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Gold Members support thread

Hi fellow goldie. I reached my gold weight last November. Unfortunately im about 4lbs over my gold right now and cant seem to get myself back on track. I just seem to do nothing but eat again. How are you finding maintaining? Are you managing to stay on track?
This is my first week of being a gold member and I have been celebrating a little too much. Been having chips and chocolate. Esource gave me 35 Pro points a day and Ive been using them all. Will be interesting to see what happens at weigh in on Tuesday.
I had the same problem to start with. I kept loosing and no matter how many points id eat i still couldnt maintain. I think i was up to 39 in the end plus weeklies which was ridiculous and felt too much. I ended up about 6lb under my gold and it took about 2months for my weight to stabilise and it was that point i stopped tracking. I found it really hard in the begining and people couldnt understand why i was getting annoyed that the weight was still coming off.

Now ive gone the opposite way. Ive gone back to snacking lots and although i am eating more fruit as snacks my meals have increased in size again. I need to start tracking again for a few weeks and shift the few pounds ive put on. Its only 4lbs but i can see it spiralling already and need to stop the eating.
Its hard to keep that happy medium. I think this is harder than the blooming diet lol
Its hard to keep that happy medium. I think this is harder than the blooming diet lol
Exactly! When you're loosing weight you control what you eat, when you gain weight generally its from eating more than you need to but staying the same weight is such a balancing act.
Well I have been in celebratory mode this week after getting to goal. Been having all the things that I didnt have on the diet. Back on the wagon lose what I put on this week then on to maintaining
Well this is the end of my celebratory week back to it tomorrow. Think ive put on about2/3lb but will get it off quick enough. I think I needed to be naughty.
How are all you goldies doing? I didnt go last week because I had overeaten in my celebratory week. Ive got 3 social events this week and about the same next week. Just hoping I dont go over my 5lb allowance and have to pay again.
I've just weighed myself (now have something else to do on a wednesday which conflicts with weigh in) and i've lost 2lb :D so im now only 2lb over my goal weight. Went to visit some family earlier in the week too and they commented on how i was looking well and my mum commented on how im keeping the weight off well so im a bit happier about it this week. Hope your weigh in goes ok Leighforty.
It certainly does. And it did give me some motivation to get back to my goal again and stay there. Had a look at some old photos too and its quite amazing how much difference it has made loosing the weight. Sometimes need to be reminded why you did it and how much good its done :D
Too many social events. Its the last few weeks of the school term and there is a few retirement do's and the end of term do s,o going to be a few weeks till I can concentrate on maintaining.
oh god i'm struggling!!!!! getting on the scales week in week out and had gone down to 9st3 ,,then past few weeks kind of stopped tracking and went up to 9st5 and feel so dissapointed,,the cheek of me 9st 5 and still not happy,,,my goal weight was 9st 11,,im just mad at myself for still not being happy:(
Its difficult though isnt it yummymummy because you end up thinking of your lowest weight as where you should be. Im currently 2lb over my goal because ive gone off track a bit, but in my head im now about 8lb heavier than i should be because i lost a further 6lb on top of my goal. So i should be happy im only 2lb over and not far off my goal but in my head im way off track. Never happy are we :D
weighed myself again this morn 9st 2 and was dissapointed,,i think i'm expecting to see 9 st 6,then i can give out to myself for being a failure,,even when people compliment me i'm thinking ya but you havent seen what i'm eating,,i feel im letting everyone down,,god my head is wrecked lol. maybe i just feel out of control now,Ok,,new start,had yummy low point breakfast!!need to start enjoying me again!!!!
Haha i know that feeling all too well. I think its because when you're maintaining there is no set plan to follow its all about how your body naturally reacts to food etc and going from a very controlled system of a set number of points to a relaxed setting where you can eat more takes time to adjust to. Hope you're begining to enjoy you again.
Its a whole new phase of the WW plan, so the rules are different. You have to find out how you maintain.
I can see that you all think the same way as I do. Now im at goal I still want to lose a few more pound as a sort of buffer zone so that I will never go over my goal weight. , I missed last week because I had been celebrating getting to goal and went a bit mad.
I Missed this week as I was out so weighed in last night, I was still at goal which I was pleased about because I had been out Fri, Sat and Tuesday.
Im out in Scarborough for the day tomorrow and staying over and find it so hard to eat sensibly when away from home. I also have a meal out on Monday and will weigh in on Tues as that is my normal weigh in night. Then a retirement party on Thurs, after that I can get back to maintaining.

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