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Going to try some Original Days

I normally stick to extra easy, as I like being able to mix both green and original together.

However all the carbs are making me feel really bloated and uncomfortable. I was recently diagnosed with PCOS so I expect that doesnt help either. I was trying to eat more low GI foods as my choices, but it doesnt seem to be helping and I do notice the bloating is worse after having carbs. The weight has still been coming off, just very slowly.

I have decided to try some Original days and limit my carbs altogether. See if that helps with my bloating and speeds up my weight loss a little.

So watch out for lots more Original day recipes on my blog :)
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Good luck with original days, I find them the best for me as lots of carbs make me feel dreadful, I like that carbs are restricted on red days.

I will look forward to all the original day recipes BMIC lol :D Get busy and good luck.
Good idea, try some original days and see how you go. I used to get really badly bloated and wind (!!) on green days. It used to get really bad after 3 or 4 days of being on green. Now, I try to not do more than 2 green days without an original day and it seems to help a bit, but overall original days work much better for me. Good luck


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Even though I like EE days I do them but still limit my carbs as I know I cant process them very well with my weight loss, but do enjoy eating them. So I have taken to measuring them using SW recipes as a guideline for weights. I eat a lot less carbs than I used to. So still enjoying my EE days just choosing to measure my rice, pasta and pots...maybe you can also do this??
yeah I have cut down my carbs even changing to a lower GI option which is recommended for anyone with PCOS, but it hasnt made much difference, just having carbs full stop bloats me out.

I will still have the occasional extra easy day, but I figured if I do mostly red days, the bloated days will be a lot less.

I love meat (couldnt ever be vegetarian) and love vegetables etc, so it should be easy enough for me really. I just tended to stick to extra easy because it was the only plan I really took any notice of.


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Oooh this is almost like reading that you've gone over to the DARK SIDE! :rotflmao:

Good luck with it! Actually, it could work out well for me, as I'm keeping red days in reserve for when I hit a plateau. I rarely have red days, actually don't think I've had one at all since starting SW this time. If you're going to be putting some delicious red day recipes on your blog then that should help me with them when the time comes for me to go over to the DARK SIDE! :p

Hope it all works out well for you and you stop feeling so bloated! :fingerscrossed:
I have always known that red days work better for me but I am always tempted to have green/extra easy days because I love carbs so much!
I am a slow loser, really slow but last week from Monday to Friday (weigh in is Saturday) I had all red days and didn't even have potatoes as a Healthy extra (which I would normally) and I lost 3.5 lbs.....unheard of for me.
I can't tell you how chuffed I was when I stepped on the scales!
I think by not having carbs, I probably ate more veg to bulk out my meals and so, without even thinking about it, was following the 1/3 'rule'
Plus of course protein fills you and keeps you fuller for longer, without the bloating, known fact.
Of course, you are still getting carbs, I had cereal every morning and there are carbs in veg too.

It will be interesting to see peoples results.....

Good Luck
Well I am starting with a Red day today, got artichokes for lunch and think I am going to have a steak for dinner with salad/roasted veggies. I have got to go shopping this afternoon, so might change my mind, when I see what yummy meats they have on offer :p.

I love shepherds pie, so I might do one this week, topped with cauliflower instead of potato and then some HE cheese. (and of course I will post the recipe if I do) ;).

I will still do the occasional extra easy day, but whatever original recipes I do, should be pretty adaptable for those on extra easy, as you can just add what ever potatoes, rice etc you fancy :)
The artichokes were delicious. I haven't had them in a while and forgot how nice they were.

Bought some nice juicy steaks for dinner. I haven't had any carbs, apart from HEb portions of bread since saturday and am feeling better already. Nowhere near bloated as I had been feeling.
I always have better losses on red days. I looke forward to seeing some of your recipes! I've never done fresh artichokes. THey scare me and seem like a faff! I'll have to youtube how to do them as it never seems clear when I read instructions on how to cook them!


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I love shepherds pie, so I might do one this week, topped with cauliflower instead of potato and then some HE cheese. (and of course I will post the recipe if I do) ;).

Mashed swede and carrots makes a lovley topping for shepherds pie esp with some low fat grated cheese on top x I always get fluid retention if I eat too much pasta be it white or wholemeal. good luck i look forward to seeing how you have done xx


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Carbs dont agree with me either really. I am also a slow loser!! I really miss my starchy veg like sweetcorn and parsnips so im doing EE but only having those. Really looking forward to seeing some recipes from you. I had your SW burger the other day - it was AMAZING!!


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