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General WeMitt Thread w/c 16 April


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Don't Mondays come around so quickly? Hi to all new WeMitts and a great welcome back to RD and Mrs T. So pleased they didn't stay away too long as we missed them.

Hope everyone is doing well and I am ready to join in tomorrow. My grandsons 8th birthday today so family gettogether in pub.

I have had a great weekend meeting WeMitts and Minimins members in Bath. So looking forward to Birmingham. Think I have persuaded a few to join us in September.
Have a good week
Irene xx
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Hi everyone,

So far on my 4th day of restart. 5lbs down so far from the 173 on my ticker. Will update with final total on Friday morning.

How are the restarts going everyone? Ann? Debbie? Irene?

Love xxx
A new week everyone :)

I'm off to see my CDC at 5.30 for my 'official' restart (I've been semi-sole sourcing since Thursday on left over packs).

I don't think I'll be sole sourcing though ... I think I have to admit to myself and all around me that I just can't do it again. After six months of SSing last year without a break then another few of SSing with AAM (plus some slip-ups) I just don't have the mental fortitude to do it again.

I think I'll stick to 790 and see how it goes. With that and my new gym membership I'm hoping I'll make steady progress to lose this last 4+ stones. Whatever it takes eh?

I'm back at Uni tomorrow after the Easter break. I said I'd get all my assignments up to date ... HA HA HA!! What a joke! It's definitely a case of 'Lastminute.com' AGAIN! I never learn!

I have a history presentation tomorrow and haven't even finished the powerpoint or notes let alone run though it to see if it's the right length - talk about blagging it! I'll muddle though - I always seem to :)

Hope everyone is OK and enjoying the sunshine.


finding my way again !
hi all from sunny Bournemouth, gosh it's glorious here today.
getting back on track today following a disasterous 2 weeks - thanks to those of you who sent support on my restart diary


I STILL mean it!
Hello WeMitts, it's DAY 7 for me today - and I've made it through the first week! Can't tell you how much weight I've lost as I didn't weigh myself. I KNEW, from my clothes that I had put weigh on, and that's all that matters really isn't it? I am wearing my jeans today, and although they are tighter than they used to be, they look OK. My size 12 trousers are TOO tight, so another 2 weeks of SS should sort that out before I go to Italy.
Well done for re-starting Irene, it's not easy, but it IS possible.
People keep asking me, so just to let everyone know that I don't plan on going to the Birmingham meet in September. I just don't enjoy "Flares" - too old I guess!!
love to you all, Ann x
Hi all - hope you are all well. Getting ready to go back to school tomorrow after 18days holiday. We've had glorious weather and I've had a great time. Dreading the new term cos I have so much to pack in before the end of June. Still looking for a new job closer to home - have TWO interviews on Monday 23rd and another 3 that I'm hoping to get interviews for ..........
Good luck to the restarters - think of Summer and lovely cool clothes!!!!!!!!


Trying Hard!
Hi everyone, all good here. wi last night shows that 790 works for me, 8lbs loss in 2 weeks is great news. I am feeling really stoked that the 790 gives me the energy for life but lets me loose still. hope you all have a great week

mrs tweedy

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Well done Emma thats fab news,

Hello wemitts, just popping in to say I am finally in the 15s (15s 12lbs to be exact) so hopefully the weight has started moving again, fingers crossed xx

Hope everyone is ok, i am still having probs at home but with a little help from my friends i will get through it all relatively unscathed :sigh:

Have a great day wemitts xx


Serial Foodie!

how fab to see u both back mrs tweedy and RD :D

all is well here. a slight gain after the meet but back on tack now. just gotta keep chipping away at it!!

well done emma! glad u r enjoying the plan xxx


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Hi Mrs T - how fantastic.

You're nearly half the woman you were. How totally amazing.

Chin up hon!

Karen - it's so easy to do! I managed to creep up a few times constantly until I'd managed 21lbs, a couple of lbs here & there isn't obvious but when it gets to that the brakes go on... I'd thought I was under control better that but oh well! It goes on so much easier than it comes off!:eek::(


I STILL mean it!
Thanks for popping in Mrs T, don't ever disappear gain will you??? I agree, it's lovely to have Mrs T and Russiandoll back again.
I am on day 9 now, and, to be honest, feeling rather proud of myself. It's really difficult to get back on SS - this is the first time I've managed to do it since last August - for more than 3 days anyway!
I am already able to get in my smallest trousers, even though they are tight - so another 2 weeks on SS should sort it out. Then I go to Italy and probably they'll be tight again when I come back!! Oh the joys of maintenance (NOT)
Have a good day all you lovely WeMitts.
Ann xxx


Serial Foodie!
Karen - it's so easy to do! I managed to creep up a few times constantly until I'd managed 21lbs, a couple of lbs here & there isn't obvious but when it gets to that the brakes go on... I'd thought I was under control better that but oh well! It goes on so much easier than it comes off!:eek::(
aint that the truth!! only a 2 lb gain so not the end of the world but not exactly fab either lol.

well done on day 9 ann. thats ace!

mrs tweedy

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well done on ss ing again Ann, takes some stamina to get back into it doesnt it!
Karen, 2lbs is nothing really and by the time you read this will probably already be gone.

Hope all you guys are ok, I will try to pop back on again soon xx