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Cruise PP Grace's diary

well i started the dukan diet 3 weeks ago tomorrow. years ago i lost nearly 6 stone at weight watchers but since piled it all back on plus more. after a couple of false starts with weight watchers earlier this year i decided i needed a diet that was strickter. two of my neighbours said they were starting the dukan diet, they haven't managed to stick to it but i am determined . I want to get healthy to be there for my kids and , hopefully, grandkids!
i have really enjoy the first 3 weeks but since i am going to need to do this for a long time decided now to keep this diary of my ups and downs.
lost just over a stone so far, no hunger pangs:D and managing to keep to the rules.
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well today i am feeling really thirsty. i found myself having to force myself to eat yesterday otherwise i could have gone without all day. such a change, no desire to nibble, even when my son leaves chocolate sitting on my desk:bliss:.
going to go for a nice long walk up the riverbank today!
just wanted to set myself mini goals, decided on clothes sizes, starting at size 30:sigh: but these are getting to the falling down stage hopefully size 28 soon:D

well done hun remember never let yourself feel hungry because you can eat on dukan and the weight will come off .....makes it a much easier diet to stick to


** Chief WITCH **
You sound as if you're well on your way to a totally new you, and I for one understand how much courage and determination it must have taken for you to start out (see my signature - not lost with Dukan, but have been there).

Great too to incorporate a walk... nothing strenuous, but a 20 min walk per day is a great habit to grow into.

Good luck and keep talking! Care to share your menus? Are you inventive in the kitchen? We can always use new recipes.


Dukan Ancestor!!
Hi Grace,

a late welcome from me too! you've done well so far, and as you noticed, once you're 'in the zone' it's quite easy to stick. What I love(d) was that as long as I stuck to the set of allowed foods I did not have to do any careful weighing, measuring or calculating. that's what previously put me off any diet (not ever seriously tried a diet before), but this one was too easy really. A month into starting it was my daughters 6th birthday and I made an elaborate chocolate cake - without once licking my fingers! I was going to allow myself to have a piece but when the day came I didn't even want one, but it *did* have one small (un-iced) cupcake ;-) but no further diversions.

Yay for dropping sizes, you'll be wearing lovely summery stuff soon!

Are you getting support and encouragement from those around you too? that helps a lot if people don't try to brush aside your efforts with a 'oh one piece of cake won't hurt' etc etc!

So, welcome and good luck!!
well another good week, down to 21st 13 now:) so pleased to see the results still happening. i know they will start slowing down but i have a pair of cropped jeans, size 26, that i'd love to get in for the summer, expecting to need to lose about another stone to fit them so aiming for the school holidays. i did manage to hang my "big" jeans up in my wardrobe, saying i will NEVER wear you again:D

well had a difficult week this week, what with TOTM, my ex visiting his kids, my son stressing as he tries to decorate his flat for the first time (wants everything done yesterday!) and my neighybours partying to all hours:(. i had a couple of off plan days but still managed to lose 2lbs:D hope for a better week next week!
so far i have resisted the temptation of easter eggs and thats good for me!

had a bad off plan day yesterday, snapped because my son had been poorly 2 nights in a row and my neighbours really pushing their luck:break_diet:ended up eating 1 1/2 cup cakes and a small dairy milk bar. will not be beaten through as i want/need to lose this weight so whereas in past this would have lead me to giving up i will crack on and have a couple of pp days to start the new week:D



Goat herder(ess)
Maybe prepare in advance some Dukan-friendly sweet treats, such as muffins, chocolate crèmes, etc. Then you'll have something to fall back on during times like this.

I have a bad comfort eating history, so I know what it's like. Ideally, it would be great to find a way of mentally preparing ourselves not to need to reach for chocolate (or whatever) during bad times. Sadly, I still get that urge.
fell off the rails with loads of stress but now back on and raring to lose more weight. had 2 really good pp days, now i just have to get through the street party tomorrow!
i have sneakily agreed to my soon to be 14 year olds son request for a dog, hoping that it motivates me to get out for a good walk everyday!

well i fell off the wagon completely last week :break_diet:and have put on 3lb. but we now have a mollie, shes a 16 month old springer/collie cross so getting plenty of exercise around the fields and woods nearby. restarted again today. going to have 3 days attack then back into the swing of things. i am determined i am not going to let the hiccup of the last week, caused by major stresses, with kids health and neighbours, knock me off the major goal to loss this weight and get fit and healthy.
this is positive for me because normally if i started a diet and then a couple of months in fell off the wagon i'd give in for a long time, well not this time, this is the new me. i can do it:D

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