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I thought I would start keeping a food diary here so peeps can see what I eat (sorry for those of you SSing...) as quite often people are intrigued as to what I can eat. And hopefully this will keep me more focused as I recently nearly fell off the wagon!

I will in advance just say that I am a creature of habit and that I find having a routine helps me stick to this diet! Also I would like to stress that I am following the GI diet - not the maintenance plan and the two differ a great deal.

Anyway here is today's log...

Monday 27th November:


Toast with marmite and flora light

Morning snack

Mandrin Muller Light Yoghurt and an apple


Home made low GI chicken curry with brown rice


Quorn sausages (3), onion, peas, carrots and lightly roasted new potatoes with pepper and herbs.


Cherry Muller Light Yoghurt

Luv CC xxx xxx xxx
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Sounds wonderful :) I don't know a great amount about the GI diet, just picked up bits and pieces, so I'm going to be looking in here a lot!

Thanks for posting it :)
Thanks Karion - it is worth checking out Rick Gallop's book if you are interested as there are 'rules' about certain foods that i won't necessarily specify here... For example the bread I make my toast with must be wholemeal and contain at least 3% fibre per slice.

But of course this will hopefully give you and any others interested a good idea of what I can eat.

Thanks again!
Luv CC xxx xxx

I too am following the GI diet, but for my long term maintenance having lost 3 stone with CD earlier this year. It's working well for me, I feel like I eat plenty, my weight stays pretty steady, and I'm rarely hungry, which is wonderful. The only downside for me, is the fact you really have to cook all your food from scratch, I used to be the microwave heat it up Queen, so it's more time consuming but lovely to know the whole family are eating proper, home cooked food that's not full of God knows what!

I too am a creature of habit, and we do tend to have certain dishes on certain days, but that just makes it easier for to shop for & be prepared for so I don't have days when I don't know what to cook for dinner & end up with a takeaway.

Can I post my daily eating on here too? Don't want to take over your thread, but we might give each other some good ideas.

Take care
This is really good. I am coming towards the end of my CD journey and have decided to go for the GI lifestyle for the rest of my life. I have bought and read a few GI books in preparation, but it's good to see how real people use and adapt the recipes/menus.
Tuesday 28th November:


Toast with marmite and flora light

Morning snack

Cranberry Muller Light Yoghurt


Red lentil and carrot soup with a grainary roll (made by my work cafe!)

Afternoon Snack



Home made low GI chicken curry (also has onion and apple in it!) with brown rice and peas.


3 Satsumas

Luv CC xxx xxx xxx

Thanks for that, I feel like part of the family.:)

Soooo, today I have mostly been eating:

Breakfast: Muesli with added blueberries, skimmed milk, cup of fruit tea.

Mid morning snack: Coffee & toast (wholemeal bread), scraping of Flora & low sugar jam

Lunch: Baxter Healthy Soup - Minestrone with wholewheat pasta, small wholemeal roll with Houmous (my favourite), followed by an apple and Green tea with mint.

Mid Afternoon: Nature Valley Crunchy Granola bar - absolutely love these, not sure how GI friendly they really are, but they are filling and my treat for today. ;)

Dinner: Wholewheat pasta, smoked salmon & Sainsbury's BGTY Pasta Stir in sauce (couldn't be ar*ed to make my own tonight!!), with baby courgettes.

Mid Evening/Late pudding: Home made greek yogurt with added seeds & mixed dried fruit.

Apart from a few more cups of green/fruit tea, that's me for today.

Liking the sound of the Chicken Curry, is that in Rick Gallop's book, I've got his second book (I think) & my favourite recipe out of that is the Thai Chicken curry, we eat that quite regularly. We'll have to swap recipes if we haven't got them already.

Catch up with you tomorrow.
Wednesday 29th November


Toast with marmite and flora light

Morning snack

Blackcurrant Muller Light Yoghurt


Home made low GI chicken curry (also has onion and apple in it!) with brown rice and peas.

Afternoon Snack

Mandrin Muller Light Yoghurt


Quorn nuggets (not sure if they are low GI - but have no dodgy ingredients and very low fat), roasted new pots, peas, carrots, broccoli and a few brussels sprouts.

I realise that over the last few days I have not mentioned what I am drinking! The GI diet is quite strict on the liquids front, so I mainly drink water, more water, tea with skimmed milk and fruit teas - especially apple and cinnamon at the moment!

Luv CC xxx

PS Madam Dotty the curry recipe is a home made one - I'll message it to sometime soon - I don't think I have the Thai Curry recipe... I've got the GI Diet book and Rick Gallop's Green Light Recipe book...:):):)
Well here goes today - being a creature of habit it looks very similar to yesterdays - oops. I know you're supposed to eat a variety to make sure you get the full range of vits & mins, but I'm terrible for sticking to the same stuff. That's one of the good things about putting this down on a thread, does make you think about what you've eaten.

