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Gilly's Food Diaries


Just doing it this time
Had a real hungry day - my first real hungry day in nearly 4 weeks. BUT I think I have coped real well normally would just go off plan and have an eating day - have tried to plan.

3 weeks back on SW and lost 10lb's - first week 5, 2nd week 3, 3rd week 2lb's.

Have committed myself verbally to 4lb's off this week to try and make the stone - have done quite a bit more exercise and watched everything that's gone in my mouth - just hope I have done enough for Tuesdays weight in - anyway here's today:

1 weetabix and milk (3 syns & HEA)
lots of grapes.
1 banana.
2 bread (400gloaf) = HEB
2 dry fried eggs (in my new non stick pan which is super non stick)
Options = 2 syns
Milk in options = approx 3 syns = 8 syns to here.
Huge salad & chicken
Low fat dressing 2 tbsp = approx 4 syns
total syns for day= 12 syns.

Trying not to weigh myself - it's hard not to keep jumping on and off the scales like in the past though. Heres to tomorrow......
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Just doing it this time

Salad & little new potatoes & a thickish slice of turkey.
Dressing 3 syns.
Mullerlight - chocolate cherry underlay - 2 syns
2 slices 400g wm loaf - toasted with laughing cow cream cheese (lo lo 2 triangles) - HEB & HEA
packet of snack-a-jacks - caramel - 5
Lean Bacon
Loads of peppers cooked in frylight.
Dash of hoi-sin sauce - approx 80 cals - working on approx 4 syns as it's approx 20 cals per syn? can't find it online.

14 syns for day - high syn day do like to try and keep to around 10 maximum.

But I did OK - again
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Just doing it this time
Must have another day tomorrow being good as I've committed myself to trying for the stone in 4 weeks ! - I have been doing a bit more exercise and watching everything that goes in my mouth this week.

Fingers crossed for Tuesday night weigh in.

Still trying hard not to get on scales but did get on them this morning :mad: - however, showing 12.4 - and 12.4 means I only have a pound to go for that stone! IF I don't make the stone at least I tried real hard to get to it.
Good luck for your weigh in. Try not to be too disappointed if you don't get your stone this week. 4lbs is a lot to ask of yourself.

Remember that any loss is a step in the right direction :)


Just doing it this time


2 x 400g wm bread - with laughing cow cheese & cucumber. Heb & Hea


milk in tea (only had one laughing cow) - total hea

Mullerlight cherry underlay - 2 syns

Huge salad and v.lean bacon - including sweetcorn & dressing. 5 syns

Total syns : 7 for day


Just doing it this time
2lb's off - 12lb's in 4 weeks

I'm pretty happy with that ! Not posting my food diary today - it was rubbish - OK up to weigh in then I haven't stopped eating.

Back to it in the morning as I would like 3lb's off this week and get that stone off in 5 weeks. THAT would be wonderful.


Just doing it this time

Bread 2 x 800g loaf = 2 x heb
cream cheese & milk in teas = hea
Hi Fi bar = 6 syns
Mullerlight Free
Salad piled high with salmon & beef (surf & turf) = Free
Dressing = 3 syns
Choccy bikkie at work - nice woman but forces stuff on you ! = ??? 3 syns

total syns for day: 12

NOT A Good day - AT 10 pm just downed two hi fi bars in less than 2 minutes !

This is NOT good - yesterday I was a bit naughty and then today too - gotta gotta gotta get back to it properly to lose that next 2lbs to get to a stone next week. I have my anniversary meal on Friday too - will now have to watch what I'm eating.#
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Just doing it this time

2 800g bread with margarine. heb
Check syns - but think it's 2
hi fi bar = 6 syns
2 mullers = Free
1 banana
small glass of milk - no tea today.
having sw egg, chips and beans for dinner.

Feeling pretty low. Must get back to SW properly as not eating enough now and the first couple of weeks had good weight losses cooking proper meals.


Just doing it this time
Friday 20th August and It's my 33rd wedding anniversary.

we are going for a Frankie and Bennies and NOT watching what we are going to eat or drink JUST completely enjoy the food - having a main and dessert.

Have only had today:

2 bread from 800 g loaf & thin sliced beef with some sweet chilli sauce 1 syn

Muller light with the cherry underlay (think 2 syns)

& a packet of chilli snack a jacks = 5 syns.

so 8 syns.

Back to it properly tomorrow as I want to get my stone award on Tuesday evening.


Just doing it this time
plenty of exercise this weekend and keeping to free foods too.

Had a chicken romana pasta dish - very greasy tasting - although very nice and a huge softie cookie with chocolate sauce, chocolate fudge brownie ice cream and lashing of cream. Feel quite sick, but it was a lovely meal.

Back to it now - gotta get my stone award on Tuesday folks.


Just doing it this time
Saturday. Feel lost in the house DD got a job and started today.

Soooooooooooooo to help my weight loss I walked and walked with dog - we were out for about an hour - poor thing was almost on his last legs by the time we got back and we walked very briskly too.

