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general WeMITT Thread - week commencing 28th May 2007


I STILL mean it!
Hello everyone. Well a cold and wet bank holiday Monday here as well. I'm on my own all day as OH has gone to Wembley to watch Derby County play in the play offs for the Premiership. I'm having a guilt free, eat what I like, day - and tomorrow, I'm back on CD for a while. (or might join the JUDDers - you know who you are) This seems to be the only way I can "maintain" - by putting some weight on and them losing it. No change really, except I lose it before it turns into being 11 stone overweight! like it did before.
Ann x
A new opportunity-filled week ahead wemitts! It's FREEZING and wet here on the South coast: I can't believe I've just put the heating back on!

As some of you might know, I started the JUDDD diet a week ago and have lost 3lb so far. I'm really pleased with that and hope I can continue to lose at 2 or 3lb per week.

Good luck on your continuing journeys everyone :)


Hopeful for the future
Sounds like a good idea - especially if it works for you Ann. You've done so well anyway that I'm sure you'll NEVER darken the door of 11 stones again.
It's cold and miserable here in London too - looks like more rain to come also.


Hopeful for the future
As some of you might know, I started the JUDDD diet a week ago and have lost 3lb so far. I'm really pleased with that and hope I can continue to lose at 2 or 3lb per week.

Good luck on your continuing journeys everyone :)[/quote]

Good luck with the JUDD RD - great weight loss and eating too!! :jelous:
Can't wait for my day .....
In the meantime a nice hot soup shake to keep the cold at bay xx


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Its a bit cold here, but sunny with some cloudy bits in between. Not nice enough to sit out in, but better than the rain we were forecast!
Mind if I join in? My current weight today is 327 so needless to say I've got alot of weight to lose too. I'm amazed at the losses you all have! WTG! :D
Welcome gonnadoit!

As the saying goes, 'Every journey starts with a single step ...' and it's great that you're making your first step to becoming healthier by losing weight.

What plan are you going to use? Have you decided yet or are you taking a look around to see what appeals to you?

At my heaviest, I was 306lb so not too far from where you are: it seems daunting but is do-able if you try not to look at the big picture but approach your journey in small steps - e.g first goal to get under 300lb etc.

I still have a way to go - but for us wemitts, this is a marathon, not a sprint. Good luck with whatever you choose - keep us posted :)
Hiya Gonna... welcome indeed :D

When I started out on this I weighed exactly the same as you do :D so I know precisely what a daunting task it feels lies ahead! This site will make a massive difference to how you get on - loads of amazing people on here who will encourage, support and inspire you :D Pretty soon your own weight losses will amaze you!! :D Good luck as you shrink! :D

RD is so right, it's a marathon not a sprint and one day at a time is how I (almost) manage to keep sane! lol



Trying Hard!
just thought I would pop in after being away so long. we have been so busy and have had awful 5 day long tummy bugs and all sorts of stuff. until tummy bug CD was going great and now I am waiting 3 days to get myself better before starting back again on Monday. home scales showed a 10lb loss in the 5 days ill but not the way to do it. will be chuffed if I hit the 85lbs loss on Monday which was my target anyway pre illness. so far chuffedI am managing to make healthy choices on my recovery food, just fruit, veg and tuna so far - feels good. so that's me. it's late, should go to bed and rest before toddler dawn awakes me again.

and welcome gonnadoit, I was your weight as well (plus an extra 3lbs for good luck) when I started at end Jan and believe me it works a treat.


I STILL mean it!
Just to let everyone know - I have had an e mail from Mrs Tweedy. After her truly awful life experiences lately, she seems to be getting her life together gain. She says she'll be back on here soon.
Ann x
That's wonderful news Ann ... I think the other wemitts here will join me in wishing her love, peace and happiness for the future. Looking forward to seeing her posting again, when the time is right for her.


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Morning Wemitts, just popping in to catch up. Quite honestly I have been so JUDDD obsessed lately I have not been paying enough attention to other threads!

All going well here in VERY Sunny Eastbourne. Glad to hear Mrs Tweedy is on her way back to posting and a big WELCOME to Gonnadoit. You will certainly find all the help, support and advice you need on here plus plenty to debate and giggle about!

WOW! Thanks so much for such a warm welcome everyone! It's so great to know that I'm not "alone" and it's very encouraging to see how far you all have come. In "real" life, I only have one friend who could or should lose any weight and she's not trying. (she's happy with the way she is 205lbs)

And in regards to my family...my dh is 6' and 150lbs and our (3) children are at healthy weights...my sister died 2 yrs ago and my dad lives far away. I am quite close with dh's family as dh and I have been married for 12 yrs however his side of the family are all "slender" like him.

I am currently on the Jenny Craig program and I'm enrolled until at least Oct. I have GOT to do this and being on the JC program was working very well for me until I strayed at Christmas time. And I also had some personal issues to deal with (my baby being sick alot and the anniversary of my sister's death) which made trying very hard. However I weighed in last Thursday and I'm starting anew.

And I'm so sorry...I've missed what's happened with Mrs. Tweedy, however I will go about and look after posting here. :(

Thanks again for such a warm welcome and I apologize for writing a novel in this here thread. :eek: Goodluck, it appears we've all made it halfway now? Here's to a great "other half" and might I add that it's very hot here?! LOL! ;)


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Hi everyone,

Will have to admit to slacking a bit as I'm trying the JUDDD diet, however back on the straight & narrow & no more hiding!

Good luck to everyone this week!

Well, today was weigh in day and I'm pleased to say that I lost 5lbs during the week! :D So that brings my loss up to 19lbs now!

How is everyone else doing? Pretty quiet in here isn't it? :confused:


Serial Foodie!
well done gonnadoit and welcome to minis :D 5lb off is brilliant. i have heard of JC but u ought to tell us a bit about how it works. we r a very nosey bunch lol

hello wemitts...i have been awol for a while but had some issues. mainly eating and father in law not having long to live. made things stressful but ive been back on the wagon properly for a few days now and reckon i have cracked it this time (but not gonna be so cocky til i can still say the same a few months down the road!)

hope u r all having a good week. xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Hello everyone,

I don't like to moan but I'm having a tough week. I feel really fat and ugly and people at work are telling me I should stop LL now as I look fine.

I don't want to look fine (even if I did). I don't want to be the fat one anymore. As determined as I am to stick at it 'til the bitter end, it really does my head in getting these messages from people. Especially as my 'chatterbox' is working over-time at the moment.

I'm not gonna quit, it's just hard at the moment.

Sorry for the rant, I hate being a moaner. Just needed to get that out :(


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Hi everyone,

Gonnadoit - Wow - 5lbs is really excellent - well done to you!

Karen - I'm so sorry things are so hard for you but you're doing brilliantly sticking to the diet at a time like this. Keep your chin up & keep going and everything will be better soon.

Chinchilla - You're not a moaner. Everyone always tries to stop you before you're ready on this diet but you'll never forgive yourself if you don't get where YOU want to be. I stopped short of goal & have spent nearly a year trying to get there in the end. Started doing the JUDDD diet properly this week, 4lbs down & can see the light at the end of the tunnel finally.

(about people telling you to stop, could be worse - my mum met my boss & his wife for the first time & they were commenting how well I'd done losing 2 1/2 stone & mum looked critically at me and went "No she could do with losing a bit more actually. She looks better like that". Their mouths just dropped open!)