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gona give it a go.

So i chatted with the OH tonight and he says he is fine with whatever i want to do.

so i am gona start this on monday.(got a hen do this weekend!)

so i just want to prep myself for monday. so was wondering if someone could answer some questions?

1) can i still drink tea/coffee with milk and sweetner?

2) can i have diet drinks/squash?

3) my 600kcal meal...? is that anything that is 600kcal, including gravy etc? i dont have to think 'no carb' or anything?

4) and my 100kcal snack is any 100kcal snack ie packet of skips or fruit?

Many thanks
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Hiya, that's great go for it! As for your questions: Yes I still have cups of tea, not loads just a couple a day (couldn't not lol). I have skimmed milk in mine as been having skimmed milk for years and years, and I don't have sweetner or sugar, but doubt that'll make any difference.

The best fluid is obviously water (try and drink at least two litres a day as it really does make a difference), but the odd diet drink or sugar free squash is fine. Some people can't stand plain water, so squash is better than nothing. As for diet drinks, I love a diet coke now and again, my little treat!

Meal wise, aim for a low fat meal as this is the best thing to go for. But yes upto 600 cals of anything is fine. I often get the weight watchers or supermarket own brand slimming ready meals, as they are just so easy and calorie counted. Often adding veg or salad to them, as a lot of them are really low in cals and it makes you fuller. But there are a lot of things you can have that are home cooked, so don't think you have to stick to slimming meals. It's about changing to healthy options, there are still a lot of meals I can have and enjoy with the family.

Snacks, yep any snack upto 100cals. Again low fat/healthy options are best, but again lots you can have! Fruit, cereal bars, crackers with low fat cheese spread or ham etc, crisps, even the low cal chocolate bars if you're needing a fix. Some even have ice lollies, jelly etc etc.

Good luck x
cool, just for a milkshake diet it still seems you can have quite a bit.

its sounds quite flexible.

i am just worried about hiding it from work pals. as i have been so anti shake diets of late and so are the rest of the workforce!!
Yes it is flexible like that. Also no problem to eat a healthy lunch as your main meal of a day and then have a shake for dinner instead, if you want to hide it from people at work that might be the way to go for you. Just depends on the hunger factor, a lot of people get hungrier in the evening than they are during the day, hence why a proper meal in the evening suits most. But you can always have a snack later after your dinner time shake.

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