Gp's Low GI Diary. Weigh in 02/02/13

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  1. Golden Phoenix

    Golden Phoenix Full Member

    So, here we go again. Slimfast didn't work out for me so i'm trying low GI on my doctor's recommendation.

    Weigh in day is Saturday.

    Starting weight: 04/01/2013 21 stone 4 lb.

    How humiliating :'(

    Target weight: 14 stone 2 lb

    It's only my first target, after reaching it i'll probably maintain for a little while than go on to lose more. Ultimate goal is to drop from a size 28/30 to a size 16.

    EDIT: I have decided to try for my century. Losing 100lb will leave me at 14 stone 2 lb which is closer to a normal weight for my height and is a nice round number to aim for.

    Current Weight: 20 Stone 6 lb.


    [TABLE="class: grid, width: 600, align: center"]
    [TD]Loss or Gain?[/TD]
    [TD]Clothing Size[/TD]
    [TD]21 stone 4 lb[/TD]
    [TD]20 stone 13 lb[/TD]
    [TD]- 5 lb[/TD]
    [TD]20 stone 9 lb[/TD]
    [TD]- 4 lb[/TD]
    [TD]20 stone 7 lb[/TD]
    [TD]- 2 lb[/TD]
    [TD]20st 6 lb[/TD]
    [TD]- 1 lb[/TD]
    [TD]20st 7lb[/TD]
    [TD]+ 1 lb[/TD]
    [TD]20st 5lb[/TD]
    [TD]- 2 lb[/TD]

    *Weigh in done one day late due to stomach troubles. Weigh in on the day showed only a 2lb loss.
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  3. Golden Phoenix

    Golden Phoenix Full Member

    So, on sunday ( i think) i had a weak moment and weighed myself early. It wasn't a proper weigh in but it showed about a 3-4lb loss, i've only been on the plan since thursday so i'm pleased. Before this i was struggling with the diet, finding myself bored already. I think it was mostly defeatism, all of the plans i've tried before failed so i was expecting this one to do the same. The weigh in really buoyed me up though.

    Today has been a bad day at home. Really bad. There's a pack of chicken sitting on the side in the kitchen for tonight's dinner, i was so tempted to cook and eat the lot. But i didn't. One small victory down. One day at a time. Right now i'm emotionally and mentally exhausted but i didn't let that push me into my old habits.

    Next challenge please!
  4. Golden Phoenix

    Golden Phoenix Full Member

    Weigh in Day

    Current weight: 20 stone 13 lb.

    5lb loss

    A fantastic first loss! I'm chuffed to bits! Now let's see how we go from here.

    I havne't deprived myself, in fact over the course of the week i've had icecream, a small portion of fries, chocolate, jaffa cakes and so many delicious things i can't count. Amazing stuff, i just have to remember to keep portions of bad foods small, it's completely reeducating myself, but i'll get there!

    Hubby has come up with a great motivation idea. For every lb i lose i get £1 in a jar, once i hit target i get to do whatever i want with the money! I'm thinking a haircut and a new wardrobe from the local charity shops would be a great way of spending it.
  5. Golden Phoenix

    Golden Phoenix Full Member

    Week two and i think i'm off the wagon a little, i haven't been eating anywhere near enough veg. Going to remedy that from today onwards. My current fave is broccoli so i'm haing half a plate of steamed broccoli with some garlic and salt and pepper with dinner. Got to keep it going!

    Off to have an apple :D
  6. Golden Phoenix

    Golden Phoenix Full Member

    I feel so bloomin' rough. Backache, stuffy nose, facial pain. I can't even wear my glasses and my face feels like it's an over inflated balloon just set to rip.

    I don't want to eat. I have zero appetite but i've had an orange and 2 biscuits today. The biscuits were to try to kick in my appetite. No go.

    I'll have dinner anyway though. No good for anyone to not eat at all all day.
  7. Golden Phoenix

    Golden Phoenix Full Member

    Weigh in day

    Current weight 20 stone 11.

