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Getting my head to catch up with my body


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I've now lost a total of 47lbs (27lbs of them on Exante in the last five weeks!) and have gone from the top end of a size 18 to a comfortable 16 and I think pretty close to a 14 but I've just been a bit scared to put the size 14 trousers on just in case :eek:. In total is has only taken about 10 weeks for the total 47lbs to come off.

People have noticed the weight loss and I know from the scales and inch loss I am smaller but when I look in the mirror I just don't see it.

Not sure if it comes from years of being overweight and just getting used to seeing a big person but I just don't see a smaller person in the mirror.

Is anyone else finding the same thing or am I just a little bit weird?!
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Oh definitely....... I've faffed about the last couple of months with the diet and after a lot of thinking through things and reading I've come to the conclusion my head needed to catch up with my body. First time I lost weight a couple of years ago I went from 15.10 to 12st and left it at that. I couldn't get past that weight which is far too much for me as I'm only 5ft 1in. Slowly the weight crept up to 14st and this time once I got to 11.13 I went haywire. Couldn't stay on the diet, kept thinking I was still huuuge even though I'm wearing size 14 instead of 18... really wierd! Now I'm starting to really see that I'm smaller but not small enough and I'm ready to carry on. When you've had weight and food problems all your life your head can play strange games with you.............


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Hi Tink
Have you tried comparing photos of you from before with those now? Or trying on your old clothes and seeing just how huge they are on you?
I know exactly what you mean about your head and body not matching - in my case my head always thought I was still thin and it was always a massive shock to see photos where I looked massive!
Good luck! It might take time but when you start feeling thin in your head as well as your body its a great feeling :)
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It is very odd, isn't it ?
Last night I was ironing some new clothes, which are a 16, and I still couldn't believe that I could get into them. They look so tiny compared to the 22's I used to have to wear.
I am totally the same !!! I CAN see it in the mirror , although I still think I look huge .. having gone from 19 stone and a size 26 to 12 stone and a size 14 .. i know that I am smaller , but when I am sat on the sofa or walking around .. I still feel just as big !!! I do fell my collar bones quite a lot now to remind me that I am slimmer !!!!


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It's still not in my head! I can't walk around without felling like I'm huge clumsy sticking out people staring... Even hubby saying I look good doesn't help. Maybe I need a new brain xxx


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I defintely think looking at some old photos helps, and maybe have some quiet time looking in the mirror, and seeing how much you've changed, and learn to appreciate yourself, for all the hard work you've done, for how much healthier you are and believing that you are beautiful :)
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I'm finding it difficult for my head to catch up too. I do find trying on old clothes (I was a size 28 and now mostly in 14's ish) is starting to help it to sink in. But when I sit on the sofa and look down, I don't really see it - all games in the head. I'm finding it really difficult getting past the block of where I've got to at the moment - I don't ever remember weighing as little as this, and feel kinda scared to go further. Trying to get on track and follow it through, till I actually get to healthy - but it is weird how my head still thinks I'm a lot bigger than I am. I'm hoping that eventually it will catch up.

I'm doing a Body Balance class (mixture of TaiChi and Pilates), and I'm finding that's helping me to be more aware of where my body actually is now. Hopefully I'll get the hang of my new shape eventually, and realise this is who I am / how I look :)


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I so agree it took ages for my head to catch up. I packed all my clothes into bags for the charity shop but left the bags on the settee for four weeks; then they went to the hall for another two! Eventually this week everything I used to own went to the charity shop. I still cant quite believe I am someone who now wears size 12 /14. I have just had my wedding ring resized too, down four sizes. It certainly takes time to adjust to this, its a major life change.


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Another serial dress size dropper here (22-12 so far) and as someone said about ironing clothes and thinking they look too small. I so do that too! I had to go buy smaller pants not long ago, and before my mindset was always to head for the very back of the rail (where the larger sizes are) then hope and pray, but when me pants fell down i had no choice. Buying size 10-12 underwear now compared to the 'millets camping range' jobbies i had before is unreal. But my head still largely sees a large woman. I have before and after pics up on sw bit, and it's like 2 different people. Well, three now i am starting exante i guess. Sure i heard it takes 6-12 months for your head to catch up with your actual body size. Dunno why though

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It's strange and it doesn't have to be a big drop either. Yesterday I was mooching around trade stands at hickstead, looking at polo shirts and hoodies. I saw one hoody I really liked, have done for ages and it was reduced. I looked at the sizes, 6 wks ago I'd have been a 12 for sure. I know I've lost weight (over a stone) and inches, so I picked up the size 10, looked at it a bit, put it back, picked it up. Why didn't I try it on? Because I'd have been absolutely gutted if I'd needed the size 12!!!!! instead I'm waiting till I get to nearer goal to even try new clothes on, for me it's fear if smaller sizes they are quite intimidating

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