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Green tea?


loves a curlywurly
yeah hun i drink green tea most days and i always have good losses so it probably helps..its worth a go anyway :) x
Thanks chick :), I think its deffo worth a try xx


loves a curlywurly
no worries hun :) xxx


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It decreases my cellulite and clears my skin, so I think is usefull anyway :)

I have started to drink green coffee- it nice tastes mor or like like regular instant coffee - don't like green tea- Dunno if it any benefit - but as I drink coffee anyway especially when in work i decided it might as well be green!! Nothing to loose apart from weight!! lol
Green tea is 0pp as far as I know. I need to start drinking it more, love a cup of green tea!

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I read an article on green tea boosting your metabolism just yesterday. I haven't done any more research into it, so I don't know if it works or not, but regardless, by drinking green tea you're giving your body more fluids which can only be good for it, especially caffeine-free fluids.

I started drinking it yesterday, let's see how it goes ...


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i hate green tea on its own BUT i bought some green tea with pineapple and grapefruit today and it's actually really nice....also 0pp

My friend always drinks green tea when she feels like losing a few pounds...always works
i've been thinking of tryin green tea!!! but i dont know if i'd like it or not!!! gonna buy a box tomorrow!!!
bought 2 boxes of green tea this morning!! i am jus after my first cup!!! really drinkable i chucked a load of sweetners in it!!!! Gonna try and drink at least 3 cups a day!!!!
Ive failed misurably at driking green tea! had about 2 cups! haha need to try harderr!
asda have green tea on offer atm £1 each or 3 for £2.50 :) plain, with lemon or with pineapple and grapefruit
Just remember with green tea, never EVER make with boiling water. It just burns the leaves and makes it taste reallyu sour! It's lovely it made well, with no sweetners
on the packet / side of box states make with boiling water? lol
Nooooo!!!! MIne says 'off the boil water'. Honestly, you can tell if it's been amde with boiling water, it turns it sour. That's why I never ahve it in a coffee house, cos they make it with boiling water straight out the machine! Yuck!! Just boiled water, but never boiling water


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That's very true, the leaves/bag only should be added to hot water, not boiling water. Actually boiling water can decrease some antioxidant properties of green tea. The same goes for white tea, that is made with the same plant as green tea but just in a earlier stage.

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