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Getting back to target... somehow!!!

Hi All,

I still need to update my stats but computer having a meltdown and just on my phone, so will update once properly online :)

So, this time last year I had lost around 60lbs (majority on Dukan) and reached my target! I was thrilled, loving my new body, I was the slimmest I had ever been! Then I stopped following the programme, I had treats, more treats, stopped running, went back to old habits and as a result, I am 2 stone heavier :(

Feeling VERY blobby at the moment, my clothes are all too tight and I am generally very peeved with myself that I was so silly. But I know I am not alone, it is hard once you have dropped the weight. So many people warned me, and I knew it would be, but I still just gave into temptation and carbs!! ;)

I am starting back on Dukan either tomorrow or Tuesday (once my children are back at school and I am at work) I have a 4day attack and plan to do this 100% it worked so well last time and I really hope it works again!

I'm thinking about moving onto the 5:2 diet once I have reached target as I hope that will help me get over the issues I experienced with gala meals (turned into gala days and gala weeks!) but I will see when I get there. I just want to feel better again!

So - I'll be back and pp'ing it very soon :) can't wait in a way, I have missed all of you and the 'clean' food and really, really want to get into my clothes again!!

Onwards and downwards!
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Good Luck were hear to help and support you back to happy body time xxx look forward to reading the return journey. I agree its the maintaining thats difficult xxx
Welcome back, 2 stone is easy to creep back on ;)
Thank you lovelies!! I have just had a 'last supper' out with da family, so feeling suitably blimpy and very ready to get back In the zone!
Will be baking my Dukan muffins tomorrow ready to freeze. Can't wait! Xx
Welcome back Hun x
Ah Couteaux its lovely to see my old friend return as I have ............. we can do this together like we've done before beautiful lady -

how are your children no doubt growing very fast?
Hi Chris!! So glad we are back on track together again (well, from Tomorrow for me? ;)

How are you getting on? All 3 kiddies doing really well thanks :) back at school/childminder tomorrow and I am not looking forward to it. I want more time with them!!

The countdown to Feb half-term will be starting from tomorrow morning! How are your lovely children doing? Xx
Hi Couteaux

Could do dukan better not eating enough or drinking enough water. I'm only back at work tomorrow so it will be better once I have more routine.

Good to hear your family are OK, yes mine are fine. My daughter working and at college doing her PGCE, starting placement in a special school this week. My Son is working hard full time until he decides if he wants to go back to Uni. So all is well thank you.

Looking forward to reading your diary and you helping me too cos I'm going to need it.
Hiya, I'm a newbie here and to the Dukan diet, will deffo be following your diet for some Dukan tips :)
Good luck with your attack week!
Hi Amy, good luck with Dukan! It really is a brilliant diet, you just need to flow the rules and the weight will drop off :)
I was totally committed when I lost weight last time, no cheats, no booze, even when people constantly tried to get me to have 'just one!!' It can feel a bit miserable at times, but it is SO worth it!! :)

So today I am back on track and feeling v motivated, a bit nervous but also excited that the weight will be going soon. I am looking forward to wearing my smaller clothes, feeling better and more confident again and not filling my body with rubbish. That's the plan anyway! ;)

I have a 4 day attack and should be back at target by the beginning of April.

Food for the day:

Breakfast - 3 (of my 5 mini) Dukan muffins

Lunch - cottage cheese and tuna

Snack - 2 remaining muffins

Dinner - tandoori turkey breast and boiled eggs.
Lovely to see you back, two stone will be gone in no time - I have done exactly the same but in a shorter time scale so back on it with a vengeance - managed four good PV days before a blip yesterday which was annoying and even more so cos I didn't enjoy anything I ate!!!! Silly isn't it - anyway - hope today is a good one and don't forget to drink, drink, drink!
Thanks Trudy. You can do it too!! We'll all be back at target in no time. I hope today is a better one for you.
Are you managing to plan out your meals so you don't find yourself hungry?

I intend to do that, but things don't always go to plan ;)

Have a great day xx
Well done on biting the bullet and starting back on Dukan, Couteaux. You sound very determined and you know it works so there'll be no stopping you, I'm sure. Back to tw just when you have to start getting your arms and legs out! Good luck x
Thanks Sara :) it feels great being back. Have to keep mentally reminding myself what I can/can't eat though ;)

It would be lovely if this was the summer I finally felt happy getting my arms and legs out! I haven't experienced that ever!

How are you getting on? Xx
Not quite back in the groove yet, after Christmas and New Year. The last of the children finally went back to school today but I have a stressful few days ahead so realistically I think it's going to be next week. Pity my gym shut at the end of last year so it's going to take some effort to get back into the swing of exercising - I can't just roll up there and let it take care of itself.

This will be the summer of lithe limbs, I'm sure of it. Let's pray the weather allows us to get them out! x
It's best to wait a few extra days if it means you'll be able to focus on it and stick to it properly. I waited until today as kids were off, I was off work and I wanted to be relaxed about stuff while we were all together. I knew I'd fall off very quickly if I jumped on the wagon too soon. Give yourself time until you feel ready. Then it'll be go, go, go!! :) x

Today has gone well here. I ate enough. It was all tasty and I have cooked up some chicken pieces for tomorrow so no hungry panics from me! I drank lots of tea. Big cups, little milk, but needs more water. I was constantly busting tho! Forgot about that side effect!

Tempted to WI tomorrow, but will try and hold out. My first time round the results were so impressive and I don't want to get despondent if they are not quite so amazing...

Will have an early night tonight, kiddies were all shattered for the early wake up today (so was I!!)

So glad to be back on it! (have I already said that?? lol) Feeling gooooooooood!! :)
I know, the hols are hard work but term-time really takes it out of you! I'm tempted to say that inevitably the results won't be so staggering second time around but, you know what, the impact of the first few days might be, so weigh in if you feel the need. xx

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