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Attack Getting ready to attack......

Hi All. Have been reading with interest for the last couple of weeks.
Im about ready to give this a whirl. Had a very disappointing stab at SW during the summer and although I didnt become a slave to it, I did try really hard with very little result. Im not maaking excuses, it just wasnt right for me.
I had great success 10 years ago on atkins and for that very reason Dukan caught my attention.
The reasons I didnt start immediately were very simple..
1.I had booked a splendid weekend away for my husbands birthday and we had several bottles of champers to polish off (wedding gifts).
2.I have a very bad habit, few glasses of wine each night, so want to have week detox before start (one thing at a time PLEASE)
3.wanted to read the book and get my head round it all.
4. Need to get the shopping in, as it seems being unprepared is the downfall of many on here.

As of tomorrow morning the pre-tox starts. will be cutting the wine:wave_cry:
and cutting back on all the other baddies. Bread no real prob to me, and dont really eat processed food as cook a lot, however experience has taught me that you dont always realise some of the baddies :eek:

Been reading the book today and feel ok about it all.

Its great to nip on the forum for hints and tips so keep them coming :bighug:
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I can if I think I can.
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Good luck with Dukan and the detox! There are many 'experts' on the forum so post away any questions as it's tough to remember all the do's and don'ts at the start. :)Xx


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Plan, plan and plan. Always make sure you have loads of food to hand. I usually spend my sundays prepping food for the whole week so I know I'm not going to be tempted to grab something non-Dukan friendly because I'm in a rush.
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Hi Red-Squirrel,

I had the same bad habit as you and took the same approach. I bought the book a few weeks ago, which I read in preparation, then cut the wine the week before I started on the diet. It was the best approach for me as well and I think doing too much at once would've spelled diet failure.

The only tip I can give is to have cooked chicken/beef/crabsticks in the fridge to snack on. I even snacked in anticipation of feeling hungry. Drink lots of fluids (I'm terrible for drinking water so go for the flavoured variety) and always have a little bottle of water with you at all times to sip.

Also, crack on the prescribed walking. It really helped my sanity in the first few days!

Best of luck!
Thanks guys, pretty much where my heads at, so should be ok.
Got the week from he'll ahead at work, so staying off the wine will be a big big challenge, but hey no pain, no gain x

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Day three of attack... Seems easy but it's not, I'm struggling to eat enough as I'm sick of all the protein. Managed to stay off the wine,.. So feel good about that,been busy at work and the lure of red wine would usually beat me ha ha
Hubba doing dukan too, he's really grumpy tonight , think he s well into attack, prob better than me by the look of it ...

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Hi Redsquirrel, well done!:) The hardest part was the first 3 days for me
How many days of attack are you planning?
Please make sure you have enough proteins, if you can't bring yourself to have more proteins go into cruise, no point in starving yourself or making it harder than it has to be..
Good luck:)
Hiya, was aiming for 5 but think I ll struggle much more, maybe cruise will be best, and hubba will prob be better with cruise too.
Struggle eating the right amount through the day, so was wondering about getting some Lo carb protein drinks ready made (the Atkins ones)just as back up in the car x

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Atkins products are too fatty for DD so they are not allowed:(
Unlimited dairy during attack though, I survived with yogurts mostly:)


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Well done to both of you Mr and Mrs Red Squirrel!!! Onwards and downwards x
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Well done both of you.

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