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Gingette's Diary

Day 1 continued:

Was totally wiped out when I got in from work last night, so walked to train station (normally I take the bus) and cancelled zumba. in bed for 8pm!! Stayed clean all day and felt better for it. Feeling a bit wooly this morning but I think it just too early!

I'd signed up for LL before back last June but couldn't get my head round it. having done two weeks of slimfast just before christmas i'm used to liquid breakfasts and lunches so hopefully on the right track. Although I had my first meeting on Tuesday night I'm joining the class which meets on a Thursday so my first weigh in is next Thursday. One day at a time. Although starting the bars on Saturday which I'm really looking forward to, chewing pens just isn't the same!!
Stick with it the first few days will be a struggle but it's so worth it I stayed on abstinence for 22 weeks and lost 9 stone which I've kept off. I don't know if you have read the LL magazines but they kept me going reading about others that had lost weight too. And after finishing the LL program I was lucky enuf to be on the front cover of the mag it was a magical day and a great achievement
Claire xxx
Day 2:

Again totally zonked yesterday, can't wait until Ketosis kicks in. Was good all day, even though my OH was having toast and tuna for tea. #But I had to ask myself what I wanted more, conventional food or ketosis. Easy answer really, I refuse to have felt as weird without the benefits that are to come.

Had another early night last night, managed until 9pm(!)
Day 3:

Having a vanilla latte for breakkie today. tastes fab, but should have more thoroughly cleaned my whisk-o-lait as the green bits floating in it (from yesterdays thai soup) don't really add the the appeal. Last liquid only day, so growing a pair and ready for today.
Week1, Days 3 - 6 continued:

Well I did, I stayed true on the course over the weekend. Very pleased with myself. Managed to have a couple of naps, just very tired. But feeling far better than I did last week. last night my OH said I deserved a bath, didn't say why just that I did. Too sweet.

Weigh in on Thursday, so by that stage I will have been on it nine days.

One day at a time.
Thanks Jezebella!!

Day 7:

Starting to feel more like my old self! Don't know if it's ketosis or needing a little bit of Glee!! Was invited out for tea on Wednesday night by a friend, but have instead invited her round for coffee after she's eaten. I don't think I've got it in me to sit in a restaurant yet - afterall I haven't even managed to visit a food shop yet. Working overtime tonight so will be having all packs at work then shower and straight to bed when I get home. Todays challenge is to have my mental battle with the vending machines. So be warned I'll be hitting this site today!!


Playing the Angel
Great choice to invite your friend round instead!! It is the little tricks that make the difference. I found that once I was a week or 2 into the diet, it was as easy as pie to go into food shops - granted I am a chef and work with food every day - but seeing it all did not make it anymore appealing, I could look at it almost as if I was outside of myself.

Day 8:

The lovely lady in the canteen popped up to see my yesterday bringing me a cappacino as I hadn't been down to see her this year and when she had seen me I looked pasty! So I confess I drank it. I'm not proud of myself. On the plus side had sweetners in it instead of my old style sugar. I really hoping this won't do too much harm.

Well had my friend round last night, Was totally wiped out before she came round and later on I just couldn't get warm, just felt like crap. Really shaky and "weak". Was delighted to hit the duvet.

Day 9:

Weigh in tonight and I'm really nervous. Headache and generally feeling poo have followed me in to today. All I want to do is curl up and go to sleep! have coffee and bruphen in front of me - hopefully this is the way to go.
Hey hun, sorry to hear that your feeling so horrible, are you drinking enough water? I read that the canteen lady said you looked pasty and so you drank the coffee. Something similar happened to me I was on this last time and a couple of people from work said I looked very pasty and ill looking so in my head it turned into - its ok I can break the diet because I'm not well and need something to eat and drink.

Try not to beat yourself up over it, draw a line under it and carry on, we are all here to help you xx

Let us know how you get on with weigh-in tonight xx Maxi xx


Playing the Angel
Hey Gingette

Sorry to hear you are feeling unwell, if you have any concerns do contact your LLC. Try not worry about the cappucino, just carry on with the packs and it will keep on coming off!!

