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Goal............... pics.........


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u look really amazing... u r such an inspiration.. wow is all i can say.
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Well done!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You look amazing. You are a true inspiration x x
gorgeous photos! you look amazing and i love the dress. Looking at them it is really hard to believe (if hadnt seen the before pictures!) that you were ever a person who was overweight! well done!


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Just taken a look, you look absolutely wonderful - as the previous posts say, a wonderful inspiration on a night that a few of us are feeling a bit hungry, minds straying away from CD etc
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Be proud, you deserve to feel amazing!


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Wow you look amazing , all your hard work has paid off , I have followed your posts and in your posts your were so head on about this diet I just knew you was going to get to goal shame I just didn't follow the plan hehe
Love the shoes !
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dont have permission yet to view photos but your profile pic is lovely, you are so slim :) Well done :)

Did you meet any family/friends who had not seen you before starting your journey?? bet they were blown away with your new look :)

Hayley 22

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Wow! Amazing hun! Loving the dress, especially the colour (my fave).

I bet you were very confident and happy and so you should be :)

Congrats x
Hi curlywurly,

you look fab, the dress is sooo nice. How long did it take you to lose the weight and how much have you lost in total. I am trying to re-start and did say top myself last night that i cant do it and was going to come off the diet, but after seeing your pictures i really want to try and do it.
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Hey Curlywurly

You look amazing, keep posting us photos to inspire us and keep us going.

Thank you for the push


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also can't see albums yet - but your profile piccy looks fantastic!

o/t: does anybody know how many posts i need before i can see photos albums?


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You look absolutely AMAZING***** - what an inspiration!!!
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Well done Curly Wurly. I said in another post you started after me and I wish I'd stayed on plan. I could have lost lots of weight too. But never mind I'm back and your photos will remind me I can get there. Woo hoo.