Got my mini goal!!


Focused & goin for goal!
I'm really pleased with myself.
A while back I set myself some mini goals.
One was to get to 12st 5lbs by xmas eve (based on the loss i'd like each week) and this morning I've weighed and am 12st 3.25lbs - YAY!!
This week I only lost 2.25lbs but I'm actually fairly pleased with this because this is the first time i've done AAM for a full week and it is also my TOTM (Too much info?!? Sorry)

Anyway, my next mini goal is to get to 11st 1lb by Feb half term (end of feb). Which should be easily done now I'm slightly ahead of the game. I'm going to review my mini goal a little.

I'm going to get measured for my wedding dress at the end of January (on the 27th I think) So I'm going to say I'd like to lose about 3lbs per week for 5 weeks which is 15lbs BUT as I'm starting 790 tonight and am not sure of what the losses will be I will say an average of 2.5lbs per week (I know it's only half less but it may make a dif!) which is 12.5lbs SOOOOOOOO my new mini goal is to get to 11st 5.5lbs (I think!!:eek:)

I am Soooooo ready for this!!!

Merry christmas everyone :p
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Well done you,

I'm so impressed. I've got roughly the same to lose as you - and I've failed my Christmas mini goal 12.5lb. I've stuck at 12.7 all week, drat. It is my TOTM so am hoping for a miracle by tomorrow - as feeling so bloated.

Enough of me - here's to the new year and to 11.5 as a goal (mine too). At 10.5 I have a BMI of 25. At 9.5 (which would be a bl**dy miracle) I woud be at my 'ideal'. Ho ho.

Anyway Happy Christmas - and be good. I'll see if I can keep up with you in 2007!