1. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Hi all

    I don't know if there's a thread already, but I couldn't find it ! I'm in the high 9's (9st12) and want to be in the low 9's....I don't think I want to be in the 8's but I'll cross that bridge if I ever get there!!

    Anyone fancy joining me?

    Han ;)
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  3. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    WI this morning, lost 2lb, so am 9st10 :) 5lb to go....wonder if I can actually do it this time?!
  4. Mets

    Mets Gold Member

    Hi Han :) I'm 10st 3lbs and want to get to 9st 7lbs (was my original goal) but after being 1lb off target a few weeks ago (and then gaining 8lbs back!) I think I want to get under that now. Maybe to 9st. But I'll focus on getting to 9st 7lbs first.

    Well done on your 2lb loss! That's brilliant! How have you got on over the last few days? X
  5. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Christmas tsk!! The downfall of us all! Still it's only a minor blip & I think we have to anticipate that it will happen every so often even at goal....I think my problem is once I've fallen I give up for a while, like now!! Or rather not right now as I'm back on track! 9st would be amazing, but it's all about the mini goals for me, once I hit 9st7 my next goal will be 9st5 etc... !

    I've been ok the last few days, ate into my weeklies last night & today, trying to desperately hang on to some for my Christmas buffet party tomorrow. My main downfall is booze & then the inevitable munchies that come with it, so my strategy tomorrow is to limit myself to 2 glasses of wine & then have plenty of water.

    How about you? ;)

    Glad to have a friend x
  6. Mets

    Mets Gold Member

    I kind of got complacent and didn't track or anything for 5 weeks. I couldn't weigh myself as my scams went to pot, so I just went by how my clothes felt. Which, they felt fine - until NYE when I just seemed to expand! Nothing fit me and I was like arrrrrrgh! Anyway, it's done and dusted and I am now focused to get to 9st 7lb like you.

    I've had an alright few days. All my weeklies are used and I've got 1 day until WI. I've had SUCH a craving for chocolate over the passed few days. Which I'm blaming my period for, but so far, I've managed to resist it. I just keep thinking about stepping on the scales!

    I've been doing WW for so long now and am always having slip ups because of alcohol! It inevitably then leads me to wanting Dominoes the next day! :-o I'm off the alcohol for now to really knuckle down at weight loss so no danger of that!

    I'm jealous of your Chinese buffet! Mmmmmm! Hope you have a great time! x
  7. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    I was the same, I didn't track for about 10 weeks, but still managed to lose a couple of pounds here & there....I was majorly stressed & busy, started back at uni part-time which is a 4hr round trip twice a week, working part time, volunteering one morning a week plus weekends away (all great but didn't help with my, got to get this uni work done stress levels!!) .... Things have eased up a bit now & I'm not so stressed, so I need to track if I don't want to gain!!

    Buffet last night was yummy, it was a sit down thing, not Chinese, which probably worked better, so you had a choice of mains & sides then pud... I had chicken in cream sauce (uh oh!), loads of healthy looking veg (may be a touch of oil) & a couple of small potatoes, then profiteroles no sauce....very tasty all in all....no idea on points I guestimated 22pp but that's probably way off. I also managed a 'healthy' 18pp on booze....defo feel like a dominoes today, but being angelic, 2 days till WI & defo no weeklies left ;)

    How was your WI??
  8. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    I should say is your WI today? And good luck if you've not had it yet ;)
  9. Mets

    Mets Gold Member

    Wow! You sound like you had a fabuoous time! I'm very jealous of your profiteroles! ;-) Glad you had a good time and you managed to have some resistance. I don't know if I'd have been so strong...

    Crikey, you've had a busy time of it then. What was your volunteering your time as? I wish I could say I was that busy... I was just greedy! hahaha!

    My WI is tomorrow. Gah! I really hope I get a loss. I've held off on the chocolate for 4 days now... I best be rewarded with a loss lol :p I normally would have had an idea of a loss/gain by now as I was a serial weigher but since not having any scales, I hate the not knowing!
  10. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Yes it was a good night! I wasn't looking forward to it, but enjoyed myself more than I thought I would!

