god i am so hungry and i have to start the dinner heeeelp

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    i am at home on my own with the kids hubby is working til 7. i am feeling soooooooooo hungry today its awful. i say feeling hungry maybe just craving food. i dunno but i shift it. to make things worse i have to put hubbys dinner on. i know he wouldnt mind making it himself but really think thats unfair since he has been at work all day!!

    maybe i can cook him all the stuff he loves and i hate....now theres an idea.

    grrrr heeeeeelp before i have a breakdown or worse and i eat :cry:
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    Hi Kerry,
    Sorry a bit late to reply but better late than never eh!
    Hope that feeling has passed. Good idea, cook all that he likes and you don't. It will pass, you know it will, it is just a head craving. I find if I do get like that I have my shake earlier, as hunger can make us do strange things. If that doesn't suit try half a shake or half a flap jack and then keep the rest until your normal time. I feel after I had a full shake with loads of crushed ice I am so full, I couldn't possibly think of anything else. That and I am so cold after it, and get brain freeze so perhaps knock myself into some comatose state or something for a while, I don't ever think of hunger.
    Hope you are feeling better now.
    Take care.
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    Hi Kezzerbelle, Probably too late to help now but hang in there girl, Try to distract yourself (Usually works for me) . Pick up a magazine or phone a friend for a chinwag or have a nice bath . anything to take your mind off FOOD.
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    Hi Kezzer

    I am even later, but hope you got through today!

    The way I try and get over the hunger, especially when cooking is to just remember that soon I will be eating again, and plus I just look at my new found happiness and how thin I feel! It gets me every time.

    I have been cooking almost non stop since the weekend as I grow my own fruit and veg and the harvest this year has been amazing so I have had to cook and freeze and bake and you name it everything nice I have had to make...BUT, I havent touched a thing, even although I have been starving hungry on occasions. My new future is just too close and it keeps me going. Just keep positive and remembering you will get there shortly.

    Have a good week and take care.
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