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Great North Run 2012


After spending all morning in my pj's watching the GNR I am inspired to it in 2012.

Now, the hard part. Does anyone have a good training plan? I did couch 2 5k and ran the Race for Life but have pretty much lost my ability to run 5k without having several breathers.

What do you guys suggest? The training plans on tinternet seem to be aimed at ppl that can run around 8-10 min miles. I jog at about 11-12min miles.

I am 14 stone 10lbs and 5ft 6.

I am changing my diet to assist with the training.

I need help!!

Awaiting your helpful comments :) thank you in advance xxx


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Les Mills Fitness Freak
id also like to do this eventually, is the GNR 26 miles though?
It's 13.1 miles!! That's a whole 10 extra miles I need to work on!!

Coach Nomad has me intrigued. Will google!!

Cheers xxx

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Les Mills Fitness Freak
went on the website, and theres pictures and a video of my brother finishing it :)
I am running next year, but also doing the Silverstone half marathon in March.
I started with C25K, then progressed to B210K. I will be starting training for the half marathon in a week or so.
My half marathon training plan is not about speed but distance. You do 2 x 30-45 mins in the week, then a long run at the weekend. The first long run is 4 miles, then you increase by a mile each week.
I will be starting a thread shortly for a half marathon, as a couple of us are doing it.
Ah great!! I downloaded the half marathon app as my running has slipped up recently and I seem to have lost my stamina. There is a training plan which will increase my stamina again. I was considering going back to couch25k. but this training plan is interval training :) with cross training during week too. I have to use treadmill at gym until after winter as I don't feel safe at night times when it's getting darker as I live in the middle of nowhere.

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♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Hi!!! :)

My story is similar to yours ... I completed the c25k programme. Wanted another challenge so completed the bridge to 10k programme. Wanted another challenge so went for the Plymouth half marathon (13.1miles) and completed it in 2:40:05.

I run the same times as you, usually around 11:30m/miles.

This is the training programme I used for the plymouth half marathon (the beginners one) its 16weeks long so you have more than enough time to train but its imperitive you are able to run 6miles before starting this programme so defo jump aboard with the bridge to 10k programme :)

Hi summergurl :) I tried bridge to 10k and then hurt my back so I was out of action for a little while and being lazy too. Now that I've gone back to running I have found that I can't run for very long without taking a breather!! :-(

I read online to do couch to 10k and start at week 5 and it seems about right to get me back into the swing of things!! I have arranged 2 jogs a week with one friend and 1 jog with another friend!! They will keep me motivated!! :)

When I've done the couch210k I will follow yr suggestion!! :) will have a good look at it tmrw as I'm off to bed soon.

Sarah xx

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I have finally got round to setting up a half marathon thread on here. There are a few of us now training for it who have completed B210K. Would be great if you could join us :)
I will join when I can do 10k but will keep reading the post as an incentive!!! :) xxx

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Yesterday, Thursday 28 September:
Day 2 of week 5 couch10k

Went running with my best bud!! There were some hills included xxx

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