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Got a new tetra briks tonight


Strong women stay slim


Yummy Mummy in the making
CD arent actually releasing it til Sept so you're one of the first to try it, let us know what its like :)


Strong women stay slim
I will put it in the freezer for few hours then cut the top off , I like them a bit frozen but not totaly frozen , the choc one is the best ! so far


Strong women stay slim
Ask your cdc if she has some , judders got 2 off his , most CDC get some to try out ... will let you know what its like hit or miss lol


Strong women stay slim
did you have it cold ? ice cold roll on saturday lol
did you have it cold ? ice cold roll on saturday lol
I think tetras are always best kept in the fridge :p

We still haven't got a 'launch date' for the Strawberry Silk tetras yet though. The ones I got are just samples sent out to CDCs to try before they become available sometime in September :)
My fab cdc gave me one of her 3 yesterday and I had it for breaky this morning - it had no hole for the straw!! So I chopped off and end and sucked it up. Really tasty but yeah not as thick as the other 2 and not as fake as the banana... looking forward to adding one a day!


This is the last time!!
I've just had it for 'brunch' and it was ok....not as nice as the choc but much nicer than the artificial tasting banana. Nice that it isn't so thick too.
I wonder if the thickness of the choc one is a secret ploy to make our cheek bones stand out more, with all that sucking lol!!


Strong women stay slim
ok i'm eating it now, first i thought i'd lost my tastebuds , but as i got more into it they came back , not as good as choc , not as thick either , but its trail and error i guess


Strong women stay slim
i think if you put strawberry and the choc and banana in the freezer say 3 hours and mix them together taking a bit from each it might be nice, so in all the strawberry is ok , nothing to rave about , but thats me
6 of us tried it yesterday chilled, myself and 2 teenage daughters and customer (Choc Velvet addict now on 1200 plan) and her 2 teenage daughters. Between us, 2 of us like CV and BB, 2 like BB only and 2 like CV only and all of us like the Strawberry shake so a good cross section for testing I thought.

Verdict: none of us liked it, it didn't smell nice (had it in small glasses as no hole in the sample cartons for straw) no taste of strawberries and had strange aftertaste! However none of us are in ketosis so wondering if that might affect the verdict??

awww no! I just wanna try it so I can see - the problem is, I buy a month's supply at a time so I don't wanna buy a load and then hate them, but equally if they are really nice and I have only bought one to try, then I don't want a month of not trying them!! Lol!!

Hopefully my cdc might have a sample for when I see her Wed!

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