3 storey house and I've ran up and down 3 - 4 times every 10 minutes or so - but legs aching now !

Going to have half hour on my mini trampoline later too.


Muller light with cherry underlay and choccy bits (think it's 2 syns)
1 weetabix and milk (Hea & Heb)
Lettuce leaves with prawns and slices of tomatoe with tbsp seafood sauce (1.5) syns.
For dinner: planned SW recipe Chicken Tikka and Rice approx 0.5 syns per serving =
packet of morrisons rice cakes (caramel) - 6 syns - 1 syn higher than snack-a-jacks.

10 syns for the day.
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Just doing it this time
sneaky weigh !! - was 2lb's lighter than last weigh in - so - IF I am good to Tuesday night I'm hoping that that'll be my stone then.

Red had to change to a EE day - didn't fancy the beef and veg for tea !

1 weetabix with mullerlight orange.choccy bits & banana (3 syns for weetabix).

2 x Alpen light Heb
Small glass skimmed milk Hea

Prawns and lettuce and beef tomatoe and little seafood sauce (2 syns)

half ciabbata roll - and 2 tsp jam (toasted) gotta go look up syns but reckon on about 6 - hope so anyway - worked out at 5 syns - but taking as 6 incase.

lean bacon with pasta and sweetcorn and tomatoe - with low fat corriander and lime dressing = 3 syns.

14 syns for day ! approx - gotta try and get my syns down to 10 a day.
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Just doing it this time
ah thank you for reading my diary and leaving me a post..........real kind of you.

I am not feeling very confident about my weight in - don't know why cos I have been exceptional except for the Friday night Anniversary Meal - but we shall see. IF I don't get my stone this week - I hope I get it next week though.

Anyways ..................


2 bread & 2 laughing cow & cucumber
Hea&b - with a few drops of milk in 3 - 4 cups of tea.

1 weetabix and mullerlight - alpen bar light - 2nd Heb + 2 syns or thereabouts.

Huge piled high salad & lean bacon and dressing appox 4 - 5 syns (wasn't low fat) -

Loads of strawberries.

Approx 7 syns for day

Weigh in tomorrow then, can't do anymore - hope hope hope I have got my stone award on my 5th week.


Just doing it this time
another 2lb's off and a whole STONE in just 5 weeks, I am well chuffed.

stuffed my face with a chinese meal though - it was great.

Gonna be good all week and hope for a 3lb off next week - love SW


Just doing it this time
Oh thank you for reading my diary - really pleased.

Well, naughty food night last night. After getting my award, I think I was just TOO excited. Drawn a line underneath - FORGOTTEN !

Today EE

2 bread from 400 g wm loaf with chicken tikka (homemade) sliced onto it.

Packet of snack a jacks (5 syns).

Mullerlight when I got in from work.

Homemade chilli con carne - loads of veggies with mushrooms and plenty chilli powder - tinned tomatoes and lean bacon - extra lean minced beef - onion and garlic. Small amount of rice with peas and mushrooms to bulk it up. Absolutely blooming delicious.

Am really enjoying my food now.

Another muller with the cherry underlay - 2 syns.

Total syns for day 7 syns.

From tomorrow lots of exercise too - and try and make portion sizes just a bit smaller.

Would love to be into 11 stones by next weigh in - that would be PERFECT.


Just doing it this time
EE - again

2 400g wm bread + 2 laughing cow cheese - 4 cups of tea with milk & cucumber in sandwich.

1 packet of snack a jacks = 5 syns

1 limited edition summer fruits muller.

very lean thin ham to munch on

bacon, eggs, beans, tomatoes in fry light.

5 syns for day

no exercise though other than dog walking will try to get on mini trampoline for half hour tonight.
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Just doing it this time
Very tired today - Bank Holiday weekend, want to do loads of exercise to help with a good weight loss on Tuesday evening.

BUT I gotta have DS's GF's birthday cake when I pop over with her birthday pressie tonight - watch what I am eating then tonight.


4 WW wm bread - I think this is 1 HEB will have to check.

2 mullers

2 laughing cow cheeses - & cucumer.

Water all day long.

2 weetabix - 6 syns

Milk as allowance.

Snack a jacks (again - mustn't buy these this week - as I keep eating them daily)

5 syns.

Lean bacon salad dressing 2 syns.

total syns = 13 PLUS the birthday cake - will have to forget the birthday cake but be extra careful tomorrow!


Just doing it this time
Must not go off my eating plan. Had a letter today from old employer they are totally oblivious to the fact that I was forced out of my job by my cow-orker ! I don't know whether to write and complain or just ignore the letter - it's enclosng a questionairre - they are wondering why they don't have staff retention !

Have had:

grapes and mullerlight

SW quiche with lean bacon and onions and black pepper ! - yummy.

more grapes.

1 weetabix with mullerlight (heb)

milk in teas = (hea)

Roast chicken dinner, lots of veggies and sw roast potatoes and gravy (2 syns).

Another muller - should I really be eating 3 mullers a day?

Total syns = 2 syns
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