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  1. Aiedial

    Aiedial Full Member

    Hi everyone

    Here Is a little about me: im 23 and weigh 13st 6lb and i'm starting the Cambridge diet tomorrow :eek:. Although at a size 14 im never happy with the way i look due to memories of being a nice slim 9st just 5 years back and would love to be there again. I've heard the first week is pretty tough while going through carbohydrate cold turkey! does anyone have any advice to help me through this?

    i was also wondering when is best to have each 'meal' what do you all do?

    hope everyone's journey is going well . thanks for reading :D
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  3. brien77

    brien77 Gold Member

    Hi I started today. It has gone well apart from the headaches. Im on ss+ as I want to have skimmed milk for my tea. Good luck x
  4. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    the first few days are the worst just keep busy and and keep drinking the water.xx

    I have my shakes at about 12 (mid day) 5pm and 8pm (roughly), just try them at different times and find what is best for you.
    I sometimes use the ready made chocolate ones in coffee (probably get about 3 coffees from one carton).
    Ive also added a teaspoon of coffee to the vanilla shake its a bit like an iced coffee ive also done that with the chocolate shake too and ive made the toffee and walnut and the choc mint ones with hot water as a night time drink.xx

    good luck.xx
  5. Aiedial

    Aiedial Full Member

    Thanks for the tips the coffee idea sounds great! I've got a big bottle of water in the fridge ready to go! I really hope i can stick to this :cross:
  6. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    im sure you can, good luck.xx
  7. Aiedial

    Aiedial Full Member

    Well first day complete and I managed to drink 3 litres of water and not really felt hungry at all... Rumour has it its tomorrow when it will start to hit me but so far so good :)
  8. shrinkydink

    shrinkydink Full Member

    Well done on getting through day 1 :D

    From experience keep your mind busy but be kind to yourself. Paint ya toe nails, read, long baths with all the extras lol.

    Remember you have taken the first step on a journey.

    Good luck
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  9. Aiedial

    Aiedial Full Member

    Thank you! Keeping my mind busy is really helping as soon as I stop though all I think about is food haha. Feeling positive about the diet :)
  10. shrinkydink

    shrinkydink Full Member

    Hey Aiedail
    How's you doing ??:)

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  11. Aiedial

    Aiedial Full Member

  12. shrinkydink

    shrinkydink Full Member

    Fingers crossed for tomorrow :D

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  13. Aiedial

    Aiedial Full Member

    wooo whoooo!! 10lbs in first week. well i think that,s correct :/ went from 13st 6 to 12st 10....thats 10 lbs right? only the woman i went to said thats 7lbs :confused:

    can anyone help me out here? either way its a big achievement :D
  14. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    That adds up to 10lbs to me!!!!

    Fantastic well done.xx

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  15. Aiedial

    Aiedial Full Member

    haha just as i thought! will have to correct her next time i see her.

    thank you! im so happy with that, i definitely have the motivation to carry on now :D

    how are you getting on with the diet?
  16. minecraftmum

    minecraftmum Full Member

    Lol.x. I'm good thank you. Had week 3 WI last night I've lost 15lb in 3 weeks so I'm happy.Lol.

    Keep up the fab work will be WI num 2 in no time.xx

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  17. Aiedial

    Aiedial Full Member

    Brilliant stuff! Keep it up :) yeh won't take long at all the first week flew by!

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  18. Willpowerwoman!

    Willpowerwoman! Silver Member

    Hi I'm starting tomorrow! Well done on your loss so far what a great start! :)

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  19. Aiedial

    Aiedial Full Member

    Hey sorry I haven't replied I've been on holiday for a week. How has the first week been for you?

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  20. Willpowerwoman!

    Willpowerwoman! Silver Member

    Not toooo bad not perfect either hoping for 8l s off but not sure I'll reach that as on step 2 and not been perfect. How r u getting on?

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  21. Aiedial

    Aiedial Full Member

    Was doing great until I went on holiday. Stuck to it for a few days but gave in to food towards the rest of the week :thumbdown:
    But getting back on track since I've been back. Just worried abut my weigh in tomorrow. As long as I haven't put on weight from my first week I'll be happy :fingerscrossed:

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