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Graduating from refeed!


maintaining since June'09
Welcome S10b!! Sorry you were lonely over there. I didn't realise it'd gone quiet.
Good idea to refeed for at least a couple of weeks imho. Let's hope this first ever maintenance is the rest-of-your-life one! It's in your hands :)

Best of luck xx
Hi had another good diet day. Went into town with my littleun and was worried about breaking my diet, but it occourred to me...Am I on a diet or not now? It is my last official refeed day but the meals i have had are nice enough to be my everyday meals now. So do I keep working hard like i'm on a diet or do I relax a bit enjoy food but watch the scales everyweek?
b-Vanilla mousse
l-lentil soup and buttered white roll (in town)
d-brown rice, mixed veg and spicy turkey
s- ?


maintaining since June'09
IMHO Maintenance is harder work than 'dieting'. Yes you are no longer trying to lose weight and therefore can 'relax' a bit. But it's about making the best, healthiest choices a good 80% of the time and keeping an eye on the scales.
This is the hardest part, the transition, get this right and you'll be good!! xx
Yes that makes sense, must remember the 20/80 rule. I do want to have a life again though..wee glass of wine or two now and again but think my best bet is to eat well and avoid junk snacks. Ta for replying. Quite fancy some wine tonight actually!!


maintaining since June'09
That's my downfall - the alcohol. If I didn't drink it'd be sooo much easier! :eek: x

irish molly

Maintaing LT loss on GL
Lots of luck on maintaining your TFR losses. Keep on posting to keep you on track. I too swear by the 80/20 rule as it does help. Just be food aware without stressing too much. After all, we have to live our lives too!!
Thanks Molly, I will keep posting as it helps me keep on track.
Had some wine last night ooh it was lovely, had about 4 glasses and felt a bit squiffy. Watched a late night film and did consider having some crisps but decided not to as 'small battles win the war' to quote someone on this board. Plus instead of necking the last half glass of wine before bed i poured it out. Another battle won! Today being extra good to make up for last night. I'm feeling so positive that I can do this and boy I love my new figure. :)


maintaining since June'09
Well done for resisting the crisp urge AND for chucking the wine down the sink instead of your neck ;). They may be small battles to some but they're HUGE acomplishments imho!!!! xx
Just back from an amazing kids party where they had sandwiches catered for the adults and loads of food. So I had 2 tuna mayo sarnies and a cheese mayo one and a few marshmallows, no cakes though. I'll call it lunch, not diettastic but really enjoyed and i felt normal tucking in instead of the freak who refuses all food lol.

Healthy tea tonight though. Have a tin of chickpeas thinking of making my own houmous and veg stick snacks, off to google a non oil recipe. Battles and wars...20/80 (my new mantra!) x
To summarise today:
b-special k, skimmed milk, glass oj
l-3 sarnies at party and marshmallows
d-brown rice and veg with spicy turkey
s-ideally nothing, may rustle up a carrot soup.

water- bout litre will drink more
me-tired tired tired whats that about? Last nights wine probably :-/


maintaining since June'09
Probably ;) xx


maintaining since June'09


maintaining since June'09
Yeah .. but planned and no slaps asked for!!! So just you take them back Missis!!! ;) :D xx
Taken back!!

Right good day today due to slight increase on the scales this morning.

diet plan:
Had -
b-special k, skim milk, oj
To have-
l-carrot soup and ff yoghurt
d-small portion lasagne and lots of salad
s-veg sticks and fruit

water intake 3 litres.


♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Just thought i'd get me subscription in here :) Looking good mrs.
The alcohol is a defo downfall :( Why can we do it on TFR but really can't resist it now?!!!!! lol
had a great day today! went to the pharmacy to tell them i have stopped and done my refeed. Had a lovely chat and have lost weight since last time I was weighed. Couldnt stop from grinning as I walked up the road!

Did well diet wise too.-spicy carrot soup and low fat cottage cheese salad for lunch.
pear for pm snack, homemade lasagne (low fat cheese, half quorn half mince) and salad, plum and kiwi fruit.
Thanks for the supportive posts girls much appreciated. xx


maintaining since June'09
Well done you! Feels great doesn't it?? :D xx

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