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Getting Rid of the Boredom


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I have realised that some of my over eating is to do with boredom. So I have signed up to two classes, Pilates on a tuesday and Manicure, Pedicure and Nail Art on a wednesday. Along with LL on a thursday eve my week is now filled with things to do. We are also redecorating the downstairs of the house.

I would never of believed 8 weeks ago this is how my life would be panning out. Yay for LL giving me a kick up the jacksie and making me realise on how much of life I was missing out on.
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nice one, well done.
im taking some kids on a nail art/extensions course soon so am thinking about doing it if its good
daisy x
Nice one, I could fancy a pilates class, I keep doing the DVD's at home - when the mood takes me.
Planning on getting out in the garden more, I'm most bored at weekends, that's my danger time. Wish I knew what I was doing in the garden. Likely to kill everything. Put some plant out this weekend which had been in for the winter. Next time I looked they had sun burn (I presume that what it was all the leaves had gone white)
Green fingered I'm not, shall have to look for a proper course.


...we're sinking deeper.
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Boredom and stress are definitely my triggers too! Boredom often translates into loneliness, and it's such a danger if you don't occupy yourself... My habits got even MORE hightened when I quit smoking and couldn't run away from my food cravings. LOL - THAT was really very interesting. I was so torn between two addictions and couldn't do either one. :D
Lol, but I feel all the better for it. I enjoy the outdoors more because I force myself to go for a walk (make any excuse - ohh I'm out of toilet roll!) and I go to the shops on a quest for the perfect, softest bog-roll! Or on a sunny day I'll happily take the bike out and ride to a park...
Since I'm unemployed at the moment, I do volunteering activities to keep myself busy as well... Maybe if weekends are really difficult for you, could have a go at working at a charity shop for a Saturday afternoon? It's actually quite a good laugh, the people that come through there are very interesting!
I inspired my manager at the charity shop I do work at to do Lighter Life! Haha, she seems very keen. :D
Good plan Minerva,
I'm actually involved in a charity (we don't have a shop) I spent all last weekend getting ready for tonight's committee meeting, loads of paperwork. Might end up with a load more after this meeting.

I stopped smoking half way through foundation, that was my plan all along, I'd given up smoking before and then put on about 4 stone. Couldn't risk that again my legs wouldn't take it they would have collapsed and my skin burst. LOL My counsellor was not best pleased, she thought I would fail at both.
Well still off the dreaded weed, but put 3 stone back on so here I am again.
All suggestions for beating boredom gratefully received. I don't know how you manage at the moment, with every day like a weekend, I'd never cope. May be joining you soon, work doesn't look very optimistic.


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Boredom also leads me to overeat, also lack of motivation so a bit of a vicious circle, one I will have fun putting right over the next few months no doubt.
Am going to make a list of all the things I'd like to do and hopefully get around to actually doing something rather than thinking about it. I'm sure that being overweight doesnt help cos it does effect my self esteem, but am determined to think positively thanks to the help of these boards.
I felt empowered when I had lost the weight, super confident.
Going to get back there again.
Went to my meeting last night, Minerva and volunteered to do a couple of fundraising stalls later in the year - none to do yet, that will take up a couple of Saturdays, thanks for the wake up call.


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The trick to any weight loss I think is to avoid periods of boredom and to find a diet that you enjoy....sounds a bit odd enjoying a diet but there is definately one out there!!
LL is the miracle

Well for me it has been.
LL is definitely brilliant, the best I've come across, the speed you lose the weight at is incredible
but to qualify as miracle status I should like a magic wand effect and no effort (or expenditure) required from me. :)

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