Good Morning - How Are We All Today??

:) Hi everyone,
Third day now. I felt quite poorly yesterday afternoon, but otherwise not doing too bad. My car failed it's mot yesterday morning, got me on a bit of a downer, usually my excuse for a bun or something, but I got through it. When I first went to weight watchers, (about 20 years ago!) the 'leader' gave us one of these daft wee sayings,they loved so much, "nothing tastes as good as being slim feels" . I keep that in mind, and also a bit of advise from Marylyn, when I'm at work, I have suddenly become allergic to all the GORGOUS products where I work. Well I am realy, they make me FAT!!! Working today 1 pm'til 6pm.
How are you doing Roch and Pam? Let me know? I tell you absolutely nothing tastes as good as the feeling when you look at those scales and they are sliding downwards. I should know I have been dieting for the last 30 years.
One thing, I must, must, remind myself to drink more water,
Hoping everyone else is doing well,
and a good morning to you too!

Good morning to you too! :D

First day for me :eek: and feeling, as you might expect, like my world is changing and it's all good!:D Bad news about the car :( - hope you can get it sorted out cheaply and swiftly! I just had a thought... perhaps those products are called gorgeous because they encourage us to gorge on them!! :mad: Hmm... it's a thought. I'm hoping to have that wonderful feeling you said about the sliding scales, next Tuesday evening!:) I'm not even going near mine at home.. in fact.. I might get my daughter to put them in the loft (I'm too heavy for the ladder so NO chance of going up to get them!).:rolleyes:
Hoping you have a lovely day with plenty of water!:D
Hello FFnF,
Nice to hear from you, cars going in tomorrow, going to cost roughly, £100 to get it through the test. Good luck with your journey. It will be worth it. I don't know where everyone else is today, maybe with my missing tracker and signature. You haven't seen it have you ?
I'd better go and get ready for work,
Hi Anne-Marie

I'm at work at the moment, but just wanted to send you my best wishes.

Hope all goes well with the motor 2moro.

Will you help me get my name back too? I had to get Pierce to do mine and I asked him to do it in the style that you had yours in 'cos I didn't know how to do it.

Now it's gone and I do so want to be competent and do it myself anyway.

There is a link to help us get it back and I will try that again, but please help if I'm in trouble.

Marylyn xxx
Hi all, glad you new starters are doing ok. I am finishing day 3 and doing ok too. Not as bad side effects as people made out would happen. Guess I am lucky, I am just cold and pretty fed up of going to loo every 10 minutes as drinking 4.5 to 6 litres a day. My mouth has started to have a sort of rusty taste to it which I think is supposed to be the start of ketosis. I hope so, because I don't feel lighter and just want this fat to start moving off. Hope you all have a good day tomorrow, and don't let bad everyday events make you break the diet and undo the good work, you will feel so proud when you resist the temptation to comfort yourself with food.
Pam xx
The fat will melt away, I promise you.

Lipotrim is the best melter of fat ever.

I think you will be 12 - 14 lbs lighter at your weigh in so hang in there.

Of course, a lot of that will be water; the second week it the start of fat meltdown for real.

Marylyn xx
I am just cold and pretty fed up of going to loo every 10 minutes as drinking 4.5 to 6 litres a day. .... I don't feel lighter and just want this fat to start moving off. Pam xx

Hi Pam:D

I'm not doing the same thing as you but i'm only a couple of days behind you on this thing and I'm well chuffed that you got to day 3 without too many side-effects! How great is that!:D I bet that weight is falling off you and you just can't tell yet.. :) be kind to yourself... :) you are doing ace and I can't wait to reach that finish line with you!:eek: (Know what you mean about the loo... am beginning to think my water board will think they've made a mistake when they read the meter next!:eek: lol ) Looking forward to keeping up with how things are going with you and am SO impressed at you putting all your stats up! (I haven't got to grips with the numbers yet!... perhaps when they are lower I might pluck up the courage!) :eek: Oh, and the feeling cold thing.. I know it's only the end of my 1st day but I feel cold too so am wearing lovely bedsocks! AND a pully! Just pile on the clothes my friend - oh.. and stick a hot water bottle in your bed... lovely!:p
Thanks for those words of encouragement. I am literally shivvering all the time, which is strange because even in the winter I don't feel the cold much. I don't feel lighter yet, but I haven't been storing water in my body before the diet, and the water I am drinking is flushing through. I think the start of the weight loss will be when ketosis starts. Hopefully that will be today, but anyway I won't get weighed in the hospital till Friday of next week, so would have had 11 days on the diet and hopefully a good loss. Have a good day all,
Pam xx