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Going mad on binging

I came to my mums on friday to stay for the week and cant stop binging. I brought my healthy stuff but i just cant stop binging on rubbish. Coming home is my downfall and as my mum is suffering from breast cancer she tends to get her way and make me stay for the week. I have lost 8 pounds so far but i think by next week i will have put the all back on again :cry:
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Don't worry just try and think about every mouthful and ask yourself Do I really need this or am I just eating for the sake of it? I'm pretty sure you won't put the whole 8 lbs on in one week but even if you do you've lost it once you can do it again.

Why don't you take over the cooking and cook some yummy SW friendly meals, they don't need to be anything special, how about shephards pie or a bolly. I also find that writing everything down I eat helps cause I'll look at what I've already had and what syns I've used and it will stop me from going too far.

Good luck and don't worry if you do put on, don't know how often you go home but it's only one week and you'll loose it all the again the week after, just a small blip in a long journey. xx
My dh is being very horrible about it. He says whats the point of being in sw if your gonna go there and binge and put it on again. He wants me to leave it even though he knows for the first time ever im positive about my weightloss.


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You can't change what's already happen, but you can change what happens from this moment onward.

Ignore your DH, this isn't about him. It's about you. Jump back on the SW plan.. it's human nature to have blips along the way. It's hard work but the effort will be worth it, draw a line under the last week and start again!

Good luck :)

Its hard to stick to plan when you away from the usual, however its down to you to change it. Make a sw meal you really enjoy and try and get back on plan. You can do it have some faith in yourself.


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Ignore your DH - the point of SW is that it fits into real life. Your going to have times when for one reason or another you won't be able to do the plan to the letter. But thats life, you can let go occasionally with the smug satifaction that all you need to do is stick to the plan to make it all better.
Don't let him put you off - he either needs to loose weight himself and is jealous your doing something about it and he can't be bothered. Or he's worried that your going to loose your weight and become the beautiful and confident person you are inside and leave him behind (this is a generalization of most of the men who are trying to put their other halves off loosing weight and may not apply to your DH!!).

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