    That's half a stone lost. I am chuffed beyond belief. half a stone in two weeks is incredible.

    Treats this week: icecream, biscotti, chocolate biscuits.

    It snowed today, the dog is having a great time. We're heading to the park tomorrow, lots of exercise! :D
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  8. Golden Phoenix

    Golden Phoenix Full Member

    I've not been overly well over the last couple of days so i think my weigh in yesterday was a little off. I'm going to re-weigh later with hubby's help to make sure it's accurate. I think i may have lost another lb or two.
  9. Golden Phoenix

    Golden Phoenix Full Member

    Ok, re-weigh complete.

    Current weight: 20 stone 9 lb.

    A much more significant loss than it first seemed!

    I have also made a decision. I'm adjusting my target. I want to lose a century, that will put me at just over 14 stone which i think for my height is a much more sensible weight than the 16 i was aiming for initially.
  10. porkypaul

    porkypaul Full Member

    Subscribing :)

    Keep up the good work!!
  11. Golden Phoenix

    Golden Phoenix Full Member

    Weigh in day

    Current weight: 20 Stone 7 lb

    Haven't weighed this little (lol) in years. I'm determined to get to my target!

    I messed up a little this week, falling back into old habits, but i'm not letting it beat me, i've started this new week as i mean to go on, lots of veg and lots of fibre. Onwards and downwards!
  12. DiamondDoll

    DiamondDoll Full Member

    love your diary.. your weight loss is fantastic so far and low GI is a great diet (i try to chose low gi foods i my cal counting).x
  13. Golden Phoenix

    Golden Phoenix Full Member

    Thanks DiamondDoll :)

    When I joined minimins i was advised by someone to try to write something in my diary every day to keep my head "in the zone" but i'm awful at keeping diaries lol, so i write something whenever i need to vent/am pleased/need support or if something significant happens. It seems to be working.

    I love the low GI because so long as i keep my portions reasonable I don't have to count any numbers, I'm dyscalculaic and counting calories, fats or points of any kind is na exercise in torture that i absolutely dread. I think hating doing that put me off the previous diets more than the diets themselves.
  14. Golden Phoenix

    Golden Phoenix Full Member

    This week has been a diet disaster. Not through lack of willpower but purely because we've had a lot of stuff going on and food was grabbed on the go, usually by a friend and then bought to us, i did what i could though.

    I'm not expecting a big loss, in fact i'm half expecting to have gained. :( I've been good the last couple of days but two days out fo seven probably won't make all that much difference.


    Never mind, next week will be better.
  15. Golden Phoenix

    Golden Phoenix Full Member

    Weigh in is being moved to a saturday because it's going to be more practical for us. However i seem to be at 20 st 6 today.
  16. lalta

    lalta Full Member

    hi paul its great you are doing so well a great inspiration i eventualy tried weight watchers but my mind not in it for some reason keep cheating and hoping to get away with it when i see your results i get motivated thankyou
  17. Golden Phoenix

    Golden Phoenix Full Member

    Despite my slight weight gain this week i've just bought a novelty t-shirt (marvel avengers, love it) and it's an XL, prior to this i was weraing an XXL. So chuffed :) I think the weight loss is a combination of being on my monthlies and just hitting a brief plateau as it looks like i've already lost 2lb this week.
  18. Golden Phoenix

    Golden Phoenix Full Member

    Weigh in day
    20 st 5 lb

    It's a small loss, but it's a loss. I'm getting back on track. I don't think i'm being strict enough really but i'm going to knuckle down and get it right :)
  19. Golden Phoenix

    Golden Phoenix Full Member

    Day 3 of nausea. Driving me crazy. No idea what's causing it, if i'm not improving by the end of the week i'm going to the doctors. I've been known ot have gallbladder issues in the past. Maybe it's something to do with that.
  20. Golden Phoenix

    Golden Phoenix Full Member

    pouring myself full of peppermint tea and mints, getting way too much sugar to be good for my diet but can't put up with the nausea. Going to see doctor. Blech. :sigh:

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