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Giving it a month's trial - PB's diary thread!

Hey guys..

Well I have about another stone to lose. Can't quite face LL again or any meal replacements so I think I'm going to give this a trial run for a month. Just ordered a month's supply anyway (well 5 weeks!).

I'm glad we can have fruit/snack bar as well, I like having a snack mid morning and mid afternoon.

So here goes nothin!
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Guess who's back...?
Hey PB! Fancy seeing you here!! Nice to have a fellow LLer to play with :)

The food on DC is lovely - I'm sure you'll like it (apart from the cocoa nakd bars that is, yuck! Haha)..

When are you starting??

A xx
Hey Anna! :D
yeah I got bored with shakes and soups. And I kept lapsing and being naughty, so thought I was wasting my money... Hoping that allowing myself some food will help!

Hehe! So you can be my double inspiration: LL and DC! :D
Hi Ellie,
I love DC !! and even after almost 10 weeks I am not bored - I feel that it has totally reducated how I feel about food and in terms of hunger - I am only hungry when I am due to eat a meal now and my cravings for chocolate are virtually nil and wine..... ( a slightly different story !!) ocasionally I have an evening off plan but step back on the next morning.
Good Luck and Enjoy !!
Thanks Laura!
One thing I love is the variety, in ordering 5 weeks worth there was so much to choose from, I was really impressed, so I tried to order just a couple of most things (apart from things I don't like, like mushroom soup which I think is just plain wrong).

You seem to have had great losses on this diet! Wow. over 2 stone in 10 weeks is great. And we're almost the same stats; I'm 5'8 and a bit heavier than you are currently. Cool.
I decided today I'm not going to do it by weighing but by trying on all my skinnier clothes each week as my motivation is not really weight but size (i.e. when I am a certain size my wobbles will be less!).. When I can comfortably fit into all of them then I'll stop, they're all size 12 but from different places.
I'm expecting it to be delivered sometime today.. So today is my last day of eating what I want, I start tomorrow!
Mmm chocolate. Haha!
I hate waiting for couriers. I need to go out and restock my fruit bowl (and get myself some last-day biscuits or something haha!) but can't because I'm waiting for this darn parcel. Cos I KNOW that if I go out then the courier will come. I swear that sometimes they sit outside and wait for you to go out and then leave a card when you're gone!
Bye bye tummy!

Heh. My packs came this morning (at 7:30am, ouch!)

I had the maple & pecan (or whatever it is) granola, yum! though i was a bit disconcerted at how small the packs look, they are filling though.

I'm glad I ordered some shakes cos they'll be handy for when a microwave isn't accessible. All the packs look really nice though.

One thing.. I thought that you were allowed one portion of fruit plus snack. According to the book you can have 2 fruit, 1 snack and one veg??
3 bean & chorizo soup is super yum as well. I'm loving this diet so far! Wow. I thought it was a bit too thick to be honest, not very soup-y more like a proper chilli you'd have with rice! Not a bad thing, I'm not complaining after the LL "soups" (Anna you'll know about those). I added a bit of hot water and it was delish.


Guess who's back...?
Hey PB - yeah, the soups are infinitely better than LL ones!! I've not tried everything - but so far everything has been yummy! I had parsnip and honey for lunch - wow wow wow. GORGEOUS! The shakes are lovely - the granolas are ace (pink apple and cinnamon, mm)... and all the dinners i've tried are stunning. Seriously - apart from the odd 'naughty' addition, I could happily live on this diet forever, haha. :)

:) I had the chocolate granola & tomato cheese & pesto soup today. They were still nice but not quite as nice as yesterdays food (which was YUM!).
I must admit I've been having these Go ahead biscuit things yesterday and today - only 150cals and I've stayed under my calorie limit both days (And had loads of fruit and veg too). Also been having sugarfree jelly because one serving is only 8cals! And it feels like a naughty snack when it isn't.
Hope it's ok to do that, the only reason I can think why you can't is the GI but hey ho, I like them and they're not very naughty just a little bit!
So far so good though.
Oh my god. Just had to say this grub is so bloomin gorgeous! I had chicken casserole with steamed swede, garlic mushrooms (fried in the 1cal spray stuff) and steamed leeks tonight. I just can't believe this is legal! Still under the calorie limits for the day and I'm totally full up. It probably tastes better than what I cook most of the time, and for much less effort. Yuuuuuuummy!

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