    I volunteer at a local nature reserve, just going round with a group cataloging what we see, trying to get an idea of what visits/lives on the reserve, it's a nice way to spend a morning!

    I'm a serial weigher too....it's so difficult when they're just there coaxing you to step on them!! So it's been a while since your last weigh in...that's horribly nerve wracking!! Like you I think it's nice to have an idea before you go, that way it's not such a shock!! Well, best of luck, I hope it's a good result ;) oh & 4 days without chocolate - amazing effort!
  11. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

  12. Mets

    Mets Gold Member

    I lost 2lb! :D 5lbs to go for pre-December weight

    Well done for volunteering :) I bet it gives you a great sense of achievement.

    Yep, hate not knowing what I'm going to weigh. Today was a nightmare as I was so busy at work, all I kept thinking about it getting out for the WI! Haha!

    How has your day been?
  13. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Woo hoo :D Well done, you must be so chuffed! I know not having scales is a pain but obsessing over them is a pain too! I've been on mine twice since last Wednesday!! So I think you're better off & you got a good result, so you're winning!! Good for you fit going too, I know that feeling of finding excuses not to go & weigh, just in case!

    So are you going to have chocolate to celebrate?! :)
  14. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Sorry didn't reply to half your post...volunteering is nice, a little bit if giving back, but I work part time (as I'm studying) so I often have the spare time...if I was full time I probably wouldn't...

    My days been ok, working on a uni report which is doing my head in, can't wait till Monday when I hand it in ;)
  15. ally___pally

    ally___pally Full Member

    I will join you ! I previously got down to 9.5 with slimming world but got bored so I'm now here a 10stone with WW no had my first with in as was away yeaterday. not sure wether to drive 20 mins to get weighed somewhere else tomorrow or wait till my usual weigh day Tuesday !! x x
  16. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Excellent, the more the merrier :) If you haven't done WW before I'd recommend going to the meeting tomorrow, just to check you're on track & then it gives you an opportunity to ask questions you may have etc... That's weather permitting!! It's very frosty/icy/snowy out there!

    I am very excited, 2.5lb down, really pleased, it puts me at 9st7.5 eek!!! However I do weigh naked at 7:30am, not quite the same as when I used to WI at group!! I think that's the lowest since just before my wedding 2 years ago!! Although I'm not exercising nearly as much, so still not as toned as I once was! I'm going to start running again when the big freeze is over...I'll only hurt myself if I go out in the ice/snow! :)
  17. Mets

    Mets Gold Member

    So is today your official WI day or have you been hopping on those scales?? ;-)

    I did have some chocolate yesterday and it was yum! I also went out for dinner and wasn't able to point it, so I'm going to write off my weeklies and just stick to my dailes. I've no plans this weekend so should be fine without them :)

    Yay! More of us! Welcome :) xxx
  18. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Today is the official day :)

    I bet dinner wasn't all of your weeklies! Still if you can keep to your dailies well done :) I've realised I'm cheating on my dailies, it set 26 but I thought may be it was a kick start thing & change it to 29 as that's what I was on before! Turns out 26 is the new lowest, I'm going to stick with 29 & see how I go...26 would be a struggle for greedy me :)
  19. Mets

    Mets Gold Member

    Well in that case, well done on the loss! :-D You've only got a coupld more to go until goal! Brilliant stuff!

    Yep, 26pp is the lowest. I seem to still lose the same whether I'm having 26pp or 29pp. If I'm feeling a bit greedy, then I'll have29pp. Afterall, it's only 120 cals but it feels like you're getting so much more! You're probably right, re my weeklies but since I can't point it, I'm just going to stick to my dailies and leave it at that. xxx
  20. the_last_time

    the_last_time Gold Member

    Thank you :D

    Well good luck this week, as you say no plans at the weekend so you should t be too tempted ;)
  21. Mets

    Mets Gold Member

    Well you say that, but last week I had the attack of the chocolate monster! :D I do have this girls afternoon/night for my friends birthday. There's champagne, nibbles, face masks, having our nails done etc then out for drinks in the evening. I'm going to drive though, so I won't be drinking. I will just have to make sure I have a large lunch before I go! I do NOT want to be tempted in by all the food... :-| xxx

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