Week 1 - Result

Thank you all for your support. Went straight home from work jumped in the shower then my OH kindly dropped me at my meeting. Was determined to go.

Did the whole pee on a stick thing which did confirm that I'm still in ketosis :party0049:. Big relief. So the moment came to stand on the dreaded scales to reveal that I had lost 10lbs. Absolutely delighted and probably more than that I was relieved. The meeting was the first proper one that I'd be at. It was really good. It's a good group a mixture of total newbies who started last night a couple of us that had been on it for a week and some returners so it was so fabulous to get input from everyone as well as to share the vanilla latte love with the new girls!

Feeling a lot better today (vanilla latte at my side) although still looking pale. I think a weekend of a bit of pampering may be just the job. I'm just so happy. this is the lightest I've known myself to be.

Keeping up with the walking to work in the morning from the train station, and it was far easier this morning than particularly yesterday morning. So something must be working.

Now to start week 2 and stay on track!!
Week 2: Days 1 - 4

Day 1:

Was so relieved after my weigh in and it has taken a little while to return to earth. anyway I have set my target for this week as 5lbs which would take me below 12 stone. (hopefully this is achievable no idea how much i should be expecting to lose each wee). So it was back to walking to work on Friday morning, do feel a wee bit bad as got the bus home.

Day 2:

I had to work Saturday morning which interfered with my intentions to do some exercise, but managed to cope ok and stayed away from those pesky vending machines! Although when I did get home my OH was having a late fried breakfast. (what is it about the smell of bacon??) Gave strict instructions about leftovers - straight in the bin. Stayed strong and felt proud.

Day 3:

Sunday was good, up early and went for a nice refreshing walk with my OH. then for an early bath - very relaxing.

Day 4:

My mind and body are once again playing tricks on me. I put a pair of jeans on that I expected to be a little loose like the ones I was wearing last week. But they feel exactly the same (cue self-doubt and am I gaining weight? thoughts). Hopefully I'm just retaining water or something or are these jeans really smaller who knows. anyway to my vanilla latte and water. The only way is down (on the scales that is)!
Day 4:

so I've kept the fact that I'm on LL from pretty much everyone, until my OH told my MIL and a female friend. Wasn't that happy, this is my thing it isn't for public discussion or judgement. This is my decision to both shift pounds and learn a little bit about myself. I'm even doing all the homework!! I am slowly learning why I react in some of the ways that I do.

All I'm going to hear from my MIL is that it's not healthy blah blah blah. From the woman who views WW as a pilgrimage every year!! Grrr. So not looking forward to seeing her before my meeting on Thursday.

Also my bestest bud is having me round for coffee on Friday. She knows and is supportive that I need to shift the inches for my forthcoming nuptials but I still don't think that I want to share that I'm on it with her. I think that i "had a big lunch" to avoid any food issues and just take my sweetner, but it is rough that I know it's for the best that I don't share this with her.
Cheers Jezebella!!

Week 2: Days 5 & 6

Well still staying true to the programme. I can't believe that's its actually getting easier. I'm not really craving anything at the moment and even if I could I really don't think that I would. As I'm on this for a short time I think I will still need to go through RTM just to retain some control.

Today I'm enforcing a rule at work, that being that I'm only going to allow myself a coffee after a bottle of water.

So far at work, coffee, 500 mls water and now another coffee. I am concerned that I'm not drinking enough so this is a way to ensure that I'm drinking all day! I've got my weigh in tomorrow night so this should hopefully ensure that I'm fully "flushed" before then. I'm even working out what packs I'm going to have next week - how's that for planning!!
Week 1 - Day 1

Well every journey starts with a single step. Having lunch pack just now and have booked to go to zumba tonight. Feeling good, need to get through today.
Wow Well done 10lbs in week 1 thats fantastic!!!!

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