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God Help Me! Im Not In Ketosis & I Can't Get Back In!


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:cry: :cry: :cry:
I was really annoyed at my weigh in Sat cos I only lost 1.5lbs and normally lose a consistant 3 every week....
I tested my wee and I wasn't in ketosis but I don't know what knocked me out as now well into week 10 and not done anything differently...
Just tested myself again and Im still not in ketosis-since at least Sat!
The last time I was def in ketosis was the 10th but somewhere between the 10th-17th it went wrong :(
Please help.
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Oh Pixie I wish I knew what to say but I really don't have any answers. I thought that once in ketosis you stayed in it so can't understand why you're not. You've not taken any new meds or even changed toothpaste or something?

Can't help either, but please know we are all here for you, and I'm sure that you'll be back in really soon - your body just can't work otherwise!



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What colour is yr ketosis stick?


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Pixie you haven't just got a bad batch of sticks have you? Or have spilt water on them all?



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Pixie you haven't just got a bad batch of sticks have you? Or have spilt water on them all?


Ummmm I dunno they are at my LLCs not my own....
I thought about that but the fact I didn't lose much weight on Sat either convinced me that I must not be in ketosis :confused:
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Ah Pix don't worry!

Its possible you ARE in ketosis as sometimes the sticks don't work well, if its fairly soon after a foodpack or you've drank a lot of water not long before testing...

Also did you 'borrow' a stick from the pack to take home? The don't react well to air apparently so if you did bring one home it probably wouldn't still work.

Its not unusual at all to have a 'low' week, even though consistently for 10 weeks you have lost more, it doesn't actually mean anything.

If by chance you are out of ketosis, sticking to the programme is the quickest way back in and as you have been sticking to it you are probably there although its not showing on the stick!

If you pee on a stick at your next weigh in and it still shows negative, discuss it with your LLC, she may want to replace the pack.

Dry those tears, I find it highly unlikely that anything untoward has actually happened. I suspect next week all will be back to normal.

Don't let this interfere with your thinking, stay on track and don't let your chatterbox start!

I'd try sme different sticks and see if it is faulty ones -I've read that they can be quite tempramental at times so dont feel too despondent. Have you spoken to your LLC for anythoughts she may have? Hope you sort it - must be SO discouraging for you but hang in there - at least you still are loosing and any weight loss is great dont forget! Big hugs for you...
Hi Pixie

I have heard of a couple of people that have had a blip week. One girl I know followed the diet to the letter and put on half a pound one week and her stick was really pale. She lost 7 the following week though but was really down about. She's in management now and has lost a whopping 9 and half stone!

Take a big deep breath and keep with it - you have done so well so far.


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Oh Pixie, poor you ! It could be the sticks or if you are having loadsa water then the ketones could be so dilute that they are not showing up. Don't panic !

Have you had diet coke, lemon in water by accident, chewing gum ? If not it you probably are ok !


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Hiya Pixie,
as Mags has said if you test just after you've had a pack, this could be the reason your stick is not changing colour, as well as the sticks could be dodgy or the amount of water you're drinking. also some peeps stick for some reason never changes....

so long as you are sticking to the plan, which you are, don't worry, I know easier said than done, as we like the reassurance of the stick changing colour, but try not to get too hung up on them...

Chin up hun


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Even if the sticks are fine, and you are having only packs and plain water....it would just be your body!! Look at FatFairNForty(ish) - she has stuck to it rigidly but sometimes her losses go a bit weird, they tend to catch up though!! don't stress!!!:):)


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:( thanks guys!
I might try and get some sticks myself tmo...anyone know where I can get them?
Re the eating food[oacks I did just have a bar before I went last night but when I tested sat and the stick didnt change I hadn't eaten anything or drunk anything since the night before....If I knew why I could fix it :(
The bit about air is interesting tho, I did test there and then but the lid was off the pack and the loo seat was up (typical eh? there was a mens LL group there at the time!In their 2nd week funny enough when I left ketosis according to the sticks!) so maybe they have left the top off before and that has made the sticks dodgey?

Hmmmm interesting theory!
Men eh?
I got some of the internet...just type in ketostix and up they come...you can get them from chemists pparently but I had trouble getting hold of them as they apparently dont stock them & got a lecture from the chemist which really P^^^^me off- fail to see why I should justify my decisions to some prat who knows nothing about me!!

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