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got to stop stepping on scales


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Yes!!! I do this, and my scales do not correlate with my WI ones either!!! Arghhhh!


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I used to do this all the time!
Weigh in everyday but in the end i found it controlled my moods and what i ate and it took the fun out of SW for me, so my mum kept the scaled and only gave me them on a friday morning to WI!!!

I would get out of the habit now hun because it is destructive!



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I have done this is in the past, but stopped myself as if the result wasnt good then id be on a downer and stress over weigh in. What will be will be when i step on my class scales!


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yeah i agree..... need to stop stepping on....guess the 'fun' of a weight loss group is the suspense of not knowing if you have lost at the end of the week. but the temptation is soooo great, may donate my scales to a friend for a few months! hehe


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take out the batteries and fling them into the long grass...


Just doing it this time
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its the other way around for me - IF I don't weigh myself daily (scales are within half a pound of my class ones) then I get on a downer because I feel I need to know that I've been good. The scales don't determine how I am -ie whether I eat or not eat because of what weight I am - I just NEED to know daily that the scales are showing roughly what I've done ..................

WHAT I desperately NEED to do is stick to the plan 100% for a whole week and then I know I will have a 3lb weight loss - as it is I don't do SW for 100% of the time and consequently am losing half a pound, a pound etc.

IF you hide your scales you'll know where they are - I would just go get them - throwing the batteries down the garden - great idea but I'd go buy new ones to put in and rather quickly - I'm not hurting anyone :D


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chuck them away or give them away, or... just keep jumping on, if it's not going to harm your loss..

hehe x

I have jumped on a few times this week, but my scales are much diff to SW so they are showing me the same as i was last WI :confused: will jump on them when i get home weds night and see just how much they are out me thinks!


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it does harm your weight loss though..
you might gain a pound from one day to the next or not lose any but that's just because you've not been to the loo yet or wearing different shoes ( one pair of mine are 2 lbs heavier than the others..), then you just drive yourself mad wondering why you haven't lost when you've been good and what the point is...
if you weren't neurotic in the first place you wouldn't need to constantly check... :)

I do check on mine once or twice a week to see if I need to "pick up the pace" as it were and have adjusted my scales to allow for the difference between mine and the SW ones.. ( 2lbs down on mine, so I put the heavier shoes on.. :) but otherwise wear the same as WI night and make sure I weigh at the same time and do whatever I need to first.. )


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My scales are at the bottom of the ironing pile and there is no way I'm going to get them out everyday!! Ironing done tonight ready for weigh in and then they go straight back in cupboard and ironing can pile back onto them till next Sunday.
I have to stop doing this. I weigh in at home so can't chuck the scales. I find if I've lost a bit more than I thought I will be a little less strict and if I've put on I will get all depressed. I haven't weighed myself for a couple of days though so hopefully can go until my next weigh in!


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I am guilty of getting on the scales every day as well. It doesn't get me down thou, it just motivates me more if I am a bit heavier. It forces me to exercise a bit more, so I see this as a positive thing.