natural 'break' where I can get away from it all and come back to begin a new regime.

I'd like to go back to Rosemary Conley but have just found out that there isn't a class in my town anymore: I'd have to travel to Portsmouth but would consider it as I like the plan and exercise class. I'm not too keen on Slimming World or Weight Watchers as the 'syns & points' thing irritates me so they're not really an option although if I HAD to go with one of them it would be SW. I'll check out what's about though.

I just feel it's time for a change of tack .... I may have started the journey in a ferrari and be finishing it in a micra but the important thing is that I finish it!! :)
Hiya Debbie,
Just lurking at the moment (hacked off and don't want to burden anyone) but just saw you'd posted and had to reply!
Anyway, I think you have made the right decision. You will lose that last bit of weight I have no doubt at all.
Have a wonderful time in Holland! Wish I was going too :(.
Wemitts one and all hope your all well!
Oh and I lost 6 3/4lbs this week!
Kam x
Debbie, I hope you find a plan that suits you, having done so well on your diet it would be awful if you didn't find something that you like so near to goal.
I wish you all the luck in the world though, if anyone deserves to reach their target its you! I understand what you mean though about the diet I am getting pretty bored with it and I still have at least 9 months to go :( I wish I hadn't gone off it once or twice (or thrice) in the past couple of months, as its sooo hard to focus now that I am ssing again!
Keep us updated on whatever plan you choose, and hope you have a lovely time in Holland xx

Kam, I hope you are feeling ok hun, please don't be a stranger I miss your posts! xx ps You dont burden anyone by posting that is what the wemitts are all about we are here whether you are happy or sad!!!!! xxxx
Thanks Irene, I was really pleased when I got on my CDC's scales and saw I'd droped that 6 3/4lbs! And not even SSing!!!doing 1200 cal plan.

Mrs T....I am feeling alot better healthwise...still got the headache but not half as bad as it was. Mentally I'm ok just had some really bad news that I'm finding hard to deal and getting a ton load of crap from a few Mums at school which is getting me down. Hate to moan hence why I'm not going into details.

Holby's on now so off to shed a tear or two...gonna be a sad one tonight.

Kam xx
Wow Kam!! 6 3/4lb!! That's as good as half a stone - who's quibbling over 4oz?? That's fantastic - well done :D :D

Thanks for the kind comment GM - <blushing like mad!> and thanks for your support Irene. I can always rely on your calm, assuring approach.

Mrs T - Obviously I'm a bit nervous about leaving the security of CD and SSing but with the support of my good wemitt buddies, I'm determined to see this journey through to the end. :)
That's the spirit Debbie, I know that you will succeed, I think you are being v brave xx

(((((KAM))))) oh hun, I hope things get better for you v soon, sorry you're having a tough time (well done on your fab loss too, and on 1200c :eek: fantastic)! xx

Well I am having an early one tonight so I will catch all you wemitts later xx