Going through phases


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First of all, apologies if this has already been discussed but this is the first time I have visited this section. I must say I glad I looked.

I find that I go through phases in terms of eating habits, exercise habits and good and bad feelings.

Does anybody else find they do the same??

I don't know if it is a hormone thing or what, but I generally know how I am going to be feeling the following week.

For example towards the end of star week I eat healthy and enjoy exercise, although I do feel a little more tired than normal. This in turn makes me feel good about myself and gives me good thoughts, such I can do this, I want to do this.

These feelings/habits last for about week, maybe a little longer if I am lucky. Then I go straight back to eating crap and feeling like crap, not exercising and generally being quite grumpy.

I am just interested to know if this is habit/hormones or possibly something else?? Can anybody help?

Needless to say I am going through a crap phase at the moment. :sigh:
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Sounds like its to do with motivation. I know that when you lose weight you have to make sure you are completely ready for it. If you arent prepared this always happens! It happened to me

There is a good book that I read that helps you train your mind to think differently and to do it for more long term

Its called: The Beck Diet Solution: Train Your Brain to Think Like a Thin Person

It worked for me and really makes you realise what is happening when you lost your motivation etc

Hope that helps X


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Thanks, I will have a read. Going to enjoy Christmas and then give it my all in the New Year. Thanks again


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Hormones. I have a non-hungry week, two ordinary weeks and an absolutely ravenous, eat the house out week.

I found keeping a spreadsheet and chart to monitor it, seeing how weight fluctuates throughout the month and how it coincides with the above eating pattern helped a lot in the beginning.

You do have to change what's going on in your head, but it is a lot easier if you have a chart in front of you and can say OK this is happening because of ** therefore I'm not a failure it's my hormones/body clock, etc and it did help me to stay on the straight and narrow rather than feeling "I'm useless I may as well give up".


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Thanks for the advice tranquility, it is nice to know I am not the only one who feels like this.
I have started a bit of a diary and hopefully this will help me with control.
Thanks again