Muesli, skimmed milk, blueberries, cup of fruit tea - cranberry & something. Oh and forgot, had today and yesterday glass of Innocent Fruit Smoothie - luv 'em.
Snack - w/grain toast, flora & low-sugar jam, coffee
Lunch - Cup of Slim-A-Soup (not really GI), w/grain bread with houmous (Tesco's Caramelised Onion Houmous - double yum)
Apple & Green Tea
And finally something different
Dinner - Falafel with rice & brocolli
Evening Snack - Homemade greek yog with seeds & fruit.
Plus a few more cups of green tea, fruit tea & 1 normal black tea, but not enough water.

Would love a look at that recipe CC when you've a mo, I'll dig out the Thai Curry one for you.

Do you ever make any of the sweeter things, the muffins are a favourite in our house, but haven't made any for a while and also did an Apple Cake which was scrummy. I'll get thoses recipes too if you're interested.

Catch up with you soon
Loving your new pictures Ann, really shows off your brilliant weight loss.

I don't think I've got that recipe Ann, would you be able to post it? I've got Living the GI Diet by Rick Gallop, which I think was the second one he did. Hubby would love the Carrot cake though for sure.
Ooops forgot to list the last few days!

Oh well here is a little recap... I spent yesterday and today visting friends.

Thursday 30th Nov

Toast with marmite and flora light

Chicken Breast Subway 6inch Roll
(not sure this is a green food - felt pants later in the afternoon)

Chicken Rougon and Brown Rice

Friday 1st December

Bacon Sandwich (yep its allowed as long as the bacon is lean back bacon :D)

Soup Red Pepper and Sweet Potato

Veggie Curry with Rice

Saturday 2nd December

Bacon Sandwich

Xmas Lunch at my friends house, had chicken breast, boiled veggies and potatoes, a little bacon, a little stuffing and yorkshire pudding... Did my best to keep this low GI.

My friends ate a full fat choc cake I made (I took half a day of leave to make it for them too!), I ate a sumptous fruit salad with blueberries, blackberries, apple and plums (with lemon juice).

A couple of teacakes with flora (not low gi...)

Drank copius amounts of water and tea - went wild at the pub with some sparkling water ;););)

Sunday 3rd December

Toast with marmite and flora

Lunch at a pub - Chicken breast with bacon and cheese, new pots and veggies.
(Yay! Only the cheese was bad!).

Good to be home now and pleased that in the main I was good over the weekend and very grateful that my friend was so accomodating to my diet. Don't think I did badly at all. Resisting the chocolate cake was hardest but I coped.

Luv CC XXX xxx XXX
Good to be home now and pleased that in the main I was good over the weekend and very grateful that my friend was so accomodating to my diet. Don't think I did badly at all. Resisting the chocolate cake was hardest but I coped.

Luv CC XXX xxx XXX

Hi CC,

Well done on resisting the chocolate cake...that was a hard one:rolleyes:

Nice to have such lovely friends.

Love Mini xxx
Thanks Mini - I love my friends they have been 100% supportive.:):):)

One of the most enlighting things I have discovered through the GI Diet is that I am not addicted to caffine, alcohol or carbs at all - giving them up was easy. But SUGAR is bloody evil! I really struggle without chocolate and I am continually horrified about how many food products have sugar in them. I am finding though that the more I abstain from sugar the easier it is to resist.

Going cold turkey on sugar is the only way to go!

Luv CC xxx xxx xxx
Okay I've been really rubbish at maintaining this diary - so I will continue with it when I get back from Malta (there is no way I'll be able to stick to low gi eating there and I don't want to be mean posting here about and bad stuff I might eat). I was hoping to have lost 2 stone by my return to Malta but it hasn't happened - I am only five pounds away though - might even manage to lose another pound by the end of the week.

Anywasy see you!

Luv CC xxx xxx xx

Hope I catch you before you go - have a fab time in Malta.

I've not been too good with the diary myself, after all that fuss about joining in at the beginning! But have had a very up and down couple of weeks so sorta been keeping quiet in the background.

Anyway have a brill time in Malta - when do you go & how long for. Very jealous.

Hi Madam Dotty

Up you are feeling a bit better now!

Don't worry about not keeping the diary up to date - we've gotta live offline sometime :)

I'll be totally recommitted to it when I get back from Malta.

Got to Malta yesterday and will be returning to the UK on the 27th Dec. Really tired today - already not being able to stick to the GI diet is messing up my energy levels!

Anyway take care and I'll be back here soon.

Luv CC xx xx xx
I am now back from Malta (boo hoo!) and ready to resume the GI Diet, so I'll be writing here what I am eating.

Today I had a vile breakfast on the plane, with bread roll and muffin...

Lunch I never really got round to eating so had a bag of apple and grape pieces and some low fat crisps (not low GI).

Dinner - finally had something allowed on the diet! A tin of Baxters Healthy Choice soup (med tomato!), two slices of bread, one to dip in soup and the other with some humous (you are technically only meant to have 1 slice, but considering the lack of lunch I felt two slices wouldn't be too terrible).

Bizarrely I am not particularly hungry today. Will attempt to eat better tomorrow.

I think whilst I was away I may have changed half a pound, but not sure as have the TOTM which messes up my weigh ins... PHEW IS ALL I CAN SAY!:) I was bad, very bad in Malta, ate much naughty food...

Anyway enough rambling.
Luv CC xx xx xx