Gone a bit wrong


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I have had a terrible day today, ate a load of peanuts until I got very cross with myself and tipped them all in the bin (individually.. otherwise I would probably have got the packet back out again ewww!), now I have eaten 2 huge bowls of cereal.

WHY? I really don't know. We are moving house on Friday and I'm feeling very anxious and stressed. But is that just an excuse?

I am thinking perhaps it's not a good time to start eating again, perhaps I should maybe get back on SS for a couple of weeks until things settle down a bit (I have been attempting to do 790 plan for a week but it's all gone a bit wrong).

Any advice whatsoever would be very appreciated!

Hi Sarah,just looked at your ticker and it says u have only 4 lbs left till u reach goal well done 2 u !!

Moving homes is very stressfull and emotional time and maybe not the time for you to do start ssing as you might feel rough for the next few days and as you move is only 2 days away you will need all the strength emotional and phyisical to sort out your new home,could you maybe just follow 1000 or 1500 till you are settled and dont feel anxious or stressed at least you will feel your eating is under control.

Sorry if i cant offer any more advice,hope your move is not 2 stressfull for you,take care xx
It's gotta be the stress of the move. But you have shown to yourself that you can take control of that by throwing the peanuts in the bin. It's a long process dealing with the impulse to eat when under stress I haven't sussed it out yet. I've had a terrible day I was getting stressed already and then after we had shelved the idea of a big move last month we found out last night that the house we wanted has been reduced in price making us wonder if we should reconsider, I am sure that this insecurity is partly responsible for my eating today.

All I can say is prepare yourself for these impulses and forgive yourself. You can pick yourself up again if necessary. Probably best to warn those around you how you are feeling hopefully they will be supportive and ofcourse keep using the forum.

Good Luck with the move. I don't envy you but I'm sure it will be worth it in the end.
Wow... look how far you have come!

Try not to let it add to your stress... as moving is a huuuge stress in itself! Have a sit down when u have a moment spare and have a real think about what you think will be best for you!

It's great to offer advice... but as far as I go.. I am only on week four... so looking at how far you have come... I think your judgement will be from a far more experienced Cambridge Dieters head ;)

Good luck with the last few pounds and your move!

Hi Sarah STOP I lost 36 lbs on CD last year stopped when I moved house and put it all back on plus 7lbs more to keep it company!!!!!!!
Try and relax I know its hard Im moving again next month (HOPEFULLY) and I have this time got to stick to SS! but if its too hard then like said do 790 until you,ve moved?