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Gentle Exercise

I've just been inspired by another thread, so figured I'd ask the question here and hopefully help inspire some of us more sedate forum members to become a bit more active :)

So the question is,
What kind of gentle exercise do you do, or did you do to get your activity levels up? Possibly before getting into a more active lifestyle i.e. running etc?

Lots of love, Caramelle X X X
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Walking! It's totally underrated, but while it won't burn thousands of calories, a good long walk is really good exercise if you're just starting out!
I started off with walking - had no choice, my car blew up and I cant justify the expense of another! Ha!

Swimming is good to start or a local yoga class?

I started off on the wii and walking with hubby --to start with I swear I felt like I needed oxygen after the 1st couple of holes :eek: I now skipity skop around the golfcourse without a twinge :D its about 3hrs and 11,000 steps and all up n down hill.
Last week I joined the Gym on camp and Im loving it -Im still "breaking myself in gently" in there so I don't end up injured -
I think I am almost addicted to exercise now :eek: at one time I would have avoided it like the plague :p
Its amazing how quickly your fitness levels go up once you start..
I used to love going to the gym but after having my little girl and getting sucked into work where I often work late or have to travel I just didn't have the energy to go to the gym.

Since starting on SW 3 weeks or so ago I decided I wanted to go back to the gym so have been making more effort there and tend to do bike and x-trainer, however I still have to travel and work late so to make sure I keep the fitness up I invested in a treadmill which is in the garage, and it's soooo convenient - I just think even if I do 30 mins on that on days I don't get to the gym then it's better than nothing!

I'm working up from walk/run so I can build my fitness to have a good run.... one day.....! :character00116:
Not sure how old or "sedate" you are!!! In the organisation I belong to, for retired people (U3A), we are having great success with Seated Exercise and Tai Chi, both of which are really good for older people.

And please don't be offended if I have misunderstood - you can always recommend it to your mother/grandmother!!!
I have to be careful with what I do coz I suffer really bad backs pains .. I have just started to up my excercise on the wii family trainer which I really enjoy
Walking! It's totally underrated, but while it won't burn thousands of calories, a good long walk is really good exercise if you're just starting out!
I agree entirely!!!!

DH and I decided that walking was the best option for us and something we could do together.

Every night that was possible we went for a walk, just starting at 20 minutes then gradually built this up either by time or by speeding the tempo up.

We have since been bike riding and swimming, nothing over strenuous but at least it's some form of exercise and DS can also join in too.

Only last night we had said the walking has definately helped us both with our weight loss.
Hi, I go to the gym most day s for at least an hour(usually-on holiday from work at the moment so that hasn't happened this week) but I just wandered if it was just my slimming world venue and consultant that doesn't give any sort focus on exercise? He hasn't mentioned it once?! Which seems odd as it's an important part of weight loss. I understand the concept of bronze, silver etc. body magic but it hasn't been mentioned at all...

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