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Got Through My 1st Day


Here I Go Again
Phewww thank goodness and it wasn't too bad i could do better with the water as i hardly managed any at all but apart from that all went ok.

Im going to buy some Husks sorry can't remember the correct name and see how i get on with them to bulk my shakes up.
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Well done Ronnie - once you get past day 3 you'll be fine, and after a week or so it just becomes a habit to not eat! Try filling a big bottle of water and having small drinks out of it throughout the day rather than trying to down a full glass at a time - you might find that easier. I found that after a couple of days I became so thirsty that I had to drink litres of water a day anyway.

Corinne x
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Well done Ronnie, you'll be into the swing of it in no time. Do try to get the water down as it will really help with the losses and keep hunger at bay.



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Well done Ronnie! You'll be in ketosis in no time! It will get easier!


Here I Go Again
Thanks everyone this board is great and i can tell it's going to be a lifeline for me as im sure it is/has been for others.

Good Luck to every one of you as well.


please try again
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well done on ur first day, youll be in the swing of it before you know it


please try again
S: 23st6lb C: 17st7lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 44.8 Loss: 5st13lb(25.3%)
find lots of things to keep you busy, read a book, take a long bath, paint ur nails, go for a walk
anything you enjoy doing that keeps your mind off it all


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Well done Ronnie on making it through your first day. Really try hard to up your water intake as it will speed up the weight loss.

Keep up the good work.
Well done Ronnie, Keep at it, try to get that water down, it will make you feel better x


Silver Member
Well done on getting through your first day, try to drink the water, it will help although i know it's hard when it's so cold outside!!! Hope the week flies by for you and your weigh in is here before you know it :D
Irene what are you doing on here, aren't you supposed to be out on the town with the girls?!!!


Here I Go Again
Thank You Thank You Thank You

Im now on day 6 and have my first WI tomorrow im a bit apprehensive though as i havn't been an Angel on the